Feedback on the new movement from a newer player

I only just picked up Conan Exiles a week or so ago to play with the wife. It is funny because one of the remarks I made to her about the game early on is that it actually felt solid. The controls and movement felt good, and that is rare for these sort of games. I find that often times they feel really janky or sluggish.

Which brings me to the patch and how the new movement really makes the game feel ungodly sluggish, the opposite of my initial impressions. While I can’t speak from the perspective of a PvP player as so far we have only really played coop and explored. The game just feels awful to play now. The very act of moving around is tiresome. I keep thinking I am suffering from some kind of insane latency but that is just how the game responds now.

I imagine it is unlikely the devs will reconsider but just my thoughts on it. Anyway to roll back to a prior patch to continue playing solo?


I have to admit currently I feel the same way. That being said, I rolled a fresh character and started out with different weapons and it started to gel for me again. Usually I run sword and shield, since the update I’m getting more happies with daggers and two-handed sword/axe.

As my agility stat goes up it does also feel like it changes; whether that is fact or psychology though I’m not sure :slight_smile:

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