Unreal Engine 5 released - will this be huge for ConanExiles?

Only if there’s a Conan 2. Could happen. Take what they learned from this one and pump out a whole new game.

There’s been rumblings about a new map. About having more things on their wish-list than they’ve had time to even start work on it. No plans for season 3 for example.

Maybe, best for us (fingers crossed), they lay off exiles for a spell, use Dune to get up and running on the new stuff, thus going through the growing pains of new software and consoles, then take what they’ve learned from Exiles and the new stuff and do a proper follow-up game.


From what i’ve read Unreal Engines aren’t strong enough to handle the content released already. Funcom needs a better engine altogether. As they also need to back away from GPortal as well and provide their own servers and service. Though this will help the game run more smoothly it won’t prevent Funcom’s inexperienced team from releasing more broken content.

UE5 releases in 2021, it’s going to be at least a year or more before we see any games using it after that, unless it’s one of Epic’s own games.

I’ve seen ARK struggle with porting their game to a newer version of UE4, I think from 4.5 to 4.15. I don’t think you will see developers port their games from UE4 to UE5.

Conan Exiles 2 might be in UE5, in 2024 or so.

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If they could optimize the performance on the game alone by porting it to UE5, that would be worth it. The rest? Light, shadows etc. becomes secondary.

It would make sense maybe as part of a ‘Conan Exhiles Remastered’ in 8 years .

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