Healing wraping animation and effect

i was reading the producer’s letter and i have to say first that i’m very interested in future patches, but i was particulary interested in this part

Wraps- are intended as a strong/fast out of combat heal, however you can risk using them if you feel confident in your safety. On use you are locked into a ten second animation during which you heal for the duration or until you reach maximum health.

I understand the reason to lock the player in animation but think about it, if the player accidentally taps the button where he has the bandages, the player will be locked in a 10sec animation without any chance to do anything about it, if that happens during combat or a chase that will cost a lot to that player because the game does not give you the option to stop the animation.

What i suggest is to give a full health boost WHEN the player finish the animation, not while he is patching. Any movement, hit/damage by other source, activation of any tool in the quickbar, dodge, emote, etc. will stop the healing procces and waste 1 healing wrap without giving any benefit, but wont lock the player in an animation that he or she may not want to actually do.


“Wraps are intended as a strong, fast out of combat heal … a 10 second animation.”

Now thats an oxymoron if ever I have heard one. I would hardly call a 10 second long animation either a strong or a fast form of healing.

But onto your suggestion Cyrus. I agree that it should have an animation cancelling option. A person could check to see that the coast is clear only to have another player appear mid-way through the process. Furthermore, I feel that 10 seconds is a tad too long, and detracts from the flow of the game. I also have a theory/idea, which may or may not pan out, as to how you can cancel the animations now.


Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t call rough wraps – the only ones I’ve tried so far – either fast or strong. What I would call them is cheap, and that’s their selling point to me. Both rough wraps and aloe extract are supposed to be the “tier 1” of healing items, but one is cheap, and the other acts fast (when you manage to make it work) and heals a lot more.

And I think that’s an excellent way to balance them, but I really wish the extract was more feasible in combat situations. Not instantaneous, like the food used to be. I’m not griping about the interruptible animation. But you hit the nail on the head when you complained about the movement penalty. I would either remove it completely or reduce it to normal running (not sprinting) speed.

As for the wraps, they should definitely allow cancelling the animation, at the very least during the first 3 seconds or so, but hopefully for the duration of the whole thing. And as long as it cancellable (is that a word?), don’t do any healing.

So if it’s supposed to heal X points and it can be cancelled for the first 3 seconds, then let it heal X points over the remaining 7 seconds. If it can be cancelled at any time, then just heal those X points at the end, as Cyryus suggested.


Apologies that I was unable to compose a reply in the previous thread before it was closed. Honestly, I find it very hard to find time for forum messages or games in general nowadays. My work is extremely demanding at the best of times, and I must still make time for family also. To be perfectly honest I dont even have time for the forum, and I constantly have a backlog of messages on it. But I do persevere, do my best and keep at it because of how much I love Conan Exiles, and it is overall such a nice community.

I was referring to speed and strength of the healing product. ‘Cheap’ holds few to no redeeming values for my eyes, and is a seperate point which I am not particularly interested in discussing further. To me all but the highest level recipes such as Lemurian Aloe Extract and Hearty Stew are ‘cheap’. With the right tool any raw material is potentially cheap and mass produceable.

This is blatantly false. Food was never instantaneous, it was a fixed number value applied over variable time period, which would be removed if the player sustained damage during the process.

Thankyou very much CodeMage. No I sincerely do mean this. Few people have the foresight to conceptualise how this will negatively impact a purely offline Singleplayer mode of play. I am happy to provide a more comprehensive account of why for others if requested to do so. But for now, lets just say that when coupled with the tethering mechanic, or respawn in areas with high volumes of NPC mobs such as New Asgaard it will generate problems.

I concur, even if the healing progression grinds to a screeching halt upon cancellation, we should be able to cancel it. It is a logical human response to an emergent threat. Hypothetical example, If a man is building a shelter in the woods and a bear happens upon them, are they are going just keep building, or for that matter try to build faster as a response…!? Of course not! They would stop what they are doing and run like hell or ready their firearm.

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I won’t bother you much with it, then, but I just wanted to give a very brief explanation of why I consider “cheap” to be a good quality: on the Isle of Siptah, progression is much more gradual and better designed than in Exiled Lands. To give you an idea of what I mean, I’m currently level 53 and I’m happy for each T1 crafter I get, whereas in Exiled Lands I never, ever bother with anything below T3.

So yeah, “cheap” can be important under different circumstances :slight_smile:

My apologies, I was very imprecise. I was referring to the difference between the instantaneous and delayed consumption.

Bear in mind that my impressions are evolving day by day, as I play the expansion and learn new tactics. For example, I was able to use the aloe extract very effectively today, in two fights against bosses. One was in a dungeon, where I could use the terrain to my favor and make the boss have to go around an obstacle, giving me time to quaff the potion. Another one was in the open, so I couldn’t do that, but I could take advantage of the AOE tail sweep attack and the time it gave me.

On top of that, vitality 30 combined with the changes to the sated buff gave my regen the nudge in the right direction.

As a result, I’m now thinking that aloe extract can be used effectively in combat situations, but it’s still not useful when fighting groups of enemies and I would imagine that it’s not feasible to use it in fights against other players, who aren’t bound by the limitations of the AI.

