Dodge Roll and Running = Not Fun, Not Enjoyable

So huge, huge fan of Conan Exiles.

I would say my problem with playing the game is more to do the fact it’s addicting to play!

Except my new problem is not wanting to play it…ever.

Running/Walking is a huge chore, it feels like sludge or oil, or like trying to walk in a pool. It’s a chore, its tedium, and while I don’t mind the grinding aspect of Conan, if something is boring or is a chore or makes me not want to do something, that’s the wrong way to go about it.

As for rolling? I can’t play the game half as well anymore.

I dodge, I roll, I don’t do combat.

No offense Funcom but I find your weapon combos unfun, I don’t find any part of combat fun. As a builder/explorer I find the fun in making cool builds. I was never a good fighter, but I didn’t mind cause I could dodge and roll just enough in PVP so that raids and other forms of PVP weren’t so bad I couldn’t be on a PVP server.

However you nerfed dodge/roll so bad now. You get no distance, it makes you super vulnerable, and there is pretty much no use to being even naked for dodging.

Honestly, if you leave dodging while in naked or light armor like how it was? Guess I’m a light armor specialist now! But I don’t even have that option.

So dodging enemies was the one defense I had while in PVP or PVE, and now I don’t have that option anymore. I have “run away and not play” method, or if I’m good enough I can grind the enemy out of if I have the resources on that map to do so.

I guess what I’m saying is this game has become so bad I’m probably going to have to leave.

After getting the day one edition, after enjoying so many builds, with my raid clan, building huge massive structures, and losing (and winning) so many battles, I guess this is how I go?

I know that I’m probably not with a vocal enough group that can get any changes done, but I really am sad that I have to leave.

I never got to screw around with the Riders DLC I got, and I never did something proper with Derekto Pleasures.

Still, I want to thank Funcom for all the fun up till now!

I know you want to take your game in a new direction, that’s cool, you can do whatever you like, I’ll support your choices as an artist and developer.

I just can’t travel that road because you made dodging so bad, I would rather just go play anything else, or watch anime instead.


I like the way you try to make a positive but you end up in the same place as many … crying an whining unfortunately!

I’m not the best pvp player or near the best but I am decent enough. If you would like to sent me a message we can maybe play and I’ll give you a few tips to improve your pvp ! Because I find the changes actually really good in terms of pvp


Haha, then u are one of the very few. But never heard that anyone liked it for PVP lol.

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actualy it’s quite easy to enjoy this new pvp, last 10 month were about the same weapon/armor type, now it’s the liberty of choice^^

you people will get use to it


It is less fun. I think the dodging aspect can be tweaked, as it stands now it just looks derpy and awkward. The momentum based movement really killed it for me. It just feels so bad and makes moving around a hassle.

I have a problem with the people who think that saying you do not like a change or do no longer enjoy a change as whining, its not its our choice to not like these changes as as its your choice to like them , making fun of people for the likes and dislikes is cruel and uncalled for and is being a bully. Its why many people do not come forward and give their options on forum for the sake of being made fun of, put down, called wimps or whiners so let people have their options and leave them alone for it, stop being a dick!!

You know you are right, ignore a great feature, laters!!

Hey, @Stoneduelist, it seems like the new momentum-based movement is not set in stone and Funcom is open to changing it. I would encourage you to leave your feedback in the official feedback thread, so they’ll have an additional data point:

Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will happen to help with that. Funcom has made these new changes specifically to stop people from always being able to run away from combat once it started.

The best you can hope for is to avoid fights in the first place or to get used to committing to a fight until you’re able to escape.

I do hope you reconsider. There are new tactics available and new ways of doing things. Maybe if you give it a try, you might find some that you enjoy.

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It’s feedback. It’s not the most constructive feedback, but it has its place. Granted, I believe that place is in official feedback threads, but I’m not a moderator on these forums :wink:

You can’t blackmail a corporation. You can vote with your wallet and you can state your intention to do so in a forum that was made for the purposes of communicating with the said corporation :wink:

Don’t get me wrong, I know how you feel and where you’re coming from. I’ve seen many posters on the forums throw temper tantrums out of entitlement. But those don’t stop at making one post – they go on every related thread and keep posting their “this is wrong and I’ll quit” message everywhere they can. And they make me want to tell them to shut up and go away.

But this is not one of those cases. This is a genuine grievance of a player who has found his playstyle marginalized and would prefer not to quit because of that. I’m glad that the poster here did it this way, instead of calling Funcom names and going on a posting spree all over the forums.


So, would you call it a TvT now? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Amen. What OP said. The fun factor of the game went down by a lot.

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Yeah i remember that aswell, but how about with this new patch ?

I think the problem is that dodge/roll are still balanced for old combat. It’s less effective defensive tool now, but for some reason stamina cost is roughly the same as before. What is the role of stamina regeneration delay with new dodge mechanic? Idk
Also old attack animations that were not so clean, and it didn’t matter with old roll. Well now it’s matters, NPCs with two handed sword are just brutal right now.

I don’t hate the change, but it’s just in unpolished state.

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