PS4 PvP Infinite Stamina bug

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Game mode: Online PvP server 3807
Problem: Bug
Region: USA
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While running if you face your view camera to the left, right and front angle your stamina never depletes. This is proving to be a severe problem when it comes to raiders taking advantage of quick grab and bolts without being able to catch up to them.

NOTE: This is not problem in Single player. Tested it and the drain is normal.

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I love this bug lol. I don’t use it in PvP, just for long trips.

Its client side and I’ve fixed the bug for myself the only problem is I no longer have the advantage of running from players abusing this bug. My stamina drains while running even if the camera is looking behind me =( if console versions are forced to change dual analog support tick and untick on start up it would fix this bug…i was messing with the analog dualshock support controls unticked to see if combat worked the same or better and reset everything to default and now the unlimited stamina is gone

I can confirm this.
When the camera angle is at the side or in front of your character (so basically every direction that is not the usual view from behind) it will lead to your stamina not beeing used anymore even while running. In fact, it will also start to regenerate like you would just be standing still even if your running like crazy.

Bug only works when running. Swimming will still drain stamina.

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After the system update I now have unlimited stamina while looking behind my character again so the dualshock analog settings I mentioned before only fixed it until the system update