Frustrated with 2.1 patch

Yay! It’s my turn to do vent some frustration! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, though, there’s nothing useful in this post. Feel free to ignore it or flag it or unlist it or delete it. It will probably deserve it. Right. On to complaining.

First point of order: the game is literally unplayable at this moment. Now, the word “unplayable” has been tossed around and used for all kinds of complaints, until it lost its original meaning. But when the game freezes up every 10 minutes or so, then “unplayable” is a good way of describing it.

Even if it were playable, some changes are downright punitive. Yeah, I get why they changed the fish traps: free and automatic resource generators are not good for economy. But then they heaped a bunch of other fish-related changes on top. So now you need queen bees to produce the only fish that gives you 1:1 fish-to-oil ratio and is supposed to give you ichor, but doesn’t, because bugs. And to top it off, now you need padding to repair your armor, which needs hardened leather, which needs oil…

I’m all for improving the economy, but what happened to the “scalpel instead of sledgehammer”? This change isn’t just a sledgehammer, it’s a sledgehammer to the kneecap. Or at least, that’s what it feels like. I suspect that, once I’m able to play the game without freezing, I’ll adapt and start using master patch kits and an occasional legendary patch kit.

And then there’s the headache-inducing hum of the Sky Sphincter. I love the new sound effect that plays before a wild surge is created, but I hate the constant hum. Thing is, it’s not like this is a new stumbling block. Remember BAM BAM BAM? This is the same kind of thing, and the players have already made it clear that we don’t really like disruptive audio. Ambiance is a good thing, but it’s supposed to be achieved with ambient effects…

What irks the crap out of me is that many of these things have been reported by people who were passionate enough to download and use TestLive. Ichor not being produced? Reported. Constant hum? Reported. And yet, someone signed off on pushing this patch to live.

Perhaps these specific bug reports haven’t been relayed to the team? It’s possible. That’s what happens when you use a forum instead of a bug reporting tool. But the fact that there’s a variety of open source, free-as-in-beer bug reporting tools out there means that reporting bugs is a solved problem.

Yes, I know, installing one and deploying it and maintaining it and operating it, all of that has an associated cost. But you know what? Maybe some costs deserve to be paid.

The deplorable quality of this patch was an avoidable problem.


heard rumors a patch was pushed to live by current dev team, came here to hear the lamentation of the women!


The ichor fish bug being ignored during testlive is a sad joke. Guess it wasn’t on top of the priority list

Its been a while since i’ve completely given up on playing the game when a new patch starts to form. It never works out, for some reason. I don’t know how many patches until “i stop when patches drop” becomes simply “i stop”.

All of this going on and Xbox players are still crying in a corner with their completely broken game that didn’t even get these updates yet, lol


I believe its alright to give criticism without coming to insults or cursing and you did well. I agree the current patch is in a very bad state. My game freezes every 10-15 mins, religion npcs have no voice, going to the admin panel is a pain with how long it takes to load. Funcom please take your time to test things and make sure everything is working properly. You don’t need to release patches because some people are inpatient, take your time and address everything that’s possible. I know some stuff goes undetected until it is too late, nothing wrong with that, we are all humans after all.


Yeah, when I found out about the changes to fish, the rate of oil and ichor production was one of my chief concerns, but I figured they would be paying a little extra attention to it since both ichor and oil are important resources. Especially oil since you can get ichor from spiders.

Shoulda known better I guess. :persevere:


im using W8 on my lapptop when iam on travel i cant even use the bug report funktion , cuz the browser is hanging up since March FLS Update… not to mention that i have since then massive problems to log into the game cuz of the 9 monsth not fixed ur not connected to the interernet crap message… 9 months… but go with u iam now shure hat 5 years of bugtelling never reached the ears of any programmer, cuz the problem is into the forum administration wich dont want to let the programmers hear all the hate wich is piled up after 5 years fighting a war against the modder scene wich keeps he game alive, and one thing for shure, vanilla conan s so lame i had dropped it years ago, its the modder scene wich keeps the game alive not funcom…

so when is it okay to actually start calling them out on their Bs when they have done this patch after patch since early access?

