Last update-movements-My feedback

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A couple of months ago I was glad when I found out that mounts would be added to the game. A few weeks ago, I was cautious when I saw on the developers’ stream that they want to change the mechanics of the dodges. Yesterday I was very upset when I tried to control the character. This is a disgusting gaming experience. The character feels like a snail. All animations are unbearably slow. The delay before the start of movement, the delay between strokes during the collection of resources. Free fall has become uncontrollable. The dynamics disappeared. It is no longer a survival simulator. This is a walking simulator. I raised agility, I took off all my clothes. No result. Too slow. Too. Slow.
I can understand the nerf of weapons. I can even understand the rebalancing of dodges, even though I don’t like it. But I can’t understand why to make a snail out of a character. Why break what worked and felt good? I’m very upset.

I would suggest posting your feedback on the official feedback thread for the momentum-based movement:

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