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You should have left the grounded in reality part out. They said theyre not going to do it, not that it cant be done, and things change in life all the time… look at sorcery for example it was coming, then it wasnt, now it is… you can try and jump on me all you want but if your seriously this offended over it id say you should talk to someone. I wont respond or argue with facts here, as ive said its somethin i thought would be cool, but it changes nothing for me.

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The only way it would happen is if the game simply wouldnt run for any other reason than it wasn’t moved to 5… and even that would require a business case.

You’re right in the most technical sense of things: upgrading Conan Exiles to UE5 is theoretically possible. But there’s a difference between theoretically possible and practically feasible.

In order to upgrade Conan Exiles to UE5, the team would have to focus exclusively on that and stop all unrelated development, for an extensive period of time. How extensive exactly? That’s debatable, and only Funcom devs could give you anything that approaches a reasonable estimate, but there’s no doubt that it would be measured in months.

That’s a surefire way to kill the game. Hell, a rewrite like that is a surefire way to kill almost any software product, as history has already shown us.

And yes, everything in life changes all the time, but as someone who has been programming for 36 years – 23 as a professional software developer – I can guarantee that this is one of those things that can only change for the worse. The code doesn’t tend to get simpler and easier to change over the years.

So when there are numerous people explaining why this isn’t going to happen based on their knowledge and experience, maybe they really do know what they’re talking about :wink:

And no, I’m not “offended” by your wishful thinking or anything. But I can also sympathize with those who have had to explain these things over and over again, patiently and politely – especially if they explain it patiently and politely yet again only to be met with “maybe, but I’m still going to believe you’re wrong” :smiley:


The system requirements have changed. An upgrade may mean people have to get a new computer. It’s not just about software.

P.S. I’m 45 years into programming, I know some history.

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Its not that i still believe their wrong, with the change in payment models and the obvious expansion of things it may be a good business move to have part of the company working on it assuming they can pull in more people and income with the new strategies, but thats just from looking at some of the posts saying performance overall increased, i can say from playing it on pc through xbox performance isnt that bad, i can tell you on consoles its not that great and ive been on maybe one server that worked 100% for a week. I can also say that the performance of the client turned tons of people off… dont get me wrong im not complaining, in the end i just want the game to do great so i have more people to kill for a longer period of time.

One last thing, i didnt read half of it, i read op and because i had to go get my son i put my 2 cents in so to speak and they got a bit overworked over it.

Why Funcom even should put any of their teams effort on reworking entire game to put it on the wheels of UE5 if they are already hiring a team for Dune, and its obviously will be on UE5, maybe modified as Conan is, but still. In all that discussing no one mentioned it, also as @Dzonatas mentioned there is audience factor, they always must think about gamekeepers not only about how to bring new players where they are succeeding as well too, so the marketing office work really well in that field.


That’s what it sounds like, because:

…we keep explaining that it can’t be done like that. You can’t “have part of the company” or part of the team or part of whatever “working on it”. You can’t do an engine upgrade of that kind in parallel with the work on the game. You gotta stop and do the upgrade.

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