Camera direction and movment glitches

Game mode: online
Problem: bug/performance
Region: US WEST

Ok, I’m outting a glitch we’ve all been using because I can tell whatever causes it causes other bugs. I’m sorry, but somebody had to tell these guys.

Basically, as long as your camera is not facing the frontal hemisphere of your character as you run, you have infinite stamina.

As I’ve been abusing this glitch, I’ve noticed peculiar things related to it and camera placement/movement.

  1. When running directly sideways, or backwards (left or right, doesnt matter) you rubber band on small rocks or changes in elevation VERY easily.

  2. When facing the camera and using dodge without moving you roll back, but then “rollback” towards the camera, as though your character was facing forward when you dodged.

  3. When moving backwards while targeting has a strong chance to cancel targeting. (I think it’s the game running a check to see if you are running towards the camera which hits whatever causes the bug)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have your character face you (i.e. looking behind your character)
  2. Run up stairs (or try, rather) to see rubber banding
  3. With character facing camera, hit circle while not moving to see dodge bug.
  4. Targeting is a bit trickier and wasn’t reproducable, but still cancels mid fight when I’m definitely not clicking the stick and dancing around my opponent. It could be that I have an old controller, though, I never randomly target enemies… so it can’t be that!

Tl;dr: stuff gets buggy if your character isn’t facing forward, plz halp
leave the stam glitch tho ;(

Anyone read these besides moderators or what?