Xbox Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But…by Crom! There’s even more?!

Anyone mention that you cannot attack from horse on alternate controller setup yet? The dismount horse command does not change so you just dismount instead. XB1

Crashes repeatedly. Hell even going into the offline mode and coming back in after exiting that barely even works. With doing that im barely on 15 to 20 min before it starts crashing again. Do yall test your own updates before releasing them to us? Because this is the second update where its crashed. How long before we get a hotfix on this? You gonna make us wait another week or two. This sad. Yall have no idea how big your community could be if everything wasnt so bugy all the time. Please fix the continuous crashing. Thxs

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I have dashboarded seven times today since the update - twice while running around my place and five times because I opened my inventory. Now, of course, I daren’t open my character for fear of him starving to death because I can’t eat. FIX THIS PROBLEM FAST!

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Do you guys try the game on Xbox before you release it? It gets old having to rebuild my base cause the game crashes EVERY update

Bugs found. Workstations when named thrall in does not move down to basic crafting items only shows flawless and epic even if station is picked up and placed down again. Also craft all button now working…

We’ve opened a new thread to gather feedback on the new movement changes, please don’t hesitate to vote and share your concerns with us!

When I downloaded the update, it stopped at 7GB and did not continue. Finally I decided to delete and reinstall. 3 hours later it was done. I played a bit around, but got no crash thankfully. This is such a big update (almost 50gb) that it could make sense, to reinstall the complete game to be sure the game integrity is fine. But this only makes sense, if you experience issues and have a fast internet connection.
The new DLC was strange at first, as it showed the Price and was not available for install. What I did was to re-install the 2nd season pass - then suddenly the installation of the dlc was available.

I played for a while, and found, that the legacy thrall (treasure seeker) had much less Health, but still was not too bad relating damage in normal fights (Mini-Bosses & Small Dragons)
A boss fight i had not until now, as i prefer to continue playing my old style for the first days.
I am PvE and am wearing heavy armour. To my surprise the new dodge helps me more then the old jump back - so it is usable for my playstyle. the accelleration when running is meeeehhhh - not so good. More bad is, that i fall down when I jump down somewhere and want to stop falling with “A” to glide down slowly. When I let me fall it makes “bash” before I can get a hold somewhere. And what also I really hate are the changes to the 2h Sword (Overhead chop) together with the nerving of strength perks. That makes all together obvious much much lesser damage. For me this is especially hard, as I play 2h Sword & strength builds. So it is a double-nerv.

I can confirm this bug. it exists for the advanced armor’s bench, armor’s bench and blacksmith. The work around is to remove the T4 armor then you can craft item you and make. When the player scrolls down the icons do not move to items the player can make, only items the T4 thrall can make. It appears the player can scroll down to their list but the icons do not show. In the description list it detail the item the player can make section but it does not show the icon list for the items the player can make.

a yippie and a mehhh for this patch
yippie, you can now loot decayed bases from other players in pve.
mehhh, constant crashing, especially from opening thrall inventory

My game crashes when joining a server. Only by playing for a couple of minutes in singleplayer helped, which made me take a long break from this game. I was hoping this patch would help.

By me on x box one x its work fine my frienhd is playing on a normal x box and get evrey time chrashes when he open his inventory . We was earlyer riding on our horse 2 hours no problems no lags but then he openhd his inventory and puff he was chrashed

Couple of hiccups I have encountered, besides the frustrating multi-million dash boarding events, Inventories are not scrolling pictorially like they should they will still scroll as long as you watch the description, and I have had this happen on different things, such as any of the work benches and the storage containers, when growing the foals, there are slots for multiple foals but it only allows one at a time in a stable

Please either leave pets and thralls alone or just remove them from game every update you nerf the already placed ones so that they need to be destroyed. Lots of wasted time and money on this game every update makes it unplayable

after numerous crashes, i was able to test out the new changes abit and my o my let me tell you, its not enjoyble. movement nerfed to the points it gets annoying, gathering resources nerfed in speed, str. perk 2 and 4 nerfed, weapons nerfed, seems like the comsumption of food and water is higher to now. i m not completely against the changes, but when it comes with so heavy nerfs, well it backfires, the new roll to be somewhat useful need alot of points in agi, which leaves me with less points for dmg or whatever, how about you give us more attr. points if we need to invest so much in agi, yeah sure you get higher armor for that, but you hit like a wet noodle. what i also dont get, you want to give us a dark soul like fight system, but that applies only to me and not the npc. its not fun to be tied to rules when the rest of the world doesnt. im talking espacially about fast bosses, like the werewolf and my most hated boss, the hammer skeleton bosses

Massive single player dashboarding. Work benches crafting items do not fully load. Inventory screens display stretched characters cutting off heads and feet. Wheels of pain now have “fuel:” and “burn time:” displayed in large letters over the right side of the screen for no apparent reason. I was excited to hear about the mounts however, the game now constantly dashboards so I am unable to comment on that.

I recommend that if this isn’t fixed soon then we all should make a report to Microsoft and the better business bureau. Selling a product that isn’t as advertised and not tested is a deceptive business practice and goes against the US foreign business standards. This has become a recurring issue for Funcom since they released a product before development had finished. I’m out 70+ dollars for a game that lured me with content that does not properly transfer to console and was never tested it to ensure that it would. They took our money knowing that the product we were receiving was not properly described, I see nothing in the description of this game on the Microsoft store that it was a product under-development.

[Jkburt01] I understand what you’re saying in utter frustration, but many games and companies do this. It’s the new norm, releasing games forever under construction. Actually, we the gamers are as much to blame. we expect things added, nerfed, increased and so on. The Dev’s are simply trying to please the player base the best they can. Dont get me wrong, it infuriates me to no end waiting since day one, mind you, day one…to have mounts. now they are here and I cant enjoy it at all in fear of dashboarding and loosing my gear, horse or more. I am with you on voicing my upset to the dev’s and agree to anyone else to do so, but we have to see they are trying. It may not be up to speed, or ruined a wonderfully planned weekend for riding, but they are trying. I wish they were more verbal on what they were doing, how long things might take and give us more time frames (even if a “ballpark”) figure, but its conan…we play, we crash, we wait, we update, we pray.

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That is the most lay down comment i have ever read. They have an obligation to there consumers as producers of media. You cant sell products that do not work. This game worked fine a week ago. Now they are using us as Guinea pig’s to find the bugs in the code that they didnt feel like testing properly. They could have held it back for 2 weeks and unveiled properly but they would rather try and steal 9.99 usd from people who already puchased the season pass to this hunk of garbage. Do not justify this totally sheisty business tactic. They need to fix this now.


Gratulálok az új frissitéshez játszhatatlan a játék ? ennyi pénzért azért már gondolkodjanak el

I agree devs are using us as free testers and the game has had issues with the past. I also dont feel that devs make any effort to finish the product and push it out. It’s been almost a week with no update on whats going on.

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