Recent patch has not improved performance for me

I am running SP, HM, no mods. I have an ASUS mobo 1 gig throughput with a Nvidia 1080, patched to the latest driver running 64 WIN10. I am not noticing any change in performance. In fact, once I did a complete lockup, and had to BOB it to restore functionality. I did hear the GPU spin up very hard prior to that lock. That is the first time I have had a hard lock like that.

Bug hunts are SO much fun :slight_smile: Let me know if I can, or need to, deliver more details.

And now my buildings are transparent. I can visually see the walls, stairs, doors, etc. But my character does not react to them. I walk right through them. I can interact with my external devices (wheel, fire pit, etc). It happened on the first toon I had on Testlive when the new patch came out, so I deleted and started a new one. It has now happened twice. I don’t want to restart a third toon.

Good luck with this.

Welcome to conan exiles my friend, the game where the devs dont listen to their players… the performance is prio one to focus on but i guess they dont know that…

yep looks like that problem with walls without meshes is ewrywhere, it have something to do with that overhaul of loading building pieces, also dont expect responds till at least 27 th december, evryone is on vacation now.

I dont think the problem is linked to the character, but the new building loading introduced by the patch.
Past a certain limit it just behaves strange. I’ve not had a problem with a 2x2 house but my big base is all bugged too.

Ok, so just to reset expectations for anyone playing on TestLive - This is where you come to help Funcom test their code, to help find bugs, before it rolls out to the general public. It isn’t really helpful to come here and bash the devs, as they try to help solve multiple problems. Just give your feedback on what works and doesn’t. Help solve the issues and not complain so much about them? Report the bugs, but do so without malice?


Yeah, I’m not upset. As mentioned, this is a test server. I just wanted to make the observation so it could be looked at :sunglasses:

FWIW, others are mentioning it on the Steam forum.

ah no, my comment wasn’t about you :wink: Posting about bugs is great and thank you!

I am experiencing a lot of fps stuttering

No disrespect to it and irrespective of your particular issue, there is stutter being diagnosed and queued for patch as I type this*.

It’s important to separate the issues here as this sounds like a fan clog or other GPU problem that could cause actual permanent damage to your hardware. Have you run diagnostics or ROG software to check your motherboard performance in relation to your GPU? I don’t want you to smack your PC with Conan Exiles, because it is a demanding game – please be cautious to avoid an overheat or mis-spec.

To be scientifical I run most TL interactions on a GTX 960 mobile, unless I’m benchmarking something else. There is legit “heartbeat” load/unload stutter, and your symptoms might signal something more serious.

* According to interactions with Ignasis, I speak only as a forum member.

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