Unreal Engine 5 released - will this be huge for ConanExiles?

A graphics demo for Unreal Engine 5 popped yesterday. The demo content they showed made me immediately think of conan exiles.

Is it possible to jump up the game play/ui to the level shown in this video? It’d be insane if so

btw, for those that haven’t seen this yet… dim the lights, select AT LEAST 1080p, go full screen, put on a headset and enjoy. yes, the devs are talking over the video… but you can easily look passed it… and imagine if that was the world we’re playing in (!!!)

Just enjoy the ride



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And it’s not released, the ETA for UE5 isn’t until late 2021.

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2021 is only next year. Game software takes a lot of time to produce. One year out isn’t much at all and allows the dev team time to plan for it

Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor.


I give it less than 0.5% chance that they are going to convert from UE4 4.15, to UE5 with Conan Exiles. Upgrading to a newer verison of UE4 (like 4.25) is complicated enough (MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS of work), but a completely new engine? It’s not a Windows Update…


So would the UE5 be feasible for the new Dune game that Funcom is working on?

Most likely not. It sorta depends on how far along they are on with development, along with their target release window, along with their intended goal of securing higher funds to expand their original scope. But again, UE5 isn’t available for, at the earliest, another year and a half. I doubt Funcom, or any company, is going to sit on their hands for that. Going from 4.20 + to UE5 is still going to present likely impossible challenges if history of every single past engine upgrade ever are any indicator.

I would have thought gaming companies would have had access to early releases (like beta versions) for the very reason of being able to launch games when a new platform came out. In other words, just as players beta test new games, so also do gaming companies “beta test” new gaming engines.

Thus, is the PS5 launches in 2021, then a few games would be coming out with it to use its newest features (hence, Unreal Engine 5), which would have needed to be released to game companies earlier so their devs can make the appropriate coding adjustments – like you said, months and months of work.

Is that not the case?

I doubt it, Thats even if its fully gets released and if easily available to devs.

Many of features in there… Its stuff we’ve seen them say they can do, Some of its better then what was shown before… but is it ever really used?

They call it playable… its a walk simulator like Hellblade was… there isnt explosions and bullets and 20+ enemies around melting video card. >_>

Don’t get me wrong, everytime some of new tech comes out, I’m happy… but also know most fo it will rarely get into a game with out downgrades cause of all other things that need the memory.

There also talk of “insert fancy name” to port games over to newer engine… I didnt read to much into it.
they made it sound like older games could be moved/edited into newer forms.

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That part that impressed me the most was, well honestly everything, but that it was running on a console. Damn.

Also: :smiley:


I think so yes!

4.25 is PS5 and Xbox Series X compatible. It’s already out.

Ya, I would avoid that like the plague if I was any dev company. Early previews I’m sure are available, but mostly for testing, or for working directly with Epic on. But otherwise, 4.15, the engine that Conan Exiles is based on has a bunch of issues that were massively improved in various builds later. Ark runs an even older version 4.5.1 (yes I realize the numbers don’t make sense, but it’s older).

My point being, earlier builds of UE4 were much more unoptimized and buggy compared to later versions. Of course, there is ALWAYS new tech on the horizon. It’s not viable to expect every developer to either a) wait for the new engine, or b) immediately jump to the new engine using existing code.

I’m of course super excited for UE5, especially if the ambitions from the art side turn out to be actually true (I’m skeptical). But I think players need to temper their already sky high expectations I see floating around all over the internet for (insert game title here) to begin plans on using UE5. In reality, games that start pre-production in 2021, not now, will be the games that will start to use UE5.

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A game isn’t going to change game engines at this point. This would be something that might effect Conan Exiles 2 if such a thing ever exists.

Épic Games has just announced the new graphics engine that is used by the game, “UNREAL” that was in version 4, the current one used by the game, and now for the new generation they have just released UNREAL 5 to the public.

It turns out that among the many improvements, lighting, optimization integrated into the system … and more improved compatibility with the Playstation 5 and XBOX serieX, in addition to all that is wonderful and that the game needs a LOT, to stay up to date with the new generation of 2021 games that soon start to arrive, in addition to all this, full system compatibility was announced.

In other words, games developed in UNREAL4 can be posted to UNREAL5 with only minor adjustments and use all of its developed base, which makes it practically mandatory for all games in UNREAL4 to upgrade to 5, after all it is a need of the public for better graphics, better lighting and games more optimized.

I would like to know how fumcom is treating this ?, we players are really watching everything, and we want everything again and better that UNREAL can offer us, WE WANT, this is not a detail, we want to feel updated and playing a new generation game.

I hope you do not make the mistake of bringing the new expansion, which should be used between the end of 2020 and during 2021 (new generation already active) is already overtaken!

Of course we know that this is not a change that will happen in 1 week or 1 month, BUT we hope that funcom is already starting to work on this subject, at least to start studying how it will make the transition.


Maybe they use it for Conan Exiles 2 after Dune


(because no way in hell tbh)

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It would be interesting for them to redo it in UNREAL ENGINE 5 + QUIXEL, MAP 1 and 2, already included and sell everything as Conan Exiles 2, then I would pay $ 59,99 in the new game and start over, because I will buy the XBOX SERIES X and an LG B9 with HDMI 2.1

I don’t mind starting again at level 0, with nothing, as long as the game is completely remodeled at UNREAL ENGINE 5, because I know I will be able to enjoy the games and their updates for 7 years in a row.