Could conan exiles update to unreal engine 5

Is it possible to improve the graphic engine?



Ever get this deja vue feeling :thinking:


Possible? Yes. Will it happen? No. They have flat out said it’s not going to happen and have consistent with that message. It’s just too much and it might as well be a redo of the game itself and for little return at this moment as there is no real advantage to do so. It’s not like anyone is going to pick up a 4 year old game now that it’s been updated for UR5. In fact by doing that, it limits the console players to just the latest generations and there is a significant amount of console players still playing the last generation.

It’s just as possible that it will go to UE5 as it is possible that people will search the forum and not post something that has been discussed ad nauseum. I’m starting to think that the search icon should be bigger.


If previous discussions about engine upgrades in other game forums I’ve visited over the years is anything to go by, most of the people asking about it only want it because it’s new and therefore must be better.

Not only do they not realize that a major engine upgrade would often require a near complete remake of the game, but they also don’t fully understand what actual benefits, or lack thereof, would come from doing so. Nor the consequences to users in order for them to take advantage of said benefits, like higher minimum system requirements. Or as previously mentioned in the case of consoles, having the game no longer able to run properly on anything other than the newest generation consoles.

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The answer to the topic title is: no, and if you want details, look at previous discussions.

As for the rest of your post:

What do you mean?

Don’t you ever miss the days when you used to be nostalgic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These guys wanting unreal 5. I’d just like for PS5 to get the same attention that the Series X got when Siptah launched.

Ehh, that is not the problem I think.
I work at the land registry, and one of the offices is closed, and there is an A3 sized paper, with BIG text on it that “customer reception is in the other room” written in red. And a lot of people still stand there, looking right at the text, but not reading it, and waiting for half an hour. They don’t even bother that the other customers go into the other room, ooh who cares? I intentionally don’t alert them. Those kind of people can’t be helped, honestly.
Some (no, a lot of) people are just this narrow-minded.

@lukaselaltamirano use the search function, or just scroll for a second, and delete your question, and ask a moderator to close and unlist this thread please.

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No, no, leave it. Honestly, the only thing anyone gets from these UE5 questions anymore is the slight entertainment value derived from pointing out all the previous discussions and explaining that there’s a search function on the forums. Don’t take that away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Okay, I have to admit, it was entertaining too, I can sympathize with that!

fun fact - ARG will be upgraded to UE5. Conan Exiles - dont

How is this fact “fun”? :man_shrugging: I’m failing to see the entertainment value in it.

But, if you care more about the engine version than the game :smiley: Go play ARG :rofl:
Arrrrrgggggggggghhhh! :pirate_flag:

Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s set aside all the explanations why Conan Exiles won’t upgrade to UE5, and answer me one simple question:

What would you expect from that hypothetical upgrade?

“Arg” will be remade in UE5 and the players will have to buy it again, that is what i listened. On some point in a livestrem the CE devs told that CE will not go UE5 because of a series of particularities it has, as i understood it is not pure UE4, there are a lot of costumization on it. I doubt they will remake it to UE5 even in a far future.

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Would rather have a Conan too. Then play the same Conan on a new engine.

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