Could this be a teaser pic from upcoming map dlc?

Had a little slow internet problem where the Funcom/Conan Exiles forums took some seconds to load, but the background image had loaded and I started to wonder what this is from - Could it be a teaser pic from the new map dlc?

Left corner : desert biome.
Center : Northern biome and Volcano.

Where can you see a new map here ?

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This is the original Map… but better rendered… :wink:

nevertheless, note to marketing/media team - it’s good material for a wallpaper

I didn’t really see a new map here, but I couldn’t really recognize the landscape except for the vulcano, so I am guessing this is a view from the jungle towards the vulcano :slight_smile:

August is coming and no news, no screen from upcomin dlc map…I hope next week…It’s very long.

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@Myrdhim Funcom usually releases major updates in October or December. I seriously doubt there is going to be anything in this regards until the summer holidays are over.


Hey there,

This is/was the background used for the physical Collector’s Edition box art. It displays all biomes available at launch, iirc.

It’s also used as the main menu and thread background for these forums. There’s also a winter holidays version of it which could be seen on social media.

See Upcoming features for all currently known details on the paid map expansion DLC.


They said it’ll be late this year so I wait it to be in December.

Even so, I would hope we get some news before then. With the exception that this new map expansion dlc will be out in the later part of 2020, we have heard nothing. Going into August, I would hope they would have enough information that they could start sharing it with us. At this point, I would be happy just to know whether Covid 19 has delayed this project and whether the originally planned release deadline of sometime in the second half of 2020 is still correct.


Yeah, do not know how much it has affected Funcom, but if there is working from home, it delays a lot of things. I feel that is why we haven’t seen much on the way of communication in general. Covid working conditions are slowed by “virtual” meetings. Getting everyone on at the same time with no issues just to communicate what would have been a quick stop by the office chat on ideas can’t be fun. Every little bit now has to be scheduled so people can log in and inure connections.

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Unless you are seeing a grassland north of the Temple of Frost.

It appears the view is looking south over the frozen wasteland, with the 3 peaks of the volcano to the left (east). If this is the case, Im curious, since there are lore stones talking about sorcery north past the Temple. It would be interesting to see that introduced at the same time, though unlikely, but it may make a year 4 addition to keep the game alive.

Thats my bet, the new map is north/north west of the old.

Because “Winter is coming” sounds more dramatic than “August is coming”.


Let’s hope it is not as disappointing as that other winter though.


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