New movement system

This new movement system is terrible !! Dont work for PVP


It only doesn’t work if you are trying to disengage an opponent all the time. Which I think was the point of the change.

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The system would be great if they speed up the accelerating phase just a little bit. Right now it just feel like you can even get within range to attack the person.


I agree. It takes waaaaay too long to start running. I was a runner in middle school and nobody is that slow. That’s like a fat man trying to get off the couch slow. I’m supposed to be a warrior, not a sleepy drunk.


I have to say that the new movement system does feel very sluggish. I’m getting used to it just fine, and combat doesn’t really bother me too much, but the thing that I didn’t expect to get impacted with the changes was the gathering speed.

Gathering feels sluggish too, as if the character resets its movement after each swing of the pick or axe. It’s about .25 seconds worth of a delay, and that adds up when you’re swinging thousands upon thousands of times.

It would also be helpful if the system felt a little more intuitive and responsive. Some of the delay in movement acceleration of direction changing feels just a tad too slow to be immersive. It breaks the feeling that you’re out in the world living on the edge of danger. Slight tangent, but it actually reminds me of those dreams where you are trying to run from something that is chasing you, but you can’t seem to pick your legs up fast enough no matter how hard you try.

I like the direction they went in, but I think they need to fine tune it a bit more to make it feel more responsive.


Official feedback thread for the new system:

It “doesn’t work for PvP”? Imagine how terrible it is for PvE then…

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I agree - after a good 2-3 hour romp about last night leveling up a couple of my saved named thralls, I am definitely getting used to the momentum movement delay while running about my bases & fighting (especially running away LOL). I also did sense that harvesting swings seemed slower, so thanks for mentioning that.
One BONUS of the new movement system now is that I can actually do side & back rolls when I hit the retreat button wearing my usual heavy armor whereas I could only do lame hops backward previously.

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