Conan Exiles Mailbag Stream (12.12.2019) - Leave your questions here

Why did you buff thralls so much and nerf so many weapons?

Do you want us to play Pokemon?

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My question would be can we get some sort of admin command to level our thrall on Xbox and ps4.
And second can we get an experience slider for thrall like we have for players


I am sure you can see by the forums that I am quite vocal on my opinions so my two questions both have to do with bug fixes.

  1. When will the hotfix be out that fixes the issues with thrall leveling if one get 100% and the rest of those types of thralls are suck at 40%. I am sure you seen the bug reports and the confusion in the forums on this bug? Pretty sure you have also seen the bug reports on this.

  2. When will you address the thralls resetting to level 0 after you log back in after any time offline, the same with thralls just dying for no reason, logs not show a thing but thrall is just dead be it on relog in or from just walking down a set of steps. Please tell me how are we suppose to replace our current thralls if you can not keep one alive or keep them leveled up past level 0?

My real question is when will you address the problems in the forums, the bugs, the issues with people not being able to even stay online long enough to play. I myself on a vanilla game server, official single player crash at least twice during play every single day be I on for 20 mins or 2 hours, always a fatal error of some sort, before this patch I had a fatal error maybe once or twice in months, now its daily.


For trebs, is there any plan to speed up the crafting of the base in the carpenters bench, and is the HP going to be more than 1 bombs’ worth? Sucks to spend 45 minutes crafting for 10 seconds of destruction. goes against the idea of the devs pushing that game play to the forefront based on the other changes.

Second question:
I owned a private server on PS4, but let it go as there was not near enough creative control outside of sliders. Are there any plans to add a finite number of admin controlled spawn points, admin building (non destructible outside of admin destroying) pieces so we can actually, at least on consoles, have usere created dungeons, etc. Even a DLC would be nice for SP/Admins.


The Momentum-based Movement Feedback Thread & Poll that @Ignasi posted saw a huge number of votes and a great deal of feedback. What changes can we expect Funcom to make to the movement system, what’s the plan going forward?


I have a question(s) involving mounts,

Will there be more mount saddles added to future DLC as well as lance styles? Another question I have is what other things or weapons and/or features would the developers loved to have or would still like to add to mounts?


In light of implementing thralls limits to conserve server/AI resources and improve performance, there are still several complications affecting the community. What will Funcom do to address the following issues?

  1. With the intended limit of 55 followers, +5 per clan member, there is little room for any thralls or pets that do not serve a direct purpose in combat or defense. This will effectively end most semblances of “City Life” such as lively taverns, zoos, brothels, prisons, etc. Could you perhaps add new types of “benches” that allow to us place thralls for decorative purposes so that they only consume client resources without any need for AI compute? See popular suggestion here: Decorative Dummy Thralls for City Life
  2. Due to old bugs, departed clan mates, changes to the map mesh, etc. many clans have thralls that they cannot break bonds with because they cannot be located or interacted with. Such thralls may be trapped below the mesh, inside of a base’s foundations, or floating in the air, or simply left out in the wilderness where no one can find them. What support will you give us so that clan leaders will be able to remotely delete these lost thralls that we cannot directly break bonds with? One suggestion is to allow us to favorite followers (up to our limit) and then allow the culling script to handle lost thralls: Option to Break Bonds with ALL Thralls
  3. The culling script has many players worried, chiefly because we cannot account for lost thralls. Could you please apply some logic to the culling script to ensure that old thralls are deleted ahead of low-level thralls are deleted ahead of high-level thralls?

Your game has so much potential…

When it works properly, it’s so fun! The concepts and what you can do in the game makes for a great game, potentially. Unfortunately, that’s the issue…WHEN it works properly. You’re a seasoned team that should not have these issues. So for the DLC, no questions but…

  1. What are your plans to fix the issues you consistently have with crashes, especially after releasing new content? It should not take 1-2 weeks to release a patch to somewhat fix issues that should’ve been addressed in your test servers.

  2. When your community asks questions on Twitter or any other social media platform, why does no one answer their questions? You can reply to Netflix and when people are praising you but you can’t reply when people are having game breaking issues? You’re going to eventually lose players for this, and it’s weird…they pay your bills…

  3. The horses are an awesome edition to the game but I don’t believe they should take a follower spot, is there any way to implement a separate rider setting, they’re not worth using up your attack thrall spot, also the controls are stiff and tanky…maybe being able to utilize the right thumb stick for direction would work?

