Endless stamnia

Game mode: *online official *
Type of issue: *Other *
Server type: PvP
Region: eu
Hardware: *ps4

Bug Description:

Is that already a known issue? In some situations stamina works reverse. When I run than I don’t use stamina but if I just walk than it works how on sprinting.

I noticed this 2 times after the siptah release. The last times I played it happens three times.

Steps to Reproduce:

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Report it to zendesk. If it is an exploit, don’t expect a reply.


Greetings @ConanBoDk

As @Dzonatas kindly pointed out, please report possible exploits via Zendesk, or via DM to any of us in Community.
Providing as much information as possible in these cases helps our team be able to reproduce the exploit and fix it.

Thank you in advance.

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