Preparing Conan Exiles for the Future

I Bet someone in Funcom Studios had made the thought of how to provide more Content without breaking the Lore of Conan.

Well, why not trow this concern over board and Let Conan Exiles goes “Sci-Fi”?

Well, why not take the Idea of Isle of Siptah into an distant far away habitude able Planet or Moon? Well, how can understand the whims of the Gods right? Perhaps they choose YOU (I am point at you!) to be his successor or avatar for greater things? Trow this Punny Human believer into one of your Sky Stars (Moon or Planet) and continue there your struggle for Power to reach someday “Valhalla!!! or Ambrosida!!!” (Well its up to your Story writer Fantasy)

  • New fresh Map (please let it be like Conan Exiles. But for Testing Isle of Siptah is also okay. But long goal should be “planet wide Map” like Conan Exiles Map

  • New Sci-fi Stuff. If you want to bring in a fresh new Wind for Tools and stuff… Well, its just the old items and tools. Just new Texture… Okay, no Pistols and Rifles… Some higher being of all Gods prevent that from happening

  • Stargates could connect these World, but same solution like travel between Siptah and Exile Land… No Item, so Skill. Just One Soul at the same time. While you gone, the world left behind freeze in time (to prevent Offline Purges, Raids so “logout” the Player from the old Map) of course with an Cooldown or “expandable materials” for the Trip. Imagine the Faction Hall of AoC with their Gates to Travel between the Worlds

  • With this Idea, you can create many new Maps (caugh DLCs) and see how they are receive. Perhaps even make an original new Story for the new World to try out different ways

Of course these Sci-Fi would need an new name but still the old. Like Conan Exiles: Lost in God’s Worlds

Well, i admit. I tried to test Ark out, but the ugly Graphics there turn me down and other old problems and i assume Conan Exiles could need an Fresh up of Maps like Ark…

So if you get these Transfer solutions working, there is so many “Dimensions” of Gods worlds. an Fight of Creation against Destroyed of World

If you like it, i just hope for an “thank you” if one NPC get the Name Seska Larafey, thats all…i am easy to care

This is just an Idea, not “Make it SO!” demand of me

Possible Moon World goals:

  • Raid some Holy item or House, that are guarded from the “enemy” God (aka NPC Conan Exile Camps). You can give some “no Stun” flag to prevent them from capturing (Conquer Type)

  • Reach some Tier Level Goal to build an High Temple for your God (Farming Type)

  • However get the “Ambrosida” guard of NPCs or Isle of Siptah Style wins (PvP Type)

  • or greater Goal, everybody on this Map need to accomplish some Goals to move on (PvE type)

and so on… Problem would be providing content or story on this Split Worlds. But how said that should be an stroll in the Park, right?


It is not going to happen, at least not under the name of Conan Exiles.


Fantasy Sci-Fi is also possible. Not meaning Star Trek or Star Wars or other Future Tech

or in other words, Setting could be the same. No need to enter the Gunpowder Age and such. So for starting point, they could create an “isle of Siptah” world for the already existing DLC Texture mods. Not just the Building, no we get to know more of these Background story factions and how they are connected to Conan Exiles. point is we already have the Textures, just add more Workbenches in the same style or such

The “Atlantis” DLC Texture Pack. Perhaps the Story Writer can build here the saga (Story) how Atlantis went down because of this Conan God? and so on

Already owner of this DLC receive and “Thank you” discount and so on. Bounds the old fans to the franchise

As you see, Sci-Fi is not bound do Space and other futuristic stuff

You know, the IP of Conan has a lot value, fans and history, to ask to throw it away is like owning the starwars ip and throw it away to make it more medieval to appeal the warcraft fans.

Wait for Dune if you want a sci-fi survival game, maybe all you wanted was to play ark with better graphics, but i believe there are not enough survival games to meet your expectations.


No its not. I mean to flesh out the already existing content… in an way mixing Prelog with current Gameplay

But yes, i really love their UE4 Engine

But these so much unused lore… and most of Conan games could never handle it. Why go Sci-Fi with it when theres so much content to play with now and game engine that (after there changes) can handle new maps?

I’m not against idea of going to realm that stares down on Howards version of earth or anything.

I’d love new map thats 2 planes across map. Snow over-world, and below a massive unground volcano open area with cave system connecting the 2 at set points. Or even larger jebah realm to explore.


I like sci-fi but just not in the world of Conan. They can add new maps without breaking the lore. Also Siptah is very fresh map. I dont think they will add a new map without finishing Isle of Siptah.

Fly to the stars with our flying rhinos? Yeah :cowboy_hat_face: :rofl: Maybe we’ll meet Santa Claus - Funcom Christmas Event 2020 :wink:

Really we need Conan Claus with a sleigh pulled by Flying Rhinos for Christmas event.

make all bosses around map drop Christmas gifts or tokens that can be traded with Conan Clause for keys, or potions (like lost souls)

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Okay, some of my Background Stories Brain sparks:

  • Of course the Player need to have the DLCs to enter or play this New old Worlds

  • Why now? Why now all of a sudden they appear now after Isle of Siptah?

