Dear Dennis Douthett, (regarding higher rates on pvp officials)

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, please make that happen.

I know you said you have to talk with the team first but that was literally one of the best parts about the whole stream. You’re right that x1 rates for official pvp is a pain in the butt so thank you for considering to update those!!!


I came here expecting the first new topics to be doom and gloom and game is broken.

Thank you for proving me wrong.


please, don’t do it. if i want to play faster rates i would play privates x2,x3, or even x5.

People need to learn that “If you want this, play private” is not the answer to every question, wish or concern someone raises.

Almost every private pvp server (which has a playerbase) has several own rules to its server and several different settings. Like raid-time, craft speed, thrall convertion). There is almost no private with classic rules and settings but maybe i really like that? Not being limited in my building pieces and where i build, thralls im allowed to use or the way im allowed to build. Its just so black and white to not consider wishes from others and tell them “play private” just because YOU want to keep it a certain way. What about you going on a x1 private when we get higher rates? :slight_smile:

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i did not told anyone to go play private, i am talking about ME.
Now, one of the main reasons why i DON’T play privates is that almost every private has incredible big rates that devalues the loot you took from people
i do not want that on officials, hell even with the current rates being 2x i think is too much but that is just ME.

I hope he does this, I feel like theres been a sort of requirements creep in conan- when I started you just needed to grind your lvl and then get a dragonbone axe and you were basically competitively good to go

Now it feels like you need to commit months of your life to setting up some big infrastructure with thralls and horses and farm high end bosses etc just to compete, havent played conan in years because of this, I hate what PvP became

I think the 2x harvest we currently have is perfectly fine. Don’t need any higher harvest than that.

XP could be increased to 10x tho leveling sucks

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