New movement animations

So, Conan Exiles. Updated, log in for a quick look around. WHAT is with the movement animations? It feels like Ark. Not a fan. Specifically the backwards and sideways movement. It was so graceful before now it feels clunky. Why regurgitate some other game’s animation style when the animations in this game were already fantastic?


LOL, what are you talking about? The movement is so much smoother now and more realistic. To each his own but I for one, like the new animations.


Agreed it looks terrible

Clunky? New movement feels smooth and responsive compared to how it was before. But the “jogging” animation is pretty bad when u have weapon equipped.

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More or less what I’m referring to. Just not a good look

I like the new animations. If you get the perk that lets you ./move faster things are pretty noticeable. Shift+Swimming is a neat change.

I did notice that walking down the stairs was, different? Almost liked it, not sure exactly what changed though. Some of it’s pretty subtle.

Overall the movement in this game, aside from the dodge nerf, is surpassed by no other game.

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I know right!? I also noticed lighting changes. On my PS5 things look REALLY good now and yeah, the animations are improved in my opinion as well.

Shift wile swimming is not a new feature in this patch tho.

I can see that the movement with the perk is a bit to high jump from not having the 15th perk. So they should probably adjust it, so it’s still useable to have it but not forced to have. Because now atleast in PVP if you dont go 15 agi, you will be outrunned to fast by someone that have it. You kinda is forced to make your build with 15 agi more or less. Wich makes less builds viable.

Perhaps clunky was the wrong descriptive. Graceless perhaps? I’m talking specifically about the movement animation when walking backwards or to the side. Everything else I’m having no problem adjusting to but those two animation changes just keep throwing me off so badly I have to stop playing.

I can tell you this tho, I had exactly the same thought as you. Even made a post about it myself. But you kinda get used to it. But getting used to it doesnt mean it should be that way. I rather see them add a new animation for the non sprinting animation or atleast make the legs look better while running. Because now it looks like you have really heavy legs.

No, but the animation for the faster swimming is.

+1 vote for bad move on the animation changes.

The actual animation I didnt see changes from earlier either. Only the movement in water since movement overall changed.

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