  • Well, the Rebellion that happen in Conan Exile Lands take longer and perhaps there Time flows different

  • They overthrow the Abusive God of their Island and the God’s Time and Isolation Magic vanished or are about to gone

  • or about to gone entirely and the Islands are about to go down in “Atlantis” Style but in the Dimensions Nirvana. Some “Star Gates” (yes, the Base of StarGate TV Series) for Thrall sacrifices are still working, in their last despaired attempt the go trough them, better then be gone into nothingness

  • And perhaps these Gates are on an top of an Tower called “Tower of Babel”

  • Voila! If some Modders or Funcom plan to walk a bit the AoC Path, then Conan Exile lands get an new “Map”. Well until today some part are still blocked off, right? The Space east to the Vulcan and North to the Jungle, right?

  • These “Refugess” landed there and try to rebuild things some of them snucked into the Conan Exile Lands (that explain the DLC Buildings and such). But it is an One Way Ticket because of the Green Wall, also think “Voyager” Season 1… How this Girl got out of the underground

  • So if Funcom do not want more Island with Transferring Systems, Modders could use this One-way solution to add more Content and perhaps Funcom give them an hand

  • but to be fair with Funcom, these new Map areas are still protected from the old God’s defenses so an big unclimbable Wall (Walls of Jericho) ist still active and prevent non-DLCs users to enter or go hunt for Thralls (they should use an similar cloth texture of their DLC)

i know this is not round around the edges here, but for an start should be enough

So, it is an Idea for FunCom or Modders alike


  • The Unnamed City old Library still have hidden Rooms right? You could use these Rooms for the World Teleportation “Admin/God” Access


  • Well, you know where the Faction Hall is in the Map, just add more Gates or an Main gate


  • Both teleport you into some kind of “Star shape” Room with the World Gates at it corners

Tower of Babel and Walls of Jericho (based on the Bible) is here because i think even others heard about this names and know their meaning

Someone asked me where i play? I play on an Privat modded Server “Let’s be geeks”

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Thoth-Amon is reason were there, (abit of back story to it) Exile Lands is real place… at same time, its not a real place cause its not in Conan Lore. To use running about, were there like many others. Purges are kinda explained to be part of whole deal to.

Alot of closed rooms… should just be new rooms, or dungeons. I wouldnt use them on gate ways.

Tower of Bat is were ever Enity of staff comes from. It could be neat place to get into. But hey…its been 2 years now since the broke portal? Doubt its getting fixed.

they should not change setting and lore in my humble opinion. The spice would be depth and interactive gameplay, which they already have a good stance in. Its easier and “safer” to go for “depth” rather than “broadness” in the sense of rather polish and expand the existing gameplay than making dozens of huge new biomes that end up feeling …superficial. What i really enjoy in Conan: Exiles is the combination of building, survival, combat, exploration and social playing with friends (but not random people like in MMOs, you get to know your neighbours well at the servers, thats an adorable balance for coop.)
So, i would be super excited about expanded economy, follower options, building, enemies in existing maps. Not so much right now about new maps. I mean consider they have to distinguish where to invest their finite resources in terms of development /art capacity. Rather want one or two well made maps with deep gameplay than a star map with dozens of started concepts. On top of staying dense in the atmosphere regarding the original lore. (if you change the themes too often, it becomes unimmersive).

thats my 2 cents, cheers and enjoy Conan!


Problem here, Conan Exile maps is so old, there are nothing “New” there anymore for the Long old Players. This will happen with Isle of Siptah, too

In short: the Map for Veterans are boring

We should be able to go visit the “Outer Void” where the Elders came from. I think Lovecraft wouldn’t turn over in his grave, neither Howard.
Give us a taste as to why they moved here in the first place.
Seeing the creatures of the Cthulu Mythos, the “Lesser” Elders here look far more human than those whom they apparently escaped from.
Might make a lot of us a little more appreciative about living in the Exiled Lands and hoping or praying to whatever gods that “they” don’t come through the gate held by Yog Sothoth.

Matter of fact, there’s a couple of places on the map already that are begging to be portals to the Outer Void. The Frost Temple and the Tower of Bats.

You have Dune for the scifi side.


DLC’s with map Integration like Siptah are more then welcome.

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Eu adorei a ideia, apesar que poderia ser menos radical. Se você jogou ARK, assim como todos os que testaram, se encantaram com a possibilidade de poder jogar em vários mundos diferentes e poder conhecer todo o bioma de cada mundo. Eu apoio sim Conan ter essa questão de outros mapas. Mas teria que ser algo puxado mesmo para o medieval. Como a ideia da ilha de Siptah, achei ótima, mas ainda precisa de coisas como, poder ide de um mapa para o outro sem ter que cria outro personagem. Podiam criar um mapa sobre o Egito, outro para Roma, outro para culturas asiáticas e cultuas sulistas. Em fim. cada mapa assim como é em ARK com coisas específicas que só podem ser obtidas neles. Isso sim apoiaria… E nem precisaria de coisas tecnológicas, porém só mudar o estilo, haja visto que se trata somente de culturas diferentes. Outra coisa importante é colocar magia, feitiços etc. Isso daria uma coisa mais bacana (eu acho q eles já estão programando isso) e colocar montarias voadoras (como os wyverns do ARK e os Grifos) que poderiam ser exclusivos dessas outras culturas. Em fim. Isso seria bem bacana… E acho que elevaria a durabilidade do jogo para bem mais de 10 anos.

If you want sci fi action in Conan, just make some mods and a new map. The tools are there to do it.

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