Revers stamina or endless stamina

Game mode: Online official-3018/3021
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Pve
Region: Europe
Hardware: Ps4

Bug Description:

endurance is reversed after player login

  • decreased endurance when walking
  • increased endurance when sprinting

during the bug phase, stamina during climbing is normal but once on the ground the bug continues

to return to the normal state it is necessary to use a weapon

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. connect you
  2. once in game, run
  3. stamina does’t go down
  4. equip yourself with a weapon or shield to return to normal (arc not working)
  5. to restart infinite endurance, empty your stamina
  6. just before your stamina is reloaded, click 3 times on L3 *

Nb (* bug already valid before update 2.6 )

Hi @GullTopp and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The team is currently looking into this.

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