Unmounted movement ruined?

Why am I suddenly wading through pudding (that sounds way better than it actually is)? What is the point of dodge rolling now? I am literally uncertain. Am I alone in my opinion that character movement didn’t need an update? The fluid movement of my character was one of the things I really loved about Conan.

Welcome to the forums, rolling has been a hot topic for the past week or so.

Not everyone is on the forum 24/7
Not everyone watches the dev-streams…

I would even say, that the majority doesnt do that.

Such threads and enough “why nerf this or that” are coming after every big patch :smiley:


yes, the devs once again continue to ruin the game to pander to whiny forum posts. I just got on so I haven’t fully made an analysis but I so extremely angry right now but I know there is nothing I can do because they’re in charge of this ship whether they crash it or not, it’s my choice to stay on or get off. All I know is that I likely won’t be playing the game as much anymore if the very basis of movement is obnoxiously clunky and aggrovating to compare to how everything has been perfectly fine for so long.

light armor -> good dodge, less armor
medium armor -> less dodge, more armor
heavy armor -> pittiful dodge, MORE armor

WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THAT? It’s just how it has been for so long and what you choose to trade. mobility or armor. seriously.

the start-up acceleration delay is annoying too. I even feel like after accelerating, my run is slower. bumping into ANY of the awkward hit-boxes and glitchy terrain resets your acceleration, reminding me of how bad this change is.

another thing is:


This game has been going nowhere but down-hill for the last 3 or 4 “content” patches. the “content” is exciting at first, but it’s situational/temporary, while the CORE MECHANICS of the game that you deal with 99% of the time you play are what you have to face when you’re not actively participating in one of the “content” parts.


I guess you werent in the forums the last month or are really good at ignoring most threads :smiley:

Because thats what most threads were about (and many still are).

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Yes the change in movement acceleration is intended to make disengaging from melee both from players and npcs more dangerous, you literaly are giving your back to an armed oponent and cannot do 360 shift at full speed anymore.

The change is for the better but you will need to learn to dodge again. It’s still possible and now even possible on heavy armor.

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Plus, dodge is now intended as a counter move, not a getaway move. Which means based on agility, you can attack out of the roll. the higher you agility, the quicker you can star your attack out of it.

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Hello, i will sey thrall limit for me is nothink special if somone need more then 50 thral i dont know for what, but if you play single player you can just change it its no big deal, mount are good adition to the game but not necessary .
Movmement change is very bad , you must watch at every obstacle on the whay is just stupid .
And now combat specialy for 2h weapen so nerf omg is just worse off all and weapen , Anihilator was nerfed before i just moment ago log to game and saw bonus to ignoring armor disapear , so now dmg on it are lower then before this update . Its like they want for people to stop play in some case .
Im just struggling with myself to play.

I’ve played the game for a year on 15 different Official PVP servers and have never ONCE thought there should be a limit to the number of thralls or pets. Pets don’t really stop people from blowing things up. They suffer the same crappy core mechanic problems that nearly every NPC/AI suffers in the game. maybe if they fix that first, then start limiting pets.

Just like the movement nerf, they’re not addressing the underlying issues and beating around the bush in whatever way is easiest. Heavy armor dodge too small? NERF ALL ARMOR DODGES! I can understand shortening light armor roll a little bit, BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN CLEAR A 1 BLOCK GAP!

maybe add a short cooldown between rolls?

I hope you enjoy moving like you’re trying to sprint over-encumbered every time to bump into a rock, thrall, NPC, wall, small slope, crafting station, torch, tree, etc. I don’t.


Me neither… But it needed to have a limit because of… Mounts :smiley:

I am still at work… So have to check the movement issue. As you are not the only one complaining about it, maybe FC will change it (slightly) with the (hopefully soon) hotfix.

Read some other threads about the legacy thralls… There is a 40% lockdown bug for thralls. At least at testlive it was there…

Here ya go. Some 2000 posts on the issue, with just about every conceivable (and inconceivable) opinion. Happy reading!

I hope they adjust nothing on the new movement and dodge, Funcom should stand up for their design decisions and not mold to the whining of the month.

This is the only hope for better pvp, if the developer sticks to their design and not change on demand.

All this was announced weaks ago and we had two devstreams explaining the new mechanics and the reason why this was done.

As I wrote, I have to test the new running up thing… But he is not the only one to complain. And when you run on a rock and you suddenly walk again… That sounds only annoying.

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That is the issue people complaining should not change the design decisions, they should keep going and continue the siege redesign with gods and explosives. I have faith Funcom know what they are doing with those changes, but if they backtrack becuse people complain we will never see the whole redesign of combat and siege mechanics.

The problem is, that you have PvP and PvE… Many combat changes for PvP makes which sense in PvE?


My only concern is the way purges work. Generally purges appear on top of my roof. So I put thralls up there. The next purge the thralls showed up on the ground.

So because that system is broken the only option was to put more on the ground and more on my roof. To ensure coverage.

There isnt rhyme nor reason to how the purges work. So my only alternative is to login once a week. Build or play for a few hours and then logout. Because my purge bar goes to 0

Purges at my mainbase never appear… Had again spiders in my mainbase (was hoping for humans at volcano…) and again they didnt come.

After 1 hour I got the message, the purge was defeated… This was the 2nd time…

I farm my ■■■ off, to finally get a purge… Then its monsters/animals and even bugs out…

Yeah. This is always the issue. Priority for PvP or for PvE? I don’t PvE, so I don’t care about making PvP more viable. You probably feel the same about PvE. For me, nothing about the movement changes was good. It just sucks. It is like running through big patches of cobwebs. Pausing between each swing of the pickaxe. Ugh. Losing my quick dodges for the roll over sticky fly paper is terrible. Losing my dodge perk that made medium armor roll like light armor. None of it was good.

I get that making PvP more viable might help retain players and that is good for the long term of the company and game. But mostly I hear lots of complaints. I think Funcom needs to weigh the complaining vs the congratulating and decide if they made the right choice on this change. The needs of the many vs the few kind of thing.


The main issue I have with the new movement is trying to walk around in my own base. Every time I brush up against a dancer, or a chair, etc. instead of gliding off of it as I would in other games with momentum (i.e. Quake), I’m instead bought to a halt, and it feels like I’m being held in place as I try to maneuver around what the game perceives as an obstacle.

There needs to be some logic applied so that if the angle of incidence is shallow that you don’t lose so much momentum. The current implementation, while striving to be realistic, ends up feel unrealistic in that regard. If I’m looking at my phone while walking and brush up against someone, I don’t come to a stop, nor do they cling to me like velcro, but currently that’s how it feels in-game.