Codemage - you wrote/summed up everything much more elegantly than I ever could. This is why I am so frustrated and thinking of just going back to ark and saying screw this game. Whoever is calling the shots right now for this game really needs to be replaced for the sanity of the community at large and if they want to salvage the good will of those of us who returned because they released Siptah. Everyone I know is pretty much going back to other games. Its not for a lack of content its for the annoying overly frustrating things they change and the bugs released with every single patch.

This is exactly why right here none of the older bugs are ever going to get fixed and any polish time. As they create 100 new ones with every single patch cycle and they spend the next three months cleaning up their code. I really am burned out on Ark nowadays but I cannot lie my blood pressure is much lower playing ark and thats insane.


Shud know by now after a huge update there’s usually a following hotfix a day or two later.




Least y’all can still play the game in even its current state, haven’t been able to get past the opening cinematic without the game crashing partway into it. Game was working fine only 24 hours ago so its probably not my rig doing this.

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Yep. And not only Conan Exiles, but pretty much every game that receives big updates.

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As I told some of our server members. Make a fish trap, dump every bug you find in there. And you have enough mats for an entire server within a day. Unless drop rates have changed, queen bees aren’t exactly rare.

I’m not sure how I feel about building being untethered from fishing. It was an interesting relationship. But I will say this. As a server admin, I’m glad its gone. Fish trap spam was real on servers. And many servers used to have restrictions, wasting admin time to police it. Now they won’t likely have to do this.

But from a balance position. Well that is yet to be seen.

Never play on patchday!

I know it isn´t comforting you, but it is not just Funcom who fu… their patches up these days. I had at least 3 updates this week that where a hell of a mess. I even bought a new dlc from a game what took them almost a year to do and not even had the proper translation files for some countries, let alone bugs that are so obvious that it is hard to believe that they didn´t know about it. You sometimes just sitting in your chair and start scratching your head whats going on.

Nothings broken, nothing lost, I installed and logged in. I dont understand.

If you watched Funcom’s latest dev stream for Conan Exiles, they did mention a large portion of their team is working on the console situation.
Also, consider that update 2.1 was announced to be released this month.
I think they did pretty good, all things considered. Update was launched on time and we have new content.
Would you prefer having access to Isle of Siptah in 2021?
You can get your answer from the console players. :rofl:

Best regards.


I’ve had many hours of fun with Conan Exiles, and I suspect I’ll have many more. It’s a great game overall despite its flaws.

But some of the decisions coming out of Funcom are confusing at best, and disappointing at worst. This one is both. I saw a lot of you put time and heart into TestLive to leave feedback and you discovered all sorts of problems, only for someone(s) at Funcom to decide to push the update out to live anyway.

If you’re going to rush pushing out updates that haven’t been fully tested, why not at least wait until it’s morning there and you have the rest of the day to hotfix serious problems that come up? Why push this out at closing time and risk leaving everything in tatters until the next day?

And on top of that, I see TestLive keeps getting updates (a large 1.8gb this morning) and no information is provided anywhere regarding what has changed, so we have no idea what to look for how or we can help.

One of the things about Conan Exiles I regard positively is the way the company interacts with the community. Live streams where they answer questions, a forum where they actually reply to and interact with their customers, and a nice sense of humor. They even try to go out of their way to help support modders. These things are good.

But poor decisions like pushing this half-baked patch out makes it feel like all of that only exists in some sort of PR bubble. Did the (just guessing) 10-15 people working directly on this patch think making the game wildly unstable and broken for a few days is no big deal? Maybe it doesn’t seem like it to them, but clicking that button that published this update dumped it on over 10,000 customers who are now lucky if they can play the game at all. People who were looking forward to unwinding with their favorite game when they got home from work, spending quality time with their friends, or sharing it with a child or loved one.

The cumulative man hours that your frustrated customers just wasted trying this broken patch is now far in excess of the few hours the team at Funcom should have continued working on the patch before publishing it. And worse, the people responsible for this decision aren’t even the ones that have to deal with the backlash. Their community team has to bear the brunt of the anger and try to respond to all of this with a happy smile and pleasant tone, while whoever is responsible sits in a back office somewhere enjoying a fresh cup of coffee to start just another day of work.


