Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread

Movemnt with your chars feels like you are in a slow motion game… tbh, no other first or 3rd person game i know of, had every even use or thought about such a system. the new system of starting to speed up totally draines the game fun… it actually is a huge pain in the ■■■ when you have corpses around to loot, also if you want go run through your house, at every door you need to open you have the same boring slow motion thing when trying to speed up…it really is annoying and a reason for getting bored.

the changes to combat… well…a fluent feeling combat system got ruined. you no longer have fun fluent combat…instead your char does roles like a fat ■■■ whale in slow motion. its just feels boring and the feeling of being in need to log out starts to raise even more and more…there are other games around with better combat systems, you only stick to it, because you love the conan lore, its the feeling that comes up.

Changes to dodge in case of agility 4…well, befor you felt you are dodging… NOW you get your armor doubled when dodging? Seriously it feels just wrong and like a poor last minut decison. Dodge should do what it sounds like… you avoid combat hits with a fast paste roll… and not a slowmo roll that doubles your armor…

my opinion is, to fully give us back the old system and out the current one into the deepest trashcan…call it a 1st april joke.


Thats not realistic, my little son can roll faster than this …
AND BY THE WAY … how much players really do PVP ?
90% of all Players dont fight … so why change so much for the last 10%
and for the 10% the movemt is to slow … There is no more reason to carry a light amor.

But the animation is nice .


Yes, a clarification that this thread is not about the dodging might be necessary, judging from the vast majority of comments:

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people who say that X can roll faster than that, go ahead and record you doing it ? you will be surprise

For me this update ruin the charm of the PVP in this game, more updates come out less this game requires skills.
And now we feel like we play in slowmotion it’s horrible

I vote no for this changes


Again this thread is about running, swimming, jumping and climbing/sliding, all affected by the “running” changes. It is NOT about the dodge roll changes.


why do not we increase the construction time for a small house to 1 year?
Making a wall in a week of playtime


I’ve been peeking at the forums, but signed up to vote; and, looking from PvE side (I mostly play PvE) and assuming that the poll is about movement and not dodge (which… has own issues for me, but it’s another story altogether), I would say that new movement is bad. Very bad.

I can understand the reasoning - meaningful encounters, higher price of engaging (I would argue that at level 60, one -should- feel oneself powerful and able to dance around enemies, but it’s, of course, another debate), and so on, and so forth. But I don’t think that the means to achieve the goal were picked properly. New mechanics not only makes me consider pros and contras of engaging in combat because I’m so slow; it also makes me consider pros and contras of walking to that crafting station over yonder - for the same reason. I’m not even speaking about fluidity and athletics of slipping down a slope while something’s chasing me. Now it’s simply impossible to turn and grip the slope while falling, it’s a suicidal jump most of the time, and even on slopes that can be gripped on, I have to inch towards the edge while facing away from it, feeling for the drop like an ancient granny for a stair. Conan would weep, seeing such humiliation. Takes away the feel of being part of the wilderness, the parkour-like fluidity of - well, of everything. It’s plain less dynamic and less fun. Games, in addition to being realistic, should be fun.

If anything, I should be made to think twice before engaging with a band of savages not because I’m slow. I’m not. I’m a savage, I’m cat-like, I’m born in Conan’s world, I’m fast and nimble (and wear light armor - to whom it may concern), so it’s a folly, to make game challenging by making me feel sluggish. Instead, I should be made to think twice becase -they- are fast (make them move faster), smart (work on NPC AI) and know how to work as a group (ditto). If encounter is dangerous, it shouldn’t be because I, some runaway lightly dressed dancer, can’t disengage from a man in heavy plate armor, it feels plain artificial.

All in all, what the momentum based movement achieves is washing out the spirit of being in Conan’s world and making even simple everyday tasks viscous and boring. Nobody’s here to play simulator of retirement home.


I’m a little bit lost. @Ignasi stated that this thread is about :

It seems pretty obvious to me (yet I am bad in English) that he’s not talking at all about dodge in any way.

But regarding the comments it seems not clear to everyone, or maybe people are in a hurry to answer and don’t read before. My point is that with this misunderstanding the poll results could be biased…


I voted for neutral or would like some adjustments, with ALL emphasis on the ADJUSTMENT part.

I am giving it a fair chance but some things mentioned in this and other threads have made me realize or more specifically pinpoint which part of the movement system I experience as more negative and hindering than anything else.

Firstly the dodge system is NOT part of these realizations. I think I can get used to it and it can have a positive impact on the over all game play. I just need to practice my timing more! :rofl:

The momentum based movement change, although I can understand the initial idea behind it, hinders more than anything due to it feeling allot more sluggish in too many situations.

When crafting, my benches are spaced all over and with many armor and weapon recipes you need to craft something in order to craft something in order to craft something to craft a specific weapon. And all the crafting does not happen in one bench. This leads to allot of movement between benches, which now feels like a “the floor is syrup” situation. It just makes it feel stiff and takes the excitement of finally forging my Khari war axe away with my lazy sluggish movement.