So yeah, bandages and aloe extract are pretty nice, but there’s still work to do. Either reduce the movement penalty, or introduce a third kind of healing item that can help in the situations when you’re dealing with groups of fast-moving enemies.


Ah I see, I did not realise.

Of course. We just need to remember that the Exiled Lands (ie-the old map) are still active, and caution must be taken we dont throw the old map out of balance for the sake of the new one. Moreover, we need to ensure that ALL of the 4 modes of play remain viable, which includes ensuring that Singleplayers are not locked out content via unwinable encounters. I am not saying that we are at that point now, being unable to test these changes on ps4, but what I am saying is that it is something which they must be mindful of.

This is literally how I play and win on the old map even now, especially against World Bosses. As myself and Danlight each touched upon in a seperate thread, our options on Singleplayer are pretty much limited to either that, run around and heal using the terrain if at all possible, or Pokethrall, which holds no appeal to me. To me the only thing which has ever impeeded our ability to do this, and was gamebreaking (and I mean thay literally) was the Momentum system. And the reason why it was gamebreaking for Singleplayer can be directly attributed to movement penalties. This is why when I heard we now have movement penalties when healing coupled with lower regeneration rates alarm bells started going off in my head.

I will be honest, as soon as I read the increases to the healing effect in the most recent hotfix my concern levels started to drop. I dont know what the Sated regeneration rates are like now, see questions below, but I agree that its definately a step in the right direction. To be honest though, the movement penalties still worry me.

Is this due to the movement penalties or something else?

That sounds good to me, but then my position may or may not change upon actually playing it for myself. I have a couple of questions too if I may. I have seen these discussed as just passing comments in other threads, but I would like some confirmation.

  1. Does the Sated stack with the effects of Aloe extract? In much the same way it did with Haunch previously.

  2. I read somewhere that each tick we sink into Vitality now increases our maximum health more than it did previously. Is this true or not? And if so, jow many hp does it now confer per tick, and how many hp would we have at say Vitality perk 3?

  3. How many hp per second does high tier food such as Feat of Derketo and Hearty Stew confer per second now? I have seen both unclear and conflicting number reports.

  4. Are any/all of the Lotus plants on the new map too, and are other related healing potions such as Golden Lotus potion recipe available on the Fitebowl Cauldron? And if so how do they now perform compared to Aloe Extract?

  5. Is Aloe Extract the same flat rate as it was previously, or has it been buffed?

Yes. You need to make sure your enemies won’t catch up to you and hit you while you’re quaffing. The movement penalty is rather severe.

Yes, it does.

I don’t think that’s true. I have vit 30 and 440 hp, and I’m pretty sure that was the case before the changes, too.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I have to test it either in Exiled Lands or single-player admin mode, because on Siptah you can’t learn other religions without playing the slot machines… :angry:

I’ve seen yellow, purple and gold lotus plants in the wild. I think I might’ve seen crimson and black. I haven’t seen frost lotus yet. And you can definitely get black and grey lotus as loot.

I don’t know how they perform yet. I just hit level 60 yesterday and I’m still getting geared up and set up in many ways.

I’ll have to get back to you on that one, too. I’ve used it, but I haven’t checked the numbers.


I’ll have to get back to you on that one, too. I’ve used it, but I haven’t checked interruption.

I think it was buffed. there are 3 tiers now, aloe extract, and then a T2 and T3 pure version. The T2 bumped about 180 HP regen in 2 ir 3 seconds after the animation. And it was cheap to make.

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Estoy contigo, eso parece buena idea

With the change to bandages you are making 1 particular weapon OP. Jhebal Sags Prowel. These daggers offer 2 bleed per light attack.

With a 10 second animation to use bandages there will be no immediate fix to bleeds and this will make 5 strikes from these daggers (10 bleed) the most deadly form of PvP.

I never liked the bleeding or poison DoT effects at all, but that’s a good point, maybe they can cure bleeding when you start bandaging? or as Codemage says, a 2 to 3 second heal and then at 10th second the rest of it.

One thing that does mitigate bleed a bit is that, since the latest patch, aloe extract now heals through bleed (rather than being stopped by it). This certainly makes PvE bleed a little more manageable, although I’d imagine Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl could still be a big issue in PvP because double bleeds may stack too fast for aloe to be enough.

You can heal against bleed now. But I agree, 10+ stacks of bleed are no joke. Encourages running even more.

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What’s the new option for an immediate heal against bleeds? I play on Xbox so don’t got the new update yet.

Ah, the old META.

Bandages remove bleed but apply a cripple. Make sure to have 20 points in encumbrance.

Yes yes, but with the new 10s animation, using bandages seems like it’s no longer worth the time.
How does someone heal against bleeding immedietly with this new update?

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Well, we either heal against it with potions/healing waterskin or we run until it wears out.

Argh, I will be running daggers permenant I think. It will be fun watching someone trying to outrun a 10 stack of bleed at half hp :joy::joy:

After the latest patch, we discovered that the more expensive healing potions remove bleed as well now.

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and one can remove cripple with Derketo Juice.

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