Game would be amazing if its on unreal engine 5 as it will improve optimization

one major issue with conan exile is optimization and issue with building too much cause the game to lag badly , with unreal engine 5 the technology they showed it seems very big and smooth , im sure you saw matrix demo and other video games on unreal engine 5 , demo worked on PS5 ■■■■■■ graphic card and it work great !! , it would be cool if they focus on it as im sure it will draw many people to the game once they know about it , as unreal engine 4 > 5 seems easily , but seems not possible to go from 3 > 4 or 3 > 5 which unfortunately for other video games that still use unreal engine 3

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Seems I read that they are very unlikely to change engines that came from PC players with a explanation it was involved and long.

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Its relatively easy to go from certain versions of UE4 to 5. But unfortunately CE is not on those later versions of UE4.

The process isn’t impossible. Its just impractical. They would need to cease development. The game would stagnate with updates (basically stop at 2.8 or 2.9). And then it would take months of time and effort. All the while they wouldn’t have any major updates to drive sales, no DLCs to enhance that. And still have to pay salaries and server upkeeps.

With the hope that making the switch will be enough to recuperate all that and then some. But before making that effort, they need to pitch and sell the idea to the stakeholders (the economics definition, not the layman one).

Its a risk. If it goes well and without a hitch. It could improve the game. But there isn’t any assurance it would revitalize interest in a 4 year old game. If it goes badly, it could tank the whole thing and the officials close up and development ceases as well as putting other things in jeopardy. So its no wonder the guys working on the game haven’t really pitched it. And I doubt they would. Why mess up a stable livelihood?

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Given that they’re not using the current version of UE4, and (from what I understand) made modifications the version they are using, I think it’s highly unlikely.

An engine upgrade would take way too long. I don’t think Funcom ever made up an estimate for how long it might take them, but considering they are using a modified engine, I suspect they would give an estimate of six months.

But here’s the problem, game developers are really bad at estimating time requirements. They imagine how long it should take, then come up with a worse case scenario, then double that, then give that number to their fan base as their estimate.

Then it winds up taking twice that.

So… if Funcom has considered an engine upgrade, they probably came up with somewhere around three months as a possible timeline, but the reality is that it would take a year.

Three months is too long. Six months is definitely too long. A year is certain death.

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Would make more sense if they was going to do that to do a linked expansion map(s). This game’s items would be number transferred to the higher version map(s) while keeping the original maps running on UE4. The issue would be the dlcs and what version’s dlc would be developed first (My money would be on the one best suited to consoles).

Seems like it would be a ton of double work.

And there is this. So a big risk for how much gain exactly?

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The first time they took longer than 6 months.

That was in Early Access. When the map didn’t include the Jungle or North. And there was no dungeons. And the highest tier weapons was Steel.

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