Conan Exiles' New Map Expansion: Wanted: Social media advertisements

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Hey there,

Please send any Conan Exiles advertisements or links you come across my way (see below what I mean). You may find them on

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

There are at least 3 or 4 names out there. Please take a screenshot if you see them!

So far, there are two known advertisements, likely for locations in the map expansion DLC:

On Instagram, for The Shattered Shore

On Facebook, for the Isle of Siptah (reference to The Gem in the Tower)

consequently picked up by another twitter user (inappropriate name) in the comments of

I’ve been able to find it as an image for newly posted embeds on Facebook as well


I could not recreate this embed myself without the specific link. Twitter also does not seem to have an custom embed to me, but I would like to look for one.

These images may change in the future.


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Now Quixel is integrated in the new free UNREAL Engine, imagine Conan Exiles running on PS5 and XBOX SERIES X, with these textures.


Hey there,

~It is unlikely we will see this, as the game will probably need to update to a new UE4 version to get it. This messes with the core system of the game and it’ll take some effort to fix it (and in the meantime, updates could supposedly stall)~~
Edit: It’s possible given the UE5 compatibility mentioned in your reply on the new thread linked above.

As for PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game is meant for current generation consoles and only has a limited time in which it will get continued development support.
It is possible to see Dune and titles beyond it on these consoles, but note that developers can only start developing for those consoles from a certain point onwards. (“Current generation” for Dune might still be PS4 and Xbox One.)

If I remember correctly, the developers may have mentioned that they would try to make it so that the new map would be slightly better developed than the old map, to potentially show off part of what they’ve learned so far -no promises-. Anyhow, should get the reference for that, I didn’t even write it down on the wiki.

Note There are issues with expanding the map beyond a certain limit set by UE4’s current version. You can read about this here:


what is Siptah ?

See the “The Gem in the Tower” link next to the name. It’s an evil sorcerer.

In real life history there’s also an Egyptian ruler called Siptah.

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Forgive, but I am confused. Are these believed to be potential future DLCs, possible biomes/locations within the coming Map expansion, simple circulated hoaxes…!? I do not understand…


Locations or potential names for the map expansion DLC (the name may have changed since they started brainstorming).


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