Conan New Map Expansion


Sounds like fun for PVE and PVE-C, so I like it. I have no idea what it would do to PVP, but it doesn’t sound good. Whenever people complain about alphas on the forums, the replies are usually “if you’re skilled enough, you can build yourself up and challenge the alphas”. I can’t imagine that slowing down the process of bootstrapping yourself will lead to a fun PVP experience, but I would be interested in hearing what experienced PVP players think.

I tend to agree. Server resets would make this much more appealing as a mechanic for PVP since all would be equal at time 0, but the fact that they don’t get reset I believe drives the enhanced speed of PVP.

Would like and love to see a competitive map environment, but devs in general don’t pay attention to layout.

But if PvP player movement/fighting stays the same, it’s pretty wortless.

Resetting the servers once would put everyone at the same starting point, but once a clan wins the “race to alpha” on a server, any newcomers would face the same problem: no way to challenge the alphas.

Of course, that could be mitigated by introducing a fleet of “blitz” servers (I believe that’s what they were called), with staggered wipes. So if you have N blitz servers that get wiped every 3 months, N/3 servers would be wiped in one month, N/3 the next month, and N/3 the month after that, so each month you can choose to start from scratch if you want to.

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I guess I should have clarified; I always mean periodic resets when I mention such things. One and done wouldn’t accomplish much.

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The game play I would imagine is more in line with mount and blade, which has no healing or magic , and features the player fighting in the thick of things alongside their troops.

Not sure where you’re pulling runescape references from.

Sounds good. If sorcery ever does get introduced, I’m hoping its low level fantasy (magic items are rare… like legendary weapons) and produce corruption (give those entertainers something more to do).


If they were so appealing then why did no one play them last time? funcom then just turned them into pvp servers because they were empty. Theres heaps of resets on pvp servers anyway, when duped gods were around everyone was getting reset. Majority of people dont like having to restart just so everyone is on a level footing.


I wonder if PVP was more fun back then?


I bet if Conan had had a RuneScape account, he would’ve had a lot less time at his hands to swing a sword.

You’re right, though. There was that one instance where Xaltotun’s foul magics had paralyzed Conan so they had to dress another guy in his armor to lead the charge. Conan himself was just a spectator doing his best Admiral Ackbar imitation when he realized “it’s a trap”.

In all likelihood, if Funcom ever decides to give us access to actual troop command (which seems unlikely, given how they’re going to limit the number of followers per player because of server performance issues), those troops won’t be the 20K hitpoint, one-shot-kill murderhobos we have now. The expected lifespan of Conan’s adventuring companions (unless they were pretty girls) tended to average to less than one novella’s length.

Well if they reset every three months, I know I’d play there.

Any date for new Argos dlc?



It is a reference to what a few of my clan mates do while harvesting hide. They literally log into Runescape free to play on their phones so they have something to do while getting the hide in the Safari. with their berserker ON a PVP official. none the less That is the reference.

Patrols are a good thing.

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Equip yourself with a warmaker weapon with corruption on it and watch your health and stamina bars.

Plenty of corruption to go around.

Hmmm. There must be a fear that the new map might split the community if you can’t travel between them.

I suspect that is the case. If you view the server settings, at least in single player mode, one of the fields is map name. This implies that when the new DLC map is released, we’ll have to change servers to play on the new map. This further implies new characters are required.

They’ve stated they are considering it an “expansion” and not just a new map, Historically expansions have “expanded” on existing content, so I would assume there would be some way to travel across maps.

Not sure how it would impact pvp balance, if anything it would make it more balanced as more mass not already under someones control.