The jumping and sliding down a mountain side, as mentioned before by others, is allot more difficult and usually results in a pile of bone and mangled flesh. The stuff I usually took as shortcuts to places are now deathtraps because of the momentum change. It used to feel awesome.

Basic movement when traversing a cliff with ample space to catch a breath can now also feel slow and sluggish due to the hop we give now instead of a forward jump when going from a rest point to the next area before reaching the top. Not such a regular occurrence but it happens and when it does the sluggishness is hard to ignore which is bad.

I would say if Funcom could tweak this part of the movement system where the momentum is still there but not as drastic and the jump and control while falling returns to what it was we may have a solution IMHO.

My biggest hope is to get these tweaks in the next hotfix before we all start with our holiday.


I like the idea behind the changes to the movement animations. Adding more realism, making the deplacements and dodge more meaningful, maybe shortening the combats also as the mistakes will be less forgiving.

BUT I also think that the way this is actually implemented in the game is way too heavy. We’re completely slow down, we cannot event anticipate correctly because on that cumbersome inertia that makes us feeling like wearing a 35kg armor at every sprint, roll (there’s a part of inertia in the new dodge animations too) or direction change even when we’re actually in dancer outfit…

So yes good idea, but need adjustments.

I am relatively new player, and I registered especially to moan a bit about it.
Strong dislike. This new system is depressing. Please leave it for the heavy armor, and let the light armor to be the same as it was.


With all due respect @Shadoza, then their posts are off-topic and should be moved to the respective thread.

EDIT: adding a quote as my post seems to be misunderstood.


I don’t get it, the thread is about movement acceleration but only the poll should be concerned? Also someone in this topic said that the topic should be more obvious, not to say that @Ignasi said to comment “why you chose your option”.

I do not think people talk about dodge because they think they can talk about it here too. I think they’re talking about it just because they think it’s really the subject of this thread (or at least part of the subject).

Do not think I’m foolishly b*tching for no reason, I’m just worried about the relevance of the poll if people do not really understand the meaning of the question. Especially if Funcom bases its future decisions on this result.


I’m perfectly fine with the addition of momentum to movement, with the one caveat that there needs to be some sort adjustment made specifically with respect to jumping to catch cliffs and sliding down cliffs.

In some cases, I jump to catch a cliff and it’s like I fall short. At times, I probably don’t have the momentum to close the gap but at other points it’s like I just don’t stick to the cliff face at all. It’s probably just really hard to visually estimate whether I have enough momentum in the right direction to make the leap.

When sliding down a cliff I’ve managed to catch, I’ve noticed it’s really easy to sort of just fling yourself out into the void wherever you slide across an overhang. From a conservation of momentum perspective the movement is probably correct.

The end result is that I’m really cautious around cliffs now, unless the vertical distance is short or the cliff is at an angle where I can orient the camera so it’s looking down, as this means there’s no overhangs. In most other cases I’ll just look for a safe route down.

Basically, it’s taken a really unique aspect of the game and made it too dangerous to use unless you’re desperate. Not sure that was the intent.


Well, I didn’t realize it was not about the dodge mechanic (I thought that was part of the whole ‘momentum’ deal) - but since my reply included feedback on the climbing and movement also, I will let it stand as-is. I think my opinion on the Dodge mechanic has been noted elsewhere, already.


Hoo boy, here we go again… This time I’ll try only once, I promise.

The title is “Momentum-based movement - Feedback thread”. It’s not just a poll. It’s a request for feedback. About momentum-based movement. We even asked for explicit clarification about whether it includes the dodge or not. The answer was that it doesn’t.

Taken together, this defines the topic as “feedback about momentum-based movement and not dodge roll”. Therefore, discussing dodge roll is off topic.

I’m not telling people to shut up and not talk about it. Yes, I’m one of those who are worried that including off-topic discussion might skew the results, but I’m also aware of being guilty of posting off-topic stuff on other thread on various occasions.

So I’m not trying to police anyone’s posts here, I’m just trying to make sure everyone understands what the topic is. As part of that, I’m also answering your question about how the discussion of dodge rolls is, strictly speaking, off-topic.


The new movement system, based on momentum, is a step forward. :footprints:

Have you heard about player movement prediction systems to smooth online gameplay? These systems are mainly based on momentum.

I am glad that Funcom not only adds new elements to the game, but also makes sure that they are modern. :+1:

I love the new changes, it is something that people will have to get used to yes and some will hate it until they adjust to the new movement etc as it has been in other games but overall I think it was a good move and needed to be done. Until this change the game was not challenging at all because I could wear light armor and use a spear/dagger combo and kill any boss fairly easily with quick rolling. Now with the changes you need to utilize healing and shields more effectively. My only criticism would be on medium armor as it seems there is no real use for it now. We seemingly have moved from everyone using light to everyone using heavy armor. But in all I am really liking the update Keep up the good work all.


FYI: This is a myth.
In reality people wearing full plate armour were agile, could roll, sprint and jump.
The whole concept of bringing light and medium armour to a heavy armour fight is fantasy.
And absolutely OK for conan.

But I agree that the current movement system, especially doing out-of-combat jobs, feel sluggish.

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