Dodging burning Stamina? [HELP]

i just downloaded the new conan update on PS4 and hoped onto my privet conan server. when i went to dodge it would drain my Stamina. i was only like able to doge 3 times or so. is there a way to fix this? Or is this how the game is and now dodging is useless

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Just out of curiosity, what armor are you wearing and how much are you encumbered? I think they made some changes to that recently, but I’m waiting for 2.4 to come back to Conan Exiles.

Even with player stamina multiplier value set to .1 I get four dodge rolls…and also only nine swings with the blade of the adventurer before I have zero stamina. You can still run for a long period of time, but as for actually doing something like rolling or swinging a weapon you’re out of luck! They need to scrap this stamina change totally!

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