AWESOME Idea! Dungeons of Hyboria

An idea for a new expansion that would rock the Conan Exiles world!

We make our own dungeons!

Imagine this: You build the entrance to a cave or the doors of a crypt, and then attach it to a cliff or something. That acts as a “zone in.” You start with a basic room, and can “dig” in any direction you want. Left, right, up or down (with stairs.) You create pit traps and arrow traps. Slippery floors that slide you into pools of fire. Underground rivers. Whatever you can imagine! You populate your dungeon with monsters, dragons, zombies. Treasure? Oh hellyeah! Chests with random, weapons, armor or magic items just like we find on the surface. (To keep this from being abused, a “nice” chest would require a powerful guardian, and you could only have 1 or 2 chests/guardian.)

We could recreate classic dungeons from AD&D. Against the Giants. White Plume Mountain. Tomb of Horrors. The seriously ambitions could make the Mines of Moria or an endless maze of the Minotaur.

Old farts like me remember the excitement in EverQuest when Dungeons of Norrath came out. We can have that again, only now we create the dungeons. Create a private server, invite folks to survive your “Deathtrap dungeon” filled with lava falls, acid pits, hoards of zombies. Listen to the screams on Global Chat as players cry, “Ah, dude, that was so uncool!”

Umm, no thank you!

Look give him some credit for thinking creatively, nice idea mate. It does sound like a lot of work lol, at the end of a long day at work I don’t think I could muster the brain power! But, feel free to make some dungeons for me…?

Have you seen some of the things people have built above ground and in trees? Whole cities.

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