Changing Unreal version


We know the game has a lot of issues, bugs and things that affects server and client performance.
If Unreal version is changed, maybe some of this issues can be resolved?
I’m not a programmer, so i’m just asking it here as a newbie.

This other survival game did this today:

Inb4 multigun types up a massive textwall on why this cannot be.

They’ve changed too much of the engine’s core functionality to slap an upgrade on to it. They’d have to rewrite large portions of the entire game


As the others have said, they flat out said no way here at this time. I would imagine Dune will be UR5 and after that they may be ready to go after the CE successor but too much invested in UR4 and not enough potential meat left on the bone for the pain of an upgrade.

Its a good thought, but unfortunately, its not something feasible for a game several years old; its just too much work for a relatively “old” game. However, UE5 might very well be a good engine for Conan Exiles 2 in the future (several years from now). So, not now, but maybe in the next version of Conan.

How about a copy and paste

Per the last dev stream. Its time stamped if you want to click on the link and listen to Dennis explain it yourself. While this is regards to UE5, it still applies to UE4 versions. They are able to backport some things to various degrees (not all things), and they have done so already. But you will not be seeing anything beyond 4.15

SCUM goes UE 4.27


thanks man!
I didn’t do my job of searching the forum for old posts. lol ^^


IF upgrading the game to be on UE 4.27, what benefits should be received anyway?

I am not sure. Although some of the newer Unreal Engines are imported into the CE engine as noted in the dev stream. IoS uses those newer features although I am unable to quote any unfortunately.

All the benefits that Fortnite got

I read about this somewhere.

But you see the graphics difference between PC and Console, game looks beautiful even on medium settings compared to Console.

Also when you point at, lets say a chest with a few stuff inside, the game freeze for a couple seconds on console (PS5), this doesn’t happen on my 5 years old PC that was already mid grade in 2017.

They might not be able to move the game to UE5 but I think the performance and graphics can be improved a bit on the new consoles.

Or is a 5 years old pc better than the new gen consoles?

I feel like an engine upgrade could be just what they need then :laughing:

All joking aside, if the could convince the parent company its worth it, that could be a good place for them to handle everything thats not working as intended or not where they want it yet

Uuh?? How is your PS5 better than mine? I don’t get it lol. Because it sure doesn’t run “beautifully” with the graphics rendering every time you look around and the missing foliage/grass.
Have you seen the game on PC? Even medium settings is amazing.

So you didn’t read the text wall

Nope, though im pretty sure ive read it before. Things that say never in gaming happen all the time

I haven’t been able to test it myself due to large download, but streamers are showing demonstrable multiplayer benefits. Town stutter and lag issues have been solved, as have “base-based FPS drop.”

From my own experience with unreal and upgrading engines… upgrading from their version to 5 would not be an upgrade of an engine.

They’d be rewriting the game. It would effectively be the sequel. You could mostly rewrite the entire game in UE5 faster than it would take to port the game to 5 and then have to go one by one through all of the issues and breakages.

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Funcom: We are not going to upgrade from UE 4.15 at any point in time for Conan Exiles. We can backport features from newer engine versions, have done so already, and will do so again as necessary.

Players: Cool cool…So When you going to update the engine?

This is one of many reasons why its so frustrating to talk about game dev topics with this community.


Maybe so, its not like it hasnt been done before, and alot of the issues that usually trigger this question have not been fixed, im not gonna go pulling out examples and all that over this thread i dont really care that much. But i will say im sorry my wishful thinking offends you

Your wishful thinking is that. You blatantly ignore an explanation grounded in reality in favor of continuing a fantasy that cannot and will not come to pass