Please go back to old movement!

also, I come from a PVE stand point, where i think this has made everything I’ve fought so far much easier to dodge, because I can basically dodge right through their bodies and attacks. even when a few things gang up, all it takes now is a simple dodge and you just phase right through any attack.
I can’t comment on a PVP stand point because it’s not what I play Conan for. and as I’ve stated before, the old roll system isn’t without fault, so I don’t agree with “Go back entirely,” but I honestly would prefer the old system while I’d wait for a middle ground. I do however know there are plenty of people that feel the opposite. The old dodge system needed a nerf and rework, but I don’t think this was the right rework.

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It’s funny. This change was motivated by PVP. Funcom said so. A lot of us PVE players were skeptical (at the very least) about it and it looked like a bad idea. Now that it’s out, most of the PVE skeptics seem to be happy about it and a lot of PVP players are complaining loudly. One of those little ironies in life.

What I really hate is the slow running. They really did make it too slow, especially when you consider non-combat situations, such as mining stone or chopping wood.


I agree. Be careful what you wish for.

This is because the essence of being a pvp player is complain, just like soccer players complain when a judge gives then a card in game.
The change is good for the game in all modes.

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For the love of the game… its not change thats bad… its this… how many times has combat been changed… made worse and then fixed later on? Remove the roll key… its pointless now… stack healing, bring large arcing weapons and hope you have enough to deal. PVP? If you get the first hit in… you win… thats it now, no baiting because you’re too slow… no rolling because you’ll just be attacked in the rolls and no finess. Bows and hammers or leave.

I’m on board from PvE and PvP - I play both, and I honestly like this change for different reasons for each way of playing. But in both, it costs more to engage now, from a tactical standpoint. The old roll dodge made it way to easy to get out of sticky situations - IMO of course. The PvPers who are complaining are the ones who’ve lost their ability to cheese with the poke and roll with NO commitment to combat (I’m speculating of course). If you wanna fight, you gotta commit now without an easy cheesy escape.

killed my desire to do any kind of Content in the game since now I know I can’t maneuver anymore. I have 30 points into Agility, 30 points in encumbrance, and wearing Light armor I feel like I’m in heavy armor trying to dodge. It’s unmanageable. And the build up for sprinting? Why on earth would you do this to us? With these changes, I can’t even just do PvE content. (Not that I do any PvP content… I’m on an RP Server.)

What was the reasoning for this? PvP Balance? If you swing a big 2H weapon… yeah, it’s going to be slow. Light fighters will dance around you. That’s their deal. Dance of 1000 blows and all that.

I can understand the wanting for more variation in game play, but bringing EVERYONE down to a crawl like this isn’t going to do it.

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I do not know what your plan is, but do you intend to destroy the game?

I began to criticize it that the spear animation slowed down or that the third attack was interrupted easily and now you roll so slowly? i have more the feeling that funcom has a problem with the pvp community it annoys me much the gameplay is now so slow and boring is it now becoming a strategy game from conan?


Care to elaborate? I’m finding PVE more fun and engaging with the new dodge. I can finally solo bosses without relegating the fighting to my thrall. I can’t escape fights as easily as I could before, but they’re a lot more fun now and they’re not harder to win.

So maybe if you tell your side of the story, we can all learn something new :slight_smile:

Are we still talking about PVE? Because I haven’t seen anything on PVE that does that.

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Is there anyway to remove the new CRAP movement and revert how it was?


I like the rolling tbh , less lag an rubber banding .Have had NO Rubber banding since this has been in place . So ya No.

The movement in this game was enjoyable before. It felt kinetic and athletic. Now it feels really cumbersome and isn’t satisfying at all.

It feels like they downgraded your players ability to move and now having a horse is basically just how old running used to be. So it’s not faster to get around with a mount, it’s just more troublesome to get around by foot. The momentum delay does not feel natural or fluid, it feels like your character is in a swimming pool up to their neck.

Please return the movement mechanics closer to what they were before, I really don’t want to stop playing this game due to poor movement mechanics.


I just posted this in another thread, but the change in running also affects your swimming, jumping, and falling. Swimming feels fine. I kinda like the build up to speed for swimming. Jumping makes it harder to get up onto things. And falling…? You can’t grab a hold of walls very well anymore. No more slowing yourself down at the last second to avoid turning into a meat pancake.

Dodging. Or rolling now. I can understand heavier armor being slower. But I’m in light armor and feel like I’m in heavy armor. And I’m not skimping on my agility points (30 agility/encumbrance). As someone else stated, we shouldn’t have to waste 70%+ of our points to max agility to have some kind of responsiveness in game again.

I’m a solo player. Especially if I’m thralling (Which is my main thing that I do). I can’t get out of sticky situations anymore. There’s no more maneuverability. It’s like a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. As fun as that may be to watch for a minute or two… it gets old pretty quick.

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Is Movement something a Modder can revert for us?

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Yea thats a great idea…come on mod devs you can do it.

“Going back” is a non-starter, and you’d have more chance of effecting change by hitting your head into your keyboard than by calling for that.

What might be possible is getting the new system tweaked to a point where the lead-in on movement is not as egregious.


Agreed. The new dodge is fine, actually. I like that going up against a big baddie and timing my dodges to get around or to the side, then stick in the spear (sue me, I still love spears) before they can recover is easier. So, new dodge system despite initial skepticism: very okay IMO.

It’s the character movement system that feels wrong. I’m fully willing to acknowledge that some of this is simply a matter of getting used to it, and I dare say it’s not a deal-breaker (though it does feel like a downgrade).

Humans in general, and perhaps gamers in particular, often default to “change bad, wah!” mode (at least the vocal part), which is doubly unfortunate when a change is truly “wah”-worthy - like this one (IMO): it’s easy to dismiss the feedback as just the usual post-change whine.


The controls are horrible now… can’t face world bosses without dying… go face the crock boss and come back and tell me if you can kill it… lolz I don’t think so…:rofl:

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We opened a thread so you can share your feedback with us.
We’re interested in constructive feedback from those that have given the new changes an earnest try, no matter their opinion on them.