Moving "through syrup" - not for me, I'm out

Hi there.

I really like a lot of things they did in the new patch - and i understand why they changed things that I, personally, would rather had not been changed.

There is, however, one thing that is a so-called “deal breaker” for me: the new slow acceleration when we start to move (run/sprint). It feels like moving through syrup. While this might seem more realistic to how people move in real life, it is really, really annoying in computer games.

Moving around is now frustrating to me. I really don’t like it, and I will stop playing the game.

This post is just to make Funcom aware, that some players have an issue with the movement-thing. I have no idea whether many others feel the same way I do, but I just wanted to voice my opinion. Thank you.


Hi, I am out too. Please revert running and rolling.


I’m not gonna quit the game over it but I agree the slow acceleration needs to be tweaked or scale it with agility to speed it up


The new run animation is ridiculously slow to start. I don’t know why Funcom is claiming this is more realistic. Seriously? Funcom, if it takes you guys and gals that long to start running, you need to go to the gym. I took off faster than that back when I was a middle schooler running track! My character is supposed to be a warrior, why is she slower than a middle school child? And characters now have no ability to negotiate corners! I can’t even run around a corner in my base without slamming off walls. Navigating a smaller base is now a lesson in frustration.

Funcom, if you actually listen to your players, please please please fix this. It’s not realistic. It’s maddening.


What server? Can I have your stuff? I love the new movement and dodge!


You beat me to it.

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Because it is?

Look, I haven’t really had a chance yet to check it out for myself, so I’m just going off of what little I’ve seen of it in videos and streams. I don’t know how well implemented or how cumbersome it really is, but here’s the simple truth.

Generally speaking only trained athletes in fields focused on sprinting are capable of near instantaneously going from standing still to full throttle run. Everyone else, even those who are in great shape, has a little bit of a windup. So it makes sense that the devs would try to incorporate that. Now, maybe it’s a little too much of a windup, and maybe it’s not. I don’t know right now. But it is realistic for there to be one.

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No disrespect meant, but I think you really should.

This is why I said you should try it. This isn’t “a little bit of a windup”. This is… really, really slow.

I love the new dodge. But the general movement is awfully frustrating. And I’m not even saying we should revert it, but let us start faster or ramp up the initial acceleration.

One final point I’d like to make is that realism in games should be in service of gameplay, never the other way around. We’re all perfectly comfortable with some degree of suspension of disbelief, but being constantly frustrated will break your immersion in a jiffy. Consistently crashing into your own doors? That’s neither realistic nor fun. Slowing down already grindy farming sessions? Definitely not fun.


It really needs a bit of tweaking. Not that “I’m quitting”, but a bit annoying. Make it a bit faster plz!


I concur. Not with the quitting part - but the acceleration IS feeling dreadfully slow and the end result is that the character feels unresponsive. I don’t doubt that this is ‘more realistic’ but it makes for a worse game.

I would also add that we’re already dealing with some delay between seeing a threat on screen - processing it - deciding what to do - sending that signal to our fingers. That’s all unavoidable. A deliberately slow character controller, however, is not.

Conversely, the new dodge mechanic - which nearly all the prepatch noise was about - feels pretty okay.


That’s a slam dunk. Good on ya.


I’ve been just running around the world looking for ponies. And I’ve found the run change isn’t just for running. It’s also when jumping… or falling… and swimming.

Swimming… this actually feels fine swimming. when swimming, you should have a slight build up to get to speed. I like it for swimming.

Running? Pain in the [redacted].

Here’s where it gets muddied even more. Jumping and falling. now it’s harder to get up onto things. And worse… if you fall… you can’t grab a hold of the wall anymore. You have absolutely no control in the air and you will die. And that was a thing I liked in this game. Getting to feel like I was pulling off some great Parkour skills! but now… I’m a meat pancake.

As stated above… Realism in games should help support your gameplay. Not hinder it. This is not fun anymore. It’s a slog. And even though I just helped get a server up and running, I’m not sure I can do it anymore.



Thank you for this topic and I hope the devs do read it. I’ll add my voice to it and for me it is a game-breaker that will have me quitting until fixed. I play a rogue-type. Daggers, 1H, no shield and no heavy armor. The fact that even in light armor I can’t play a fast character anymore is heartbreaking. Also, mining and farming nodes now is incredibly frustrating since every time I start back up it’s like getting a bolder to start rolling.

It really isn’t fun anymore, but I really do hope it gets fixed. I really enjoyed Conan (past tense for now).


Forgive me. I have not yet given the change what I personally would deem ‘extensive’ testing. However, based on my experiences thus far, the new Dodges arent toooo bad. However, the movements top running speed and also exceleration just feel too slow for my liking. It feels like my character is wading waist deep through swamp water, or walking on glue. Everything feels slower, including weapon swings too. My barbarian should feel like the pinnacle of good physical health, not like he is hauling 50kgs of rocks around in a Bearers Pack every waking minute of his life. If anything I feel that the games combat and attacking, and movement speeds should be made faster, not slower! This is a Conan game; battles should be fast, furious and brutal, not feel like I am in The Matrix.


I agree with all the walking through syrup and other statements. Maybe i can accustom myself to the fighting changes but the grind is like hell now! Pickaxe/Axe swinging omg carpal tunnel please have mercy i need so many stones and wood… This is a serious health issue!

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That could simply be an effect of going from movements being instant to having a little windup. They might feel slower than they actually are because you’re used to the quicker response. If that’s the case, all it needs is time for people to adapt.

But as I said, I haven’t had a chance to really see for myself yet, so I’m not passing judgment on the issue right now. That said, given how frequently small or insignificant issues get blown way out of proportion on gaming forums, it helps to maintain some perspective.

I’ve mixed feelings about it for now. Indeed for the moment the new movements annoy me but it is probably because it upsets my habits. I’m waiting to see how It feels when I get used to it.

But I agree that the realistic aspect should not come to taint the gameplay.

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Now that I’m getting used to it, I do think it’s better. At least for 1v1s. Bows are actually mainable now and probably even OP, but I like the change. Other weapons (minus mace) are useable in pvp 1v1 now.

I’m still waiting to see how ganks and thrall fights will go… but rn I’m thinking I can get used to it.

Yes, people get so caught up in how slow the movement is, they rarely get around to mentioning these issues. The characters can’t jump forward without a running start, they just hop in place like an idiot. And letting go of a wall while attempting to fall in a certain direction is nearly impossible as your character just drops like a rock instead.


Agreed on the acceleration. Right now I’m kinda ok with dodging. still need to test it more. But the problems I have with the walk/run are:

  1. It really does make basic movement feel sluggish. It’s frustrating when you just want to move & pick up ore/items & walk around. (My friend who plays the Isle said she felt like she was moving like an Adult T-Rex)
  2. It makes grabbing walls to slide down a major pain in the ■■■. Wall slides are super fun & useful. I hate to say it, but they pretty much suck now. getting down a wall is an annoying chore now & certain climbs I used to do will be totally impossible now, when it used to be fun.
  3. Jumping over things is just harder. You barely move when you jump now.

My recommendation is 1/2 the acceleration time at least & maybe even remove acceleration on jumping & falling.