Funcom, can we expect a new map or a complete overhaul of the Exiled Lands?

As far as I’m concerned, the Age of Sorcery chapters brought nothing to the game (or almost). Hunting wizards or looping the events of the first chapter…it gets boring very quickly. And the magic does not ultimately bring much to the gameplay. In addition, we are starting to see an incalculable number of legendary weapons to loot, but to do what ? to kill what ? always the same mobs over and over again ? My friends and I stopped playing before the end of chapter 1. Conan exiles remains a very good survival game but for players who started playing it from early access (and who visited every pixel of the two maps ) there is nothing more to do there (if we play PVE). I hope a new map will be released one day.

Age of Sorcery was a major update:

  • Revamped Attribute system with choices for special abilities
  • Sorcery
  • Map Events
  • Bounties / new merchants
  • Battle Pass
  • Bazaar
  • Updated Building System

I may have forgotten other things added, but this alone is lot of new features to the game.
You have to think it takes time to add stuff to the game. So each Age will add new things on a schedule now, will hopefully open more neat features/content to the game. Also remember, the map is only 64 sq km max size so there is only so much they can do, beyond adding a new map. A new map takes a long time to develop. Which I hope they are working on but it will not appear suddenly.

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I think its a bit weird to say sorcery adds very little. There isn’t very many people who are making new characters and thinking, “I’m gonna skip having access to sorcery this play through.” Outside of purist roleplayers.

Slowfall, Wisplight, Cull Resources, Elixir of Rebirth, and Summon Corpse are pretty much must haves for most.

You can skip, iron, steel, and hardened steel tiers of weapons, armor, and tools on normal playthroughs. But those sorcery bits are NOT being skipped by most.

I’m of the opinion sorcery added very little to the game as well. At this point it’s something I get through as quickly as possible just for the teleports. I am under no delusion as to why that is the last thing unlocked. If it was midway, I’d stop there. Outside of that and the elixir of rebirth, I have no interest in any of it. I don’t even know where my staff is. Oh and illusions, this is a huge addition. I do love my illusions armor.

So to say it added very little is objectively false. To say it added very little worth messing with subjectively is quite true for quite a few folks I’m sure. I have literally never seen anyone in game use any spell besides mass cull. And for something deemed “Age of Sorcery.” It hardly lives up to that.

I do tremendously enjoy the attribute rework though, and I’d go as far as to say the armor rework as well. Both of those feel much better to me.


I just thought of something. Age of Sorcery added more pertinent content than the release of the game initially did in 2017 sans the map.

Think about all the content that isn’t map related. Much of that is skippable and if you’re playing another new character, you are likely skipping it. Like I said before, many of the tiers can be skipped outright and its simpler to do so if you know what you are doing.

But most aren’t doing that with Age of Sorcery by comparison. Aside from like I stated before, the Roleplay purists, and the occasional newbie who is ignorant to its existence.

If Dune succeeds, then I would expect a new map for CE after that. It’s a lot of work. The devs don’t need to be distracted until then. :thinking: :innocent:

If Dune is successful, CE will probably go in maintenance mode.


Emberlight adds more to the game then the sorcery update. Sorry but placables, costumes, and tattoos add nothing to game play.

The battle pass just encourages girding, giving you more incentive to do something you probably do anyway, so as such is not really adding anything to game play.

The one thing Conan exiles needs more then anything else is a long past needed massive QoL update.

This means many different things to many different people. “Quality of Life” could mean just changes to menu layout, hud changes, graphics tweaks, or any other benign thing. It could also mean harvest rock automatically, various autocrafting, things that just put the nail in the survival tag for the game. Or it could mean new clan rank systems, an alliance system, a new server transfer system that is realtime like amunets server transfer… it really could mean anything.

Add bug fixes to that and you have an idea what I mean by “massive” :wink:

that just means they are still working it according to system development lifecycles.

Two tiny quibbles.

Whisplight is significantly less useful now than it was.
So long as sorcery is barred from dungeons, it’s going to be far less utile than it could have been.

