Unlimited run "runner" bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [free stamina Bug]
Region: [Czech Republic]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.Look behind you with pointer (it autoregen stamina )

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Secrets out! What’re we gonna do now!? Lol

Why does it bother you enough to make a thread? Now when you’re running for your life you won’t be able to do the glitch lol thanks :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah why are people reporting a bug that doesn’t hurt anything and actually helps us get around the map faster. Can we say give him a crayon and helmet.

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Because it’s connected to not being able to run backwards up stairs and dodging bugging out when looking towards the camera.

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Play legit :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I play legit it’s just when I’m running for my life while with precious cargo from either a raid or gathering it I’d prefer the glitch rather than playing “legit”

I definitely find it useful when running for my life from rhino and elephants but the PVP is becoming quite tedious when players can use it to never run out of stamina.

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Gotta say, i like this bug, BUT, on a pvp server i the fact that people can just flee from any1 or anything. Pvp servers filled with pu**ies who dont pvp. I say fix this.

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I say leave it in till we get mounts! Crossing the ******* map on foot is a chore and a real time sink.

I understand how it is a pain in one aspect of the game (player vs player combat) but there are MANY more practical uses to keep it.

How about they fix server issues or combat crippling lag or broken fighter Thralls first!

Hey hey look at me, who am I? Uses the admin mode to cheat “hey you guuuuys stop abusing a free stamina bug that I also use in secret”

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There are so many gamebreaking and negative bugs right now that we deserve positive ones to even the odds.