A chance for Relaunch?

Most players know a launch, and relaunch of a game are the highest selling point for any game. So now.that the cat is out of the bag, and UE5 has been officially announced, and with it the support to transition games from UE4 to UE5.

Is the dev team planning on doing a Relaunch of Conan Exiles, fixing stuff and taking this, one in a life time, opportunity to revitalize the product that breeds life into the company?

Yeah, sure, they’ll jump on that opportunity and hammer out Conan Exiles Rebooted before you know it, because upgrading their codebase and assets from UE4 to UE5 is bound to be soooo easy :stuck_out_tongue:

we more likely have a chance to see conan exile 2 i think

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My dude, you got to go and check the interview Jeoff had with the devs at Unreal. They said a kit for easy transfer to UE5 would be given to UE partners.

This post is based on that remark

But it is for games done or started in UE 4.25. Conan I believe is in UE 4.15. Meaning they would first have to upgrade to UE 4.25, then in 2021 do it again from UE 4.25 to UE 5. so not going to happen. At that point, would be easier to build a brand new game from the ground up, and implement ideas that worked from CE.

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Too subtle? Okay, I’ve edited the post to add more emphasis where appropriate :wink:

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Sorry mate, my bad on that one.

Cheers for understanding. I wish the devs would too.

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I may be that they are already doing it with the Dune game only I can’t care less for that IP.

Plus, what confidence can one have with them making another Survival/Crafting if can’t even fix their current one?

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Well they did say they learn what to do and not to do realize how difficult and time consuming ce was and with that they learned a lot also look at ea and what it is now it’s much better but everything they have learn will
Make it better in terms of stability or function so kudos to them and I wish them best of luck and if similar to ce I may grab it depending on what all in is like ark all Dino’s no people to break still
Play it but ce is much nicer

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