Dislike 2.1 Patch

Again this probably is not going to get any sort of feedback but quite simply the update is a massive waste of time, it Overcomplicates an already perfect system with the sheer amount of crafting stations now needed there was so many useless tweaks here it is a real shame

maybe try getting round to fixing loading times and or getting rid of the intro screen quite simply an awful update for an otherwise Great Game


Loading times are very depending on your system, specially your hard disk, probably you’re running the game on a HDD, if so i would recommend switching to an SSD if you can afford it. Keep in mind the game now weights around 104Gb.
You should be more specific about the tweaks you dont like, even tho, we’ve been feeling very unlistened this last patch. I feel there’s a lot of things that are good while others that are very bad, for expample resource recollection have become less grindy… GOOD.
Thralls system is focusing on Siptah and is ducking up Exiles Lands… BAD
The person that implemented the perks should be fired… GOOD.

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The main parts im trying to express anger for is that in an effort to make the game more simple they have made it more complicated, Current crafting rooms now have to be expanded for all these new benches that are only used to make 1 or 2 important thinks its just a bunch of uselss QL changes they should just revert

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