Please can we get a new map?

Whats after age of war? Hopefully a new map. Its been long overdue. I played both maps and savage wilds ( modded one). Some of are still expecting more… especially considering you guys bought the rights to the game. Or maybe an age of conan remastered in unreal engine 5?


A map is just empty space.

What players need is more engaging content, and I think there’s still room on both existing maps to add that.

And I don’t mean more empty land, I mean stuff to do. The new Purge is a step in the right direction, at least as a concept. It’s opt-in, so not forced upon you until you want to engage, and when you do want it, you can trigger it any time, at a place of your choosing. It’s like an evolution of the Siptah Surges, which were similar, but had a high resource cost and were bound to specific map locations.

The Event system and the Witch Hunts were also a good concept, unfortunately crippled by bugs that made them stop working properly. But those were more random, so if you wanted to do an event, you had to scout around the various locations in the hope of finding an active one - and if you wanted to do a specific one, well, good luck to you.

So, I’d rather see more interactive things to play with, rather than just some pretty landscapes.


What the game needs is to return back to the times when it was still interesting to play. All of these changes that affect how challenging it is ruin the gameplay experience. One hour thralls, endless stamina, easy world bosses, 4x rates, the constant buffing of raiding while diminishing defenses and a ton of other things… It just isn’t something that appeals to me, making the game so easy it’s ridiculous. Couple of days on a new server, you are max level and so full of stuff you can just ditch it and move on to a new one so you can level up with different attributes or something.


you are completely wrong Kapoteeni. A map is not an empty space. Most players enjoyed exploring the Exile Lands. There is a story to discover on this map and places full of mysteries. Additionally, many players like me have been playing since early access, and they know every m2 of the exile lands. You’re going to tell me that there is Siptah and Savage Wild but Siptah is a map for Battle Royal (nothing interesting, all the resources are in the middle) and Savage Wild is a modded card that is not worth the lands of the exile (even if the work of the modder is remarkable). So yes, it’s obvious, this game needs a new map or the old players will end up leaving (Enshrouded and Return to Moria are coming as well as many others).


If I’m completely wrong, then so are you.

It’s obvious that some players, yourself included, didn’t appreciate the last attempt to make a new map, so simply releasing a new map would not work.

Just as I said, a map is just empty space. You proved my point by dismissing the Siptah map as uninteresting.

I want a new map added to Exiled Lands in the spirit of Exiled Lands, not Siptah. Siptah is kind of controlled/blocked off. IMHO.

Some Hyborian Age themed suggestions:

  1. A pirate city with ships that you can sail (Sloop or small Galley/Frigate) or ride on. Sort of a movable base. Main pirate city and ports to raid.

  2. Pictish Wilderness. Picts.

  3. Maybe this goes with a Picts addition, but a Hyborian City and area.

  4. ‘Tower of the Elephant’, in a ruined city you can build bases in.

That’s a good list Howard would sign off on.


I enjoyed Siptah. I been playing on Siptah the past few years and its been my main map since release. Shrug. I am a PvE player.

Everyone has their taste and Funcom tried to make a different type of map which was sort of based on the lore. They will be a bit more gun shy of course after that but I still think they should make a new map (or make Conan Exiles 2 in UE5.)

Granted, it is not the most popular map, which is fine. We all have our favorites but to avoid making a new map probably not the best idea either.

You are wrong again, making a new map will work if Funcom listens to the players and decides to make a map in the spirit of the first map (the Lands of Exile), that is to say a map oriented towards survival and exploration. Of course, the lands of the exiles are not completely finished but it is too late (and it is perhaps even technically impossible).

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We’re more likely to get a sequel to Conan Exiles than a remaster of Age of Conan. Personally, I’d like to see both.

In other words - content. Once again we’re talking about something other than just a map. You’re moving goalposts.

The Isle of Siptah is, without doubt, a map. If you’re not happy about it, what you’re really asking is not just a map, it’s a map with something.

And that something, whatever it is, could maybe be added to existing maps rather than spend developer hours on making another empty space that does not appeal to you.

Also, there’s actually quite a lot to explore on Siptah too. Admittedly, the climate is milder than in the Exiled Lands, so there’s less need to dress for the weather, but that’s about the only “survival” aspect that survives the changes to the game as a whole.

The way I see it, we’re trying to suggest solutions to a problem we haven’t properly identified here. That tends to be a recipe for bad results.

This one has mixed feelings.

Yes, a new map this one would very much like.
However, this one would want a map more in the vein of Exiled Lands and not concepts like Siptah.

This one was just thinking about the topic earlier.

