Endless stamina for running and attacking

Any chance Funcom will fix the endless stamina exploits? Level 19 players running around with epic weapons and not losing stamina is just game breaking.

I haven’t seen anything in the patch notes about that bug. I haven’t even got a reply on how to reproduce it.

Ive never saw something similar lately but if you can record a video or any test that devs can see clearly will help much more
Or report it in bug section

Yeah, and for good reason.

Pretty sure calling out players and accusing them of cheating is going to get this one locked as well.


I’m sure that the video clips will showcase the abuse of the running exploitation. And you might be right. Every post about this run exploit has been blocked as far as I have seen they last about 5 days before they are flagged. It’s just to bad that there is no one monitoring the servers and looking into the exploitation that is killing this platform. Oh well. Back to Warframe until bluehole studios releases there mmo.

There have never been admins in the official servers. Not since closed beta. If you have proof of someone breaking the rules that is what Zendesk is for. File a report on Zendesk, provide the name and even your videos clips and they will review it and launch an investigation. If found guilty they will take action. The forum however is NOT the place to do so, calling people out is against the TOS of the forum and will get the tread locked and possibly get YOU in trouble if you do so repeatedly.


If you don’t want to get called out stop using exploitation as a tool. If you want to defend your clan with your alt accounts then you get what you deserved. Enjoy. FYI Making alternative accounts to avoid being banned is against the TOS for PSN. Think before you post on your alt account.

If you are referring to me, I play on PC not PS4 so nice try buddy. I also see your post got deleted by a mod, because you violated a TOS so stop crying already. You know you are at fault for calling people out on the forums and you know that is in violation of the TOS. Stop acting like a petulant child because you got caught doing something wrong. You have been shown the proper method to resolve your issue yet you still come here to rage and fling accusations. Very sad.

If only you could take your own advise. :woman_facepalming:


Sigh. If it was flagged it would be hidden, which anyone could then view by clicking the little button. Your post is GONE from the thread, AKA it was deleted. Learn the difference between flagging a post and having a post deleted. :woman_facepalming:

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Again this is PlayStation discussion not pc. As you can plainly see by the category at the top. As you mentioned you don’t use PS you are on computer. Just spamming your Karen all over the place does not make you right. Stay in your lane. You are not that important.