**Nothing has changed in terms of performance**

Yesterday I played a new test
Nothing has changed in terms of performance - how the buildings are loaded with pieces when approaching and the FPS server is left sagging, the high ping is left - what are you doing there all the time, I do not understand - it’s such a frustration that you are fooling around and do nothing really!
Tired of listening every time to your empty promises that are never fulfilled - if you can not improve the server, hire someone who can do it - your game is the most voracious and not optimized for iron - think about it!

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I noticed a better performance, specially when we were 60 players and not 40.
With 40/40 I always experienced heavy rubberbanding, broken npcs ai etc, and yesterday with 20 players above cap it seemed to run pretty good.


I’ve been playing for a long time from the beginning, and I know what I’m talking about - I’m a server administrator with a dedicated server i7 7700 32gb ram 2 ssd raid 0
The server starts to drown in 20+ players!
Changing the settings does not help!

on my server ping 40-50, but I can not do less, because the game does not allow this, and the FPS server rolls back, although the server only loads 25%
this is stupid, because no network game works as badly as conan

I experienced a bit of hitching on the Testserver, around a structure of probably over 7000 foundations. FC_Tyros there then teleported some of us to that area to stress test the server.

Things were occasionally warping here and there. But the game was perfectly playable. All hits registered fine, and if anything, the slight latency’s a tactical advantage.

Moving away from the structure with 7000 tiles and heavy player traffic, things were fine again.


Well, if you have 1080 and 8700k, then all the rules

I’m running a GTX 970, with 8GB of RAM, and a 1Terabyte SSD, with an internet connection running at a usual 75 Mbit/s

But I also have the sense of optimizing my settings properly.

Things are running well for me.

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What are you talking about, the test server performance was better than usual


What’s better?
Did you include ToogleDebugHUD?
Checked the server FPS and ping ???
I personally checked and saw that nothing has changed !!!

Yesterday, for 60 players, the FPS server was below 10, and the ping at 80-100
everything as it was and remains

Hey , i have the best rentable server on the market and i have some problems when we are more than 40 players during raid time , server crash and the last month with 65 ppl server was better . The game is not optimized and when i go on official server already 350 ping , 5 fps for 24 players what the hell are you doing ?
Did you already played on your official server to see the instability ?
Do something to fix the bug before to do a DLC (PAY TO WIN like the khitan doors ) , you are going to disgust all players .

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sidenote: already fixed on testlive

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Or learn that in a company there’s different departments that work on different things.

What do you expect the graphic department to do while they fix the game? Play with their thumbs?

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I agree with this, but it still looks bad. You gotta admit.

There is another large negative drawdown in the 3tir and 3+ constructs - they are still not fixed (((
it’s been a year since they promised to fix it

Haha yes it was amazing when Tyros teleported us there xD. Structure was so huge some poltergeist happened, but understandable.

For me its the same, server numbers like ping or server fps werent very stable, but it resulted in smooth performance, hits registering, npc AI was not very dumb, and I had the impression it had an overall better performance.


I had solid 25-30FPS on testlive server with both 40 and 60 players.
Our own current official server tends to be around 15 with 40 players. Unless late in the evening it gets down to 5 before it locks up for its daily restart need. But that’s a time run issue.

I’m playing on a european conflict server and sure I get some rubber banding near areas with a lot of bases or huge bases, but not to the extent of unplayable.

I see people in global chat saying lag, but I’m honestly not lagging at the time they say this. I’m also not the only one. Maybe the server location is farther than one thinks? My system isn’t spectacular by any means. My gpu probably manages to run the game at medium (R9 290) and it’s always 100% running. Besides obvious bugs, performance isn’t an issue for my side unless there’s a bunch of bases (Say launch month Black Galleon was a hog and rubber banding everywhere).

in the graphic part of the game is wonderful and beautiful - but the technical part of the game is terrible and has not changed
Every time I check my life test and do not see any changes in the technical part of the game (performance and network code)

Buddy, if that were the case, I’d have been long gone.
With the stuff I write about Funcom, you’d think I’d be an industrial saboteur.

Luckily for us, Funcom isn’t as wrathful as us, otherwise there’d be nobody left on this forum.

As for fixing… Dude. They’d rather polish a patch, leaving us hanging for 4 weeks, than release a buggy mess.

Shove that comment where someone cares.


I’ve been writing for more than a year about optimization - I’m not interested in bugs - they will correct in due course - but the server FPS subsidence and the high ping generally did not change