Community asked for more map.
Funcom makes Siptah, which is conceived as a post game PvP arena where most anything not unique to the Island is RNG gated because it’s designed as post game. Unfortunately, there is no smooth way to move a character from Exiled Lands to Siptah. Further, nearly a fifth of the map is basically unbuildable. The Stormwrack has building banned during storm time, siege beasts spawn and destroy builds all the time…
Then there are the large open spaces that are simply building exclusion areas for no apparent reason.
Then there are the particular mechanics that seem deliberately engineered to reward griefing (glaring at you Surges). While the “final” version released was expanded upon and had more land mass added to it… It still never shook it’s origins and evidentially didn’t sell well. Not surprising given how unfinished of feels.
Unlike Exiled Lands, it doesn’t seem to be getting much in the way of more attention.
By not supporting the map, it disincentivizes anyone from ever purchasing a new map from them again, knowing that any additional maps will also be released incomplete and never be further developed.
In short, they gave us a new map, but woefully incomplete and built it around very questionable concepts (and neglected the game as whole during it’s development, adding to resentment), and were then surprised when it didn’t go over well.
Sad business all around.

If Siptah were an expansion that one could travel to and from, it would be different.
But as a standalone… it just doesn’t quite make it for this one. Which is a shame, because the story of Siptah and Threa, the doomed expedition from generations earlier, and how the Bastard and N’Kosi are circling now is a great set up. The Acheronian ruins of X’Chotl with all the little notes…
But then there are the “Accursed” who are carbon copies of Cimmerians, down to the gear (and now loot drops). Lazy.
Especially when we have First Men (but not all of their gear, still these years later waiting for an official answer whether the Primeval set is deliberately missing bracers, for whatever bizarre reason, or they just forgot it), Gray Ones, and Valeria’s camp. There’s so much there that was so close to being good that it hurts.

Oh, and there is no end game. Unlike Exiled Lands, there is no way to actually wrap the game.

Which brings full circle.
A map does also need things to do.
While there are still a few spots that look like something should be there on the Exiled Lands map, and the Frozen Wastes are suitably desolate… Other than a couple dungeon entrances and possibly that tiny bite of land between the highlands and the jungle, further development probably isn’t feasible.
Siptah has lots of room left to grow, but it has been deliberately left to rot instead.

So yes, this one would like a new map.
But this one also believes any new map officially offered would be one cheek short of a full @$$, and would then be cited by trolls as “proof” that more maps would be a bad idea.


There are a few things that I’ve always thought this game needed.

  1. Boats, actual boats that we can build and use.
  2. Extend the map via the water. Add an archipelago.]
  3. SHARKS. Make the sea and Noob river treacherous by introducing
    these man-eaters. Not a huge density, but a presence…like that of crocs.
  4. Make the boats flammable.

Yes, we need a new Map inspired by the Exiled Lands. A map for exploration and survival.


If there was a possibility to travel from one map to the other it would add a lot to gameplay.


If you think IoS has nothing interesting, then you must think EL are sleep inducing nothingness.

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If they ever allow mods on console which is something Dennis didnt rule out, we could make maps for everyone ourselves. Personally I prefer that option instead. People have a wide ranging opinion of what makes a good map. I personally would also make sure I released maps that were usable on console hardware.

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Siptah is a Battle Royal… everything is symmetrical… all resources are in the center (or almost). The cellars all have the same architecture. Nothing invites exploration. The Exiled lands map is quite the opposite, it is a map designed 100% for exploration. She is clearly more interesting than Siptah. Besides, on private servers the EL map are always much more full than the Siptah map, it’s probably for a good reason.

I agree a new map would be interesting and fun IF done right.

A few key points of why I think Siptah was underwhelming.

  1. Lack of utilization. Approximately 60% of the IoS map was water. Rather than utilizing it by introducing buildible rafts, sunken ruins, and floating build pieces the dev team simply made all the water build exclusion zones.
  2. There was no story continuation from EL, no story endboss or conclusion, and no endgame cutscene that may/may not hint at the continuation onto the next map.
  3. Lack of a definitive UNIQUENESS. By this I mean that the vast majority of the things found in IoS were simply copy N pasted or reskinned assets from EL. What few unique things there were was very limited. In my opinion this should have been reversed. For example should have been one small camp for each religion and the Lemurian camp. All other camps should have consisted of things unique to Siptah.
  4. Too much repetition. Of the vaults only two were of unique origin (the wolf ones). The serpentmen a repeat of Skelos, the drowned a repeat of Sunken City, the spider a repeat of executioner cave, Jhil a repeat of the harpy cave. You get my point.

The point/purpose of a new map is to introduce new assets, mechanics, and story to refresh and renew interest. The reuse of existing assets is counter-productive to that. So yes I would like to see a new map however only if all the landscape, enemies/allies, and items are 100% newly created assets. Some fresh mechanics would be nice to see as well. Such as naval combat, siege creatures (such as giant sea serpent or other avatar scale boss), or for a change NPC’s that go to war with one another and the players can opt in by choosing a side to help. Also rather than making a new map being a paid expansion make the map itself part of the base game but the cosmetic content from the map available via battlepass and bazaar.


While I wouldn’t call Siptah a failure, it did fail to deliver the same feel as EL. The biomes are smaller and more uniform. Less nooks and crannies to scurry through. It’s interesting but gets dull quickly.

I would say if server transport was still option, it would still get some attention but because the newness wore out and server transfer is off indefinitely, it isn’t where people want to put their time into.

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