Skipping Hardened Steel is no longer advisable.
Hardened Pick is required to harvest fallen stars.
Hardened Steel gear is the base level to be delved and is also the base material Black Ice weapons are crafted from. The latter may well be less significant, but the former matters where it is. Not as much as vaults, but there is still some utile stuff in all the dreck.

How do you figure 10 minute duration over 1-2 minutes is less useful? That’s literary the only change its seen.

I did say sans map. Not every available map has such restriction.

You only need enough to build T3 stations. Not required for tools or weapons.

My current record for acquiring Star Metal in one cast of Cull Resources is 6 meteors obtaining over 2,000 ore. Only a staff and a T2 reagent pouch for the component required.

See above on how fast Star Metal can be obtained. Can apply that method to obtaining Black Ice (make sure your inventory is open enough slotwise). Much much faster than finding/making steel and converting to hardened steel.

Case in point, my latest character made only enough hardened steel bars for the benches. I went from Iron Tools directly to Blackblood and Eldarium.

Modding a map to make whisplight usable in dungeons is not whisplight being useful.
It is a mod being useful.
This one was responding to:

In specific

Further, one must have the Hardened Steel feats to create or repair the base weapons to be delved or coated in black ice, both process do not allow the use of damaged goods.

Of course, with the current event, we all go directly to Black Blood.

This one will definitely conceded the superiority of cull resources as a harvest option in PvE.
In PvP mileage will vary. On the one hand, explosives are far more valuable, on the other, corruption is something of nuisance. Likewise hanging around for awhile casting leaves one a very juicy target.
Depending upon the system one is running, it may be completely unadvisable to use cull resources in PvP. But that is likewise more the system being manky than the spell. However it is a thing to keep in mind.

Looking forward to the new batch of optimizations in the oven to see if the aforementioned can be filed off into no longer relevant.

Yeah maybe rework some areas in exiles and add to siptah it needs more bases spots or in structure spots. Adding savages lands for consoles would be cool and yeah if anything new map would be dope

No no no, that means get my mods :joy:

Hmm, not sure I agree with this one :slight_smile: It really depends on how you play and you don’t have to be a “purist” in any way… so I’m with @Tuffman here and I’m going to say that playstyle above everything will dictate the worthwhileness of Sorcery.

For example I never ever during the almost 6 years of play left a corpse there. I always ran back… I had instances where it bugged out and couldn’t recover it… but I ran back.
As such, summon corpse does absolutely nothing for me personally… I never even attempted to use it

Actually, Ice Bridge was my most used spell, I really like that one because I think it’s the coolest looking that’s also functional enough that you can just randomly cast it without having to go overboard with gimmicks, and sure I used slow fall a few times too cuz it was fun… especially riding down on a mount afterwards :smiley: The teleports are ofc useful and I also like the Illusion system I guess even thou initially I was against it.

A few weeks ago I started a new playthrough though, simply because I found myself not playing enough between making mods to the point where I didn’t even have a chance to play with my own mods lol… This one I set to 0.2x XP (the previous one I played at 0.1)
Under these circumstances iron and steel tiers are most definitely not skippable, barring the “cheats” from the current event :slight_smile:

Overall Sorcery feels like a side-quest to me… it’s the exact equivalent of a secondary profession in world of warcraft… so leveling up something like first aid, so you “have it” in case you ever need it :slight_smile:

I am also pretty sure a lot of development went into the monetization aspect of it, BP, Bazaar and setting up all the background services that we don’t normally “see” ingame… like the FLS that toggles events on and off remotely or decides whether you can mount a skinned horse based on whether you’re “entitled” or not :slight_smile: (still giggle at that wording).

However, I agree that the update itself overall was a huge one, the attribute revamp I really like… the construction hammer I like, the thrall nerf I like, so there are lots of things added by the update itself that are really nice, not all of them have to do with the active part of Sorcery though, even if they’re sorcery themed-ish.

