Lack of offensive casting 3.0

Books don’t care about your opinions. Go play with your elf mod if you want fireballs.

Then this isn’t the game for you. The entire setting of the game is based on books. If you don’t like the source material, go find another game or mod it the way you want.


WE…are the CONAN community who respect the author and creator of the genre to keep it pure to what he had intended it to be.

You may have processed the information but your lack of respect of the core material and selfish opinion have prevented you from seeing the bigger picture. I was subtle last time I said this so allow me to be blunt…


Hopeful I made my point a bit more clear this time.


And no one cares what you want either.


Glass cannons without the damage part. Players will surely have fun blocking their own view of sight and jumping of clifs while getting 1shot in every fight. That’s going to be alot of fun indeed.

Don’t make me laugh… The only devastating thing that can happen in this game are the offline raids.

Maybe you should take your own advice. Go make your own game with fireballs if you want them so badly

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As a paying customer I speak my mind what I expect from this game. I agree with OP and stated my opinion on the matter. I still don’t care about the books, and I’m here to play a video game just as much as the next player.
Why would I make a video game with fireballs, when Conan Exiles is already close to that. Maybe Funcom will collect the valuable feedback I’ve provided and add offensive magic, or just a reskin for bows and arrows. I expect the next update after 3.0 will put the cannon into glass cannon.

As a paying customer I speak my mind what I expect from this game. Adherence to the source material.

No you aren’t. You’re here expressing your desire to ruin it for anyone and everyone who actually cares about the lore.

Because it’s not close at all.

Your feedback is so valuable I have a special bin where I keep ideas like this. It’s out back, labeled “very important ideas”.

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I don’t make polls because I think they are useless and do nothing in the long run, except maybe force ones opinion on others. I like to leave my feedback one reply at a time.

You don’t seem to respect other people opinions very much. Just remember that this forum is a place where we discuss things and everyone has a chance to contribute. Fireballs for the win!

Bold statement from the guy who called people who enjoy lore a cult and wants to intentionally make the game worse for everyone else


I’m not making the game worse for everyone. It’s up to Funcom to make the game they want for their audience.
As far as opinions go, put the effort to say something original for once.
Uh oh…hyboryan age has no fireballz…angry noises …is not an opinion.

You’re right, you’re making it worse for everyone except yourself. You’re making a selfish stand and demanding reality itself bend to your whims.

It’s up to Funcom as the owner of the Conan IP to represent it accurately, not indulge the fantasies of every power-fantasy gamer.

Correct, it’s a fact. Your opinion on facts doesn’t change them, go read a book.


I’ll vote with my wallet like all the 100k+ concurrent players did when the game launched and we were promised a road map with offensive magic in it. :rofl:
Lore won’t save the game. It’s the actual money that people will spend. What a shocker, right?

So. . .
Say hypothetically you are a big fan of LOTR ( You may well be ) and someone stated that they wanted the hobbits to have AR-15s in the game, what would you say to them in the LOTR forum?


We were promised no such thing. And I can assure you if you think 100k people are on your side, you are gravely mistaken.

And you can put up all you want. I know what I’ve paid, and everyone else who disagrees with you has paid as well. We put our money towards a game based on books and we expect it to stay that way.

If you really want to vote with your wallet, go tip the Age of Calamitous mod team. They’ve put together a well made mod that’ll indulge your obsession, and leave the rest of us alone.

Hey, that’s not a bad idea. I’m actually impressed. I like that. Video games should be video games not the reenactment of a book. Sure, we can have some lore stuf, but in the end it’s about having fun.

Back to Conan Exiles, being able to create a frozen bridge but unable to sling an ice pellet, seems a bit unrealistic, even by Robert. E. Howard standards.

I absolutely, unequivocally and fundamentally disagree completely. Some of us actually enjoy a cohesive story and use our brains for more than shooting things. Again, maybe this game isn’t for you. Might I suggest something more your speed like Fortnite?

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So you are just here to be obtuse, and realize you have lost the argument. I see.


The Exiled Lands are not canon with the books writtent by Robert E. Howard. Neither are those events that are about to be added to the game. A surge with souls flying? A green egg oozing with magic that absorbs human souls? An ice bridge? Adding offensive magic would be the next logical step.
Funcom can also make spells cosmetic. Just imagine, blue fire balls, green fire balls, pink fire balls. I would spend money on that kind of thing and give Funcom my support.