Infinite Stamina exploit or bug must be removed

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: United States (America)

I know this is really good for travelling long distances on foot but for PVP servers it’s just terrible for PVP as in someone can just dodge and run infinitely which is terrible in the long run. I hope some players will just deal with effectively managing their stamina bar in the game.


welcome to conan pvp where you can run for 10 hours straight with new combat system and great perks (specially agility build perks that are useless )

Yeah, agility is just disappointing: only first perc costs something, effect from points which increases armour is just stupid and incredibly weak

Also accuracy, archery is simply garbage. Literally no reason to use it other than cheesing and just simply wanting to make things harder. These are really terrible problems and I upvoted but soo far down the very long list.