Still, take away the monetization stuff and overall I think it’s an awesome update :slight_smile:


Map Events ??? :expressionless:
four poor events that were always the same and buggy for some…
As for the bazaar and the battlepass, it’s only cosmetic, I don’t call it content. For me, content is something that encourages players to return to adventure ; it’s not cosmetics or changing the attribute system or even sorcery (The exiled lands are the same as when the game was released, the camps are the same [with an additional wizard…], the old dungeons have not been redone, the world bosses are identical; etc). Funcom could do a redesign of the exiled lands but they don’t and prefer to sell the cosmetic to players…

Sorcery overpowered ? maybe in PvP, but everyone has access to sorcery. But I’m talking about PvE content, have you gone back to the old dungeons (Dregs, Black Keep) since the update ? did you go back to the weaver’s hollow or the den ?
And for your information, I collected all the spells at the beginning of chapter 1 with my friends and the only really useful one is the ice bridge.
in short, I don’t think I’m lying when I say that sorcery brings almost nothing to the game in PvE.
Now, if a lot of players are happy with this little update, good for them, but there are also a lot of players who are unhappy and have a right to say so !

No. you’re not lying, you’re expressing an OPINION, not a fact or a truth an opinion. That many of us disagree with.

I use mass gather all the time; it’s not a cull some one at funcom needs to break out an American dictionary. I use it more then a pick or ax any more. I use slow fall a lot, especially when going on fragment runs. I use summon corpse when I just do not want to walk that far again; when I just don’t have time.
Now do I think all the spells have any use? No. most of them I have never used; well once to see what they were.

Now is most of the bazaar cosmetics? eh, it has armor and weapons but they bring little change to game play. Is most of the battle pass cosmetics? Pretty much.

Note: Content is not just game play. Content is weapons, armor, cosmetics, and encounters/dungeons.

What are they unhappy with? The sorcery update over all? The Bazaar? The pass? Or the fact every update makes the game buggier and less fun to play?

Conan is my game. You’d have to go back to when I was playing LOTRO to find a game I have close to as many hours in to or spent near as much on; we wont talk about that cherry blossom RX-7 in NFSW.
But right now, I’m playing 7D2D. I log in once and a while to refresh my builds but I’m sure I’ll quit that soon enough. I do a page of challenges because I refuse to pay for another pass. And that may soon turn in to a one day solo thing just to get it done.

I don’t expect funcom to do more then they have been, they are going to milk Conan for all it’s worth then forget about it once Dune hits. Seriously, look at all of funcoms Conan titles, how many did they continue to work on once Conan exile hit? They sure wont be doing any overhaul, revamp, or update to a new game engine. I’m pessimistic we see any sort of QoL update.

As far as I am concerned, I quite enjoy some of the features of the Age of Sorcery.
I play on a PvE server (official, without mods).

My clan mate is a warrior, but still summons his dead body back to the base when he does not manage to get back to it after many attempts. I also summon my dead body back a lot. Before that update, I lost so many legendary weapons and pieces of gear… So I am truly grateful for that functionality.

Speaking of, I play as a sorcerer. Why a sorcerer? I admit, only to get the attribute I absolutly love: being immune to poison, sickness, sandstorm effects, etc.

Being a sorcerer cuts my life/stamina points by about half of what my clan mate’s points are as a warrior. It’s not such a big deal though, as I finally find some usefulness to the buffs given by the food and potions thanks to that. Before the update, I would never use them.

I will admit, out of all the skills I could use in PvE, I only use the Slowfall and Call Resources. But it’s ok? I mean, just because you’re a sorcerer doesn’t mean you have to use it all. Let’s not forget that sorcerers are not limited to magic only, we can still fight with the standard weapons, it’s just that we have to be more careful about our life and stamina points when heading into a fight.

The update I love above all: changing the appearence of your gear! It’s so much fun now. Making costumized outfits for my thralls is truly enjoyable.

I’m also glad that the Battle Pass is focused on looks and not stats. It would break my heart to see people with better stats than mine, not because they played the game but just for having more cash than me lol.

What I do not like about the update: the difficulty to mount the horses, and the new system of building.

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