PS4 Patch (05.12.2019) - Mounts! Follower leveling system! More combat rebalancing! But…by Crom! There’s even more?!

Am wondering the same, I expected 2-5gb or so but shocked to see I’m downloading basically an entire whole game. Don’t even know if my data cap will handle it. Conan exiles now is almost a third of my PS4 storage.


In a stream they said ppl won’t show up in list until they talk or something and I think then name disappears after like 5 minutes or so.

It’d be very cool if you guys found a way to add extra sounds to the characters movements depending on what armor type they are wearing. Like, plates shaking around for the plate armor or chains moving around for the medium sets.


I spent a hour doing things at my base at first I thought I was overweight but wasn’t. This blows can’t seem to get around my base not sure about going outside dragging a anchor


It was on my private server and no one was chatting that I tell. Some were fresh to the server.

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We’ve opened a new thread to gather feedback on the new movement changes, please don’t hesitate to vote and share your concerns with us!

Not new…
Look at the boss map and #10.

Hi! Could we pls have a vote about the playerlist update. Totally get the thought behind the change but I think it has several big drawbacks.

  1. If u want to start on a new server u can’t know if it’s populated or not. It’s no fun If u spend a week or so starting on a new pvp server just to realise you are alone.
  2. People will maybe hesitate to chat to stay hidden which is terrible. The social side of the game is very important imo. Also how can you write to another player if they are not on the playerlist?
  3. The server I play on now only raids people that are online, now we can’t tell if they are online or not.
  4. If u have a clan that is undermeshing, you could guess what’s going on if they have 8 ppl playing but you can’t find any base. Now you won’t even know they are playing.

Imo the drawbacks are bigger than the gain. Yesterday our server seemed empty and we thought alot of clans stopped playing witch would be very sad. But maybe they were playing, nobody knows.

Best regards.


Hello everyone! I have just started playing Conan 4 days ago, and I enjoyed it very much! Yesterday the update was installed automatically, and I went to te site of Funcom to see what was the update about! Great!!! Mounts and pets and thrall followers, very good enhancement! But, like some people had posted here, I found some things gone wrong! First the initial loading screen was way much longer, in the select screen my avatar picture has is image cut top and bottom, I can’t see the head and the feet! The rolling dodge was slower and spending more stamina, but ok it seemed more real! But the worse was the fighting, the shied won’t come up many times, ater pressing the L2, it was slower and very stamina draining! When hunting , after the first bow shot it became impossible to hit the target again because it teleports!!! Gazelles have gone inside Rocky Mountains! I’ve killed a band off three NPCs and the body of one of them just disappeared!!! I am still at the beginning, so, just can’t enjoy the pet and mounting system yet! But I didn’t find no upgrade in the game, just the opposite! And 30 gigs off it! I hope the developers don’t get discouraged by the negative feedback, but I hope that all the bugs reported in this post, help them to fix the game! Good day everyone!


Hmm. I have play for a year. And i have never saw this dragon :astonished:
What aboute the rhino boss utside the sep. The boss is goon. And ther is a “new” type.

Yeah, I never saw there another red dragon either… But I often saw 4 small ones (red!! Not green).

Maybe it was gone and its not back there?

Thanks for making the game totally unplayable.

  1. Lucky to get one hour of play before complete lockup.
  2. No telling where you will end up or what will inventory items will be lost upon re-log in.
  3. Complete NPC encampments baron. No structures, no placables, no NPCs. Maybe in 5 to 10 minutes they will slowly fill in, maybe never. Re-login and maybe surrounded by NPCs.
  4. Login at bedtime and play tomorrow. Seem almost that slow.
  5. Terrain and buildings blur and clear, blur and clear.

Terrible after patch performance.

Good evening, I play Conan Exiles on PS4. After last update, I realize that with followers leveling system have a problem, all followers, that I had before update, have maximum level, but all stats are minimal. Can you please check this problem? Please reply?

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Hello @VictorWhite, the followers that you had placed before the new update will not benefit from the new levelling system, you need to replace them with new ones that you either have stored or captured.

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A bug that has been bothering me for a while now is when I try and change my thralls weapon he wont use it. I know they are pickey about what they use, but I know its a weapon they can use, other thralls dont always do this but with this leveling up system Id like to be able to switch my thralls weapons with out them just standing their and doing nothing.

Another bug, since the update im sure your aware, the portrait of your character when you go into your inventory is stretched, same with the thralls when you go into their inventory as well.

Side note I think you should make a fodder for the old camel skin, cause I miss it

Well look who I found at Sinners Refuge while searching for armorers:

@Mikey you will be a nice addition in my Asura collection :slight_smile:


@Ignasi @Hugo
Question on survival for Thralls.
Does it work like player survival as far hitting level 40 perk. Just wondering if i can save resources on gas masks on any that get to 40.

I know it cuts time off of debuffs the higher it is, but am hoping it gets the immunity, or at least maybe one of the special perks will give that.

Then you must be on a private serverl. The admin can change the setting.

On PvE Official #3731 for about 15 minutes last night. Immediately noticed the following irritating issues:

  1. For my character plus my thralls, our body image in the center of the inventory screen is elongated oddly so that head & feet are not even in the frame. Is this common for all PS4 users?
  2. On the improved blacksmith’s bench I cannot scroll down past the gap (from that thralls specialist recipes) to the standard items, BUT the cursor is moving & still reads out what item (e.g. iron reinforcement) it’s actually on. Makes it damn annoying to craft on that bench. Anyone else? ISSUE REPORTED ALREADY & REPLIED TO BY ADMIN AS NOTED.
  3. Sandstone fences now apparently cause damage.
  4. I concur with the negative comments on the sluggish momentum alteration… seems to take forever to move around one’s base crafting everything. I kept looking at my inventory icon thinking I was encumbered. After over a year playing Conan with one movement paradigm, this could take some frustrations in accept.

This is intended per either patch notes or stream. All fences now do damage.

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