Just some things i feel private owners need as default adjusements

As my time starts to wind down on Conan, i have decided to post (at the request of @barnes ) some things that are sorely need in the pribvate/SP settings.

  1. Map Room functionality—A private owner should be able to toggle obelisks and map rooms in general on or off.
  2. Separate core farming mats rates—Gold ore, Silver ore, Crystal, Brimstone, Iron Ore, Wood, Stone, Plant Fiber should have their own sliders, allowing privates to balance the economy how they see fit, even allowing it to be turned off. this would allow private owners the ability to use something like brimstone as rewards for raid bases, and contest winnings.
  3. allow a finite set of spawn points, with custom tloot tables. Number could be @25.
  4. A DLC tied directly to admin panel, building pieces that are non damageable, and doors that are respawnable.

3 & 4 would contribute to some very fun dungeon building for admins and owners of servers.

  1. Adjustable damage for each weapon type (2H, Mace, Javelin, etc…). Allow the server owner to dictate what the meta for the server is.

Without these, consoles will never fully get unique and interesting privately owned servers. PC has mods, and that is all good. But some people do not want or have the ability to play on PC. those are being left behind with a shell of the game Conan Exiles could be long term on privates.

And i again say, i think making this list a DLC for 10-20 bucks would be more than acceptable. And keeping everything tied to the admin panel on this list, would keep it from being exploited on officials.


Very nice, and thank you. I really like the way you think.

I’ve been watching your economy conversations in some other threads with great interest. Although we’re playing a sandbox here, what is your opinion of an economy derived largely on missions/quests?

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Mission and quests would have to be balanced to not replace farming all together. I would even say giving special buff potions that last until death, or maybe an alt version of Armor (IE, different Att buffs, temp…say
Heavy,Medium, Light Elite version… Same Armor rating as flawless, but have Cold protect or give Grit, Str etc… as the perks). You know make the adventure not to OP,some RNG involved (to avoid meta farming), and pushing players to go to other areas of the map not travelled…noob river named thralls etc…

There is no reason that missions.quests could not exist and work similar to the UC bosses, Wine Cellar, or Warmkakers dungeon with the way the loot is RNG’d for completing them.


I envision a quest to be like this tbh…
Go to the Mounds, and talk to x NPC. Buy a quest. One of 100 RNG…
THe quest is a note (id’s as such in tables) and it says bring a slave called Dalinisa. If done, you will be rewarded with a tier 4 Box. Now, if i don’t already have a Dalinsa (one not placed, they are no longer an item) I would have to thrall one, then after breaking it, not place it, but return to the quest giver and trade it with the note for my reward…ELITE Dafari light Armor, adds +3 per piece to Vitality, and has heat protection same as flawless. Unique, and very rare. something if i looted during a raid, would put a smile on my face. Knowing i just took a very unique reward.


I like the way you Gentlemen are thinking. Too be honest I would pay for something like that I have bought everything else and would like to make things more interesting.

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Currently, the Dome of Ritual Protection is envisioned as the residue left over from fervent praying to whichever god is on the temple. If that were shifted to reflect the following, I think we might have the basis for an actual economy.

Consider the in-game NPC cities. Give each its own questmakers. I’ll just fixate on Sepermeru because I’m a Set groupie.

  1. Go to Questmaker Set-Amun in Sepermeru. Pay 100 hearts to gain entry to his door.
  2. Pay 100 gold. Accept the opening quest, the first of four, to create the portal key to Set’s Loving Protection.
  3. Return to Set-Amun with a particular unconscious thrall. In this case, let’s make it Hoshun The Fang. (Super easy.)
  4. Thrall is sacrificed in a glorious cutscene, you are handed a key to the portal. Go to your temple and load the portal key, along with an archpriest. The server is notified of your actions.
  5. Return to Set-Amun with 100 more hearts and 100 more gold. You will now be able to accept missions 2 through 4 in any order.
  6. Portal pieces 2 through 4 may now be collected, gathered preemptively or traded.
  7. There are only 4 missions available per questmaker per human day.

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