Conan New Map Expansion


The expansion has been stated to be a DLC, which means more than likely paying money. So PVP-wise, one could pay for map, raid an enemy, and then hide on the other/expanded area map if you do not have the DLC. That is @zerog 's concern, as well as anyone who PVP’s. The only way would to be have separate servers for the map + expansion. But then that would divide an already small pvp player base even more.


An expansion means that a map would be added to the existing map expanding the green wall just like they did with the last two expansions the highlands then the volcano some here will say the game engine wouldn’t be able to handle the expansion I personally disagree … I once saw a video we’re a player went past the green wall and there was plenty of land just no life they would just finish the land mass add life to it … this would be cost effective for funcom

I think the reason ppl were stating that is because the devs themselves said that they pushed the map as far as it can go. Plus, the northeast area is where they keep all the dungeons underground. I have yet to find that quote but I’m assuming it was said given the amount of times it’s been repeated.

I don’t care too much how they implement it tbh. If I go into a cave and I’m whisked underground or to an opening to a vast area for instance, there’s enough continuity to make it work for me. Like the secret entrance to the volcano or the boat to the island.

What I hope is we can take our existing exile there. I’m worried since some have speculated that it’ll need a new character like Ark.

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“Expansion” doesn’t have to mean that. I’m old enough to remember that Brood War was an expansion to StarCraft.

Personally, I hope they won’t just add a bunch of stuff to the existing map. Putting more strain on the existing official servers doesn’t seem like it would be “cost effective for Funcom”.

@CodeMage well it would be cost effective for funcom they wouldn’t need to build a new map from the ground up, but making a separate map would split the player base not sure that would be a wise move, and making a map you could teleport to would cause problems for PvP players with players teleporting back to old map to raid players that don’t have the new map then going back to new map and players can’t have revenge on them … I’m a PvE player so that wouldn’t effect me but if they make a separate map where I have to make a new character to play on it would drive me crazy having to go between maps to reset decay timers that would be frustrating to me and to many players trying to play on both maps … hopefully funcom came up with a good solution to this I guess will just have to wait and see on how they will implement this new map

The obvious solution to not splitting the player base and not breaking PvP is to open access into the map, from the current, for everyone, but only let you place bed rolls, explosives and trebuchets unless you’ve bought the actual DLC.

Not that this is Funcom’s plan, but it does seem to solve the issues. Maybe by giving each old-map server a dedicated sister new-map server or somesuch, to solve lag issues as well? Who knows. Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

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I’m not really down to try for the PvP aspect of the game. I like the PvE content, and I like having a small clan of allies to explore and/or build with. I can’t say that I’d enjoy a ton of people running around the map ganking each other at every opportunity. And let’s not forget the griefers who like nothing better than to block off the best sites for resources. Thanks, but no thanks. If I’m missing out on content because I don’t have a large crew, so be it.

It’s a new map, confirmed multiple times. no other details obviously have been shared other than that.

I’m a broken record about it now, but the current map cannot support further additions in the x,y. Physics engine literally breaks down, and cannot be resolved without occuring high costs of upgrading the engine and converting everything over (essentially rebuilding the game from the ground up, again.)


I want a new map. Don’t care about splitting the community as i’m a PvE player on my own server with friends. It would suck for those who like to play vs. since most people would likely leave the current map, leaving the hobo’s to play amongst themselves. haha… just kidding.


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