I doubt I’ll see it, but personally I’d really appreciate someone at Funcom offering an explanation for the decision to push this patch out, if lessons were learned from it, and if they’ll try to manage TestLive and updates better in the future. I think they owe it to their hard working community team employees as much as the customers to try to do better.


Seems I am blind. Going on the Steam Shop site of Conan Exiles I can’t find this Early Access Note.
Would you be so kind to say where it is? I mean every 3 Posts comes Early access game. As I bought it and some DLC’s I didn’t read Early Access and that it may not function. So would be nice if someone can show me this EA note… And that the Siptah DLC EA changes the game to an EA title which is hardly playable. After paying some money for a functioning base game with DLC’s to support th company it would be nice to know that the base game is seen as EA. If it isn’t described on Steam as so it seems betrayal and should be reported to Steam… Well as you gus say t so often that the base game is EA and it isn’t declared as EA I think I exactly will do this and report the company.


FC is known to be apt with the sledgehammer :smiley:

Well i prefer decent quality over “on time” , but each to his own device

Yes and no. I expected a bunch of things in the game to be weird or even broken. I expected a few things nobody discovered to jump out and kick me in the 'nads, like the armor repair thing. I expected the sledgehammer.

But I didn’t expect to be unable to play. This thing with freezes and crashes and authentication failures and whatnot seems to be happening more often lately than it used to.

And as someone who works in software development, I know it’s likely to happen when you start ripping chunks of code that are buried deep (like when they introduced Funcom Live Services), but I also know that you’re supposed to test the shіt out those changes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s neither here nor there. Yeah, the fish traps were just free resources and would get you to the point where you could stockpile oil and ichor infinitely. So that needed fixing. And queen bees aren’t rare the same way the Final Breath of the Red Mother is rare, but they’re onerous to get given the new mechanics of armor repair.

I’m not logged in right now, so I have to pull this from my memory, but if I’m not mistaken, one perfected heavy padding requires 31 hardened leather. Each piece of epic heavy armor you repair requires one padding, so if you want to repair a full set, it’s 155 hardened leather, and that’s 775 oil. In the improved fishing traps, the queen bee will give you 90% chance of exotic fish and 10% chance of rare fish. That means that you’ll need 862 queen bees “on average” (using a naive, oversimplified approach to probability and statistics) to repair a set of armor.

My prediction is that repairing armor in the bench is going to go out of vogue and everyone’s gonna start using patch kits. It does breathe a new life into kits nobody ever used, like master armor patch kit, but it feels like a really weird way of making fringe items useful. :man_shrugging:

Holy crap, yeah, fish trap spam was awful on officials. I’m not kidding, it was causing bad blood between clans because everyone wanted to spam traps in the few places where they could.

On the other hand, that was a perfectly avoidable situation, too. When the dev teams made it impossible to place fishing traps in a large well, it wasn’t hard to foresee that people would flock to the rivers and lakes to do so. But when they made it buggy and impossible to place them in perfectly reasonable spots where they’re submerged in the water, that made it orders of magnitude worse.

I know that bit of wisdom and I always play on patch day. I don’t come here to complain about it, because I usually can play on patch day and I have set my expectations to “chaos and mayhem”, so I’m busy playing. This thread is the product of being unable to play, because someone at Funcom has been extremely irresponsible.

Either this freezing-and-crashing thing was old enough to have been detected earlier but they didn’t test it enough, or it was a last-second change that someone pushed through without testing, so nobody had a chance to detect it. I’m betting on the latter, because game development industry has this gung ho mentality where it’s perfectly fine to cram in bits of code a few seconds before you deploy it.

It freezes often. And for other people it crashes. There’s a bunch of threads about it and Funcom acknowledged it and said they were working onit.

Isle of Siptah is Early Access. Exiled Lands and the common code isn’t. And even if they wanted to put the whole game back into Early Access, I don’t think any respectable publishing platform – Steam, GOG, Epic, pick your poison – would let them. And frankly, that would be enough to send even someone like me, someone who has been accused of “white knighting” this game, packing.

Almost everything I wrote about in my post affects the whole game. The only Siptah-specific detail was the annoying hum.