  4. I read somewhere that states people who rent your servers have less ram on them, so it causes more issues…people who are actually paying for these in my opinion should get the same if not more dedication considering no one pays you for the official servers…again a more constant revenue stream than the official servers you don’t get paid for.

Like I said, the game has potential, but you’re lacking in key areas that could set you above games like Arc, I’d say start changing your priorities to support your people more than you are. I rent a 40 player server and I’m to the point of wanting to drop it. I can’t play with my friends because any time they open their inventory they get kicked from the game.

Please let a lot of us know what you plan to do to address these issues and an ETA?


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Are you guys planning on not about doing anything of this fallaceus claim system or after the fixes you might be ready to talk about it with the comunity?

Have you looked into the spatialOS/unreal engine duo for a bigger map and thrall AI?

What did the developers do or had to change to make mounts possible?

Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions and great work on the mounts and the new dodge! My questions are:

  1. Is there any chance whatsoever that we might get decorative thralls in the future?
  2. What is the true purpose of the Purge? Is it to act as a counterbalance to those who build too much? Is it to reward players who are more active? Is it something else? Basically, what’s the game designers’ vision when it comes to the Purge?
    • Bonus subquestion: Would it be in line with the team’s vision (and feasible) to make the Purge meter fill up faster the more structures a clan has?

Why Nerf The Treb?
Treb boulders are now 8x more time consuming to make (10 times more stone but we no longer have 10 twine and 2 iron rein to repair). That’s a big nerf. You need at a minimum, 100 boulders to accomplish anything, and that’s 25K stone which is not worth it in most use cases. In addition, boulders no longer have aoe which effectively doubles the effect of this nerf. Why the nerf?

Before the change, the Treb was not needing a nerf as evidenced by its underutilization.

Was this nerf related to the added Treb range and the penetration of the bubbles? Then what about the use cases that are NOT dealing with a bubbled lollipop base? As an example, here’s an alternative approach…

Alternative… Give us an “Improved Treb”… this takes longer to on-site-craft, uses the same ammo, but fires farther and has a chance to randomly penetrate a bubble about half the time, and costs a lot more to repair (steel rein instead of iron for example). Keep the original Treb as it was with no changes at all.

Any chance of an alternative like this, and in the meantime undoing the changes entirely?

See full post on this topic here.


Thanks for all of your work and the many improvements and content updates you keep bringing us!

  1. is it at all possible, and hopefully in the works, to make it so we can drag knocked out npc’s while riding our horse? this ‘off hand’ mechanic seems to be possible considering you allow us to have a torch in the off hand with a one hand weapon while riding. this would provide some much needed utility to the horse, which, at the moment, is mostly a novelty in it’s overall utility.

  2. our horse ‘inherits’ our encumbered state as it currently stands. can we allow horses to also inherit the 5th perk of encumbrance when we have it? for all the farmers out there, again, this would provide some much needed utility to the horses that is otherwise lacking at the moment.

bonus) if utility improvements cannot be made to the horse, when can we expect to have a 2nd follower be an option?

Thank again!


Many players suffer from eye-strain and/or motion sickness. Visual effects such as the camera shake while mining, and the acceleration effects introduced with momentum-based movement & mounts exacerbate these health issues. Can we please get accessibility options to disable camera shake and acceleration zoom to aid those suffering from eye-strain and motion sickness?


About the movement system …

  • Now that you have had the chance to hear what people think about it, do you feel that you have achieved your goals with it?
  • If the system is there to stay, are you planning on doing any adjustments before the holidays?
  • Are you planning to address how this new system impacts key aspects of the game such as harvesting and “parkour”?

#1. How Big is this game gonna be? With Season 2 coming to End, its taking up 116Gb on ps4…

With my MHW and FO76 on drive… One more large update will basiclly prevent me from updating any of the 3 games do to ps4 requirement for double space to install/download.

I deleted ESO cause it passed 120gb.

#2, Where my short hair styles?


Would you guys be interested in making a conan style passive way of getting material? Basically already had an idea on how it could work. Base on where you put the workshop and what tool you put thrall or even animal thats what you will get. Food can also be the fuel. Coming to balancing just limit how many people can have or how much it gives you.

  1. Will we get new map next year ?
  2. With settlement and sorcery ?