Dodging rubber-banding and several bugs associated with the camera

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Spain]

Here in this post I am going to comment on a problem that I have found when dodging and that I know how the problem is executed. Many times when I dodge I see how my character returns to the position from which he had dodged. This was frustrating when an enemy pursued you and you were with the full load of objects.

Today I discovered that this happens according to where you look with the camera. If, for example, you look straight ahead, the dodge action works correctly. If you look back as you walk / run towards the camera. You will go back to where you were if you try to dodge. Of course this only happens in the third person, since in the first person it is perfect.

Also, apart from this, I would like to show a bug that has also been commented in the forums, about the stamina bar if you do the same as in the previous problem with the camera. If you run while the character goes to the camera, the character not only does not get tired, but also recovers energy.

As usual, I upload a video for you to see.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: