Base rendering - performance issue / bug

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

From last “hotfix” my game is not loading buildings like before. As you can see, i am standing 5m from base but its not loaded. After 20-30sec is base loaded and everything is working fine… In this “loading process” i am not in lag because my FPS are not droping and i am able to kill animal / NPC, able to farm, heal up, stamina increasing normal. Server is in this moment empty. Any solution ? (MEDIUM Settings - Foliage - Low)

base is not loaded

after 30sec


when test live becomes live in the next 2 weeks that should solve itself. sadly 2 weeks is as fast as you can expect a fix. Funcom is much more interested in adding things to say hey look new stuff then saying hey look everything works right.

There is no hard fast solid timeline for this. When they feel the patch is stable and working as intended, they will roll it out. This is not a guarantee that it will be free of issues.


The irony of this post is that the testlive patch is all about making things work right/better, and not adding new things.

This is how the game renders bases right now (and has since the game first came out). There is a performance improvement patch on testlive that helps bases render faster. Basically, this is as designed, and it will improve after the next major patch.


well according to you folks End of January early February at the latest so that would be the next two weeks. I’m only using the Time Frames given to the community. Unless you are saying Tascha lied.

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I don’t think anybody lied, they gave an estimate. They want to keep us in the loop but at the same time, if new bugs show up during testing, it can take longer. I don’t want a rushed patch that causes more problems, I got enough of that in Skyrim. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cant agree with your answer because sometimes are buildings rendered normal, sometimes like this. Server 1116, clan The Patriots, base in Mounds of Dead next to the river… There is bigest base what i seen ever (30.000+ foundations and other structures), when its loading ofcourse i have huge fps drop but its loading normal, doesnt matter if server is full or empty. I mean, sometimes is rendering working good, later like this but definitely its broken and i hope it will be fixed because most time i am spending to solve bugs and other mistakes, not for playing

Aaron we are all ready Bethesdaing by having to install a mod or community patch to fix issues that are months old because they aren’t fixing bugs in patches that come over time and working on big content/balance patches. They only work on Content/Balance Patches and fix bugs in a more timely way only if enough people scream about it. In 600 hours of game play I think I’ve had 4 hours without some sort of significant bug hindering game play. during EA that was understandable. I left in June because well it stopped being acceptable after launch. Now I find nothing has changed. Bug fixing is still secondary to the sexy stuff that makes more headlines.

Then Tascha says the test live patch should go live “End of January early Feb at the latest” in an announcement post and when I repeat that you get a Mod and “the Chosen” saying that shouldn’t be believed and these issues might not be fixed.

So are the Mods speaking out the wrong part of their body or is Funcom?

Right now every time I log in I have to wait up to a minute before for sound syncs and graphics fully load because I have build my base in a way to I hope deal with Purge AI. It’s taken over 100 hours with base gather stats… I’m still not full done.

I can’t attack Crocs or Spiders with Spears and a few other weapons, Harvest bodies or low rocks, twigs, etc with the picaxe or the combo tool when I log in until I use the mirror. That gradually got worse and worse to the point it is literally a permanent issue now.

I reloaded the game 3 weeks ago or so I think… I only installed the mod because I thought it might be an issue with character model height. (As clothing physics are STILL broken on anything but base model height 2 years later)

But hey lets re balance things. who cares about clothing and hair physics on anything but the base character size that doesn’t matter… who care that people physically have to install mods to play the game at all… who care that you can’t actually do anything for a minute or two until things fully load. People can wait and wait and wait. Then we will give a time frame and when someone that isn’t the chosen gives the actual information provided by a Funcom Community Manager we will dispute that because we don’t want the community to actually think we will delivery what is said to be coming. Have to lower those expectations.

Conan could be the best game I’ve ever played if they’d just fix the bugs that impact game play. As it is I fully expect the new patch to break something significant. They always seem to mess something up. I’m just hoping it is a new issue and the current ones are fixed.

However having a mod sit back and say " There is no hard fast solid timeline for this." even though " The current TestLive Patch, including any additional updates, is scheduled to go live at the and of January or Start of February at the latest ." this seems like a hard and fast statement. I didn’t bold it Tascha did.

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The fix we all w8 will never come, the update will be in Feb or march or whatever, it will have no revelation with our problem (Lag when 20 + players on servers, spikes at evrey 2 min, Spear damage bug) this are the TOP ANNOYING bugs
And this is not fault of hard working coders this is the dirty hand of P.R. who will lie and lie to sell more and more. They do not want to spend money to hire more coders to make a stable game.This is the politic of funcom and nothing will change it. But one think is for shore if they do not do something fast the funcom name will be joke ( not like when one hears funcom will say o yes good games)

No point of drama any more. What you have now on Official servers is the BEST what Funcom can offer. P.R. words not my.

Huh, I don’t recall disputing Tascha’s timeframe. Be sure to include the evidence of where I said that in your follow up post.

Tascha wasn’t the only person to give this timeline by the way, Jens repeated this timeframe too. Since you feel that 2 weeks isn’t fast enough, the reason that it will take 2 additional weeks to get what’s on testlive now out onto live, is that Funcom is getting another testlive update ready that needs testing in order to help things “work right.”

Jens discussed this in the hotfix thread.

As Funcom has discussed several times, they are working on various performance improvements.

There is an improvement on testlive already to help with the load times.

Here’s a preview for what’s coming:



In the article you referenced the timetable Tascha wrote, she stated, and I’ll cut out the relevant part:

Like the Purge?

I fail to see how any of these things, or the dozens and dozens of bug fixes on testlive now and more coming, don’t fit your criteria for bug fixing when they specifically are addressing, or working on, some of your biggest annoyances. And instead are, “new stuff” or “sexy stuff”, and make you feel that, “bug fixing is still secondary” with Funcom.

Returning to the topic now.

I think I may have misunderstood your original post fenix_svk. Is your problem similar to the problem reported here by this player? If you had a chance to play on testlive (and if not that’s okay), are you seeing similar problems there? I still believe that the performance update that’s coming out next after testlive goes live will fix the problem here, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to report this new issue.


This is our problem mate this game desperately need this update now not after… Game is unplayable for moths that is why all players get frustrated. I relay think the project manager has never try the game on a PVP server with 20 + players at RAID time cause if he did he will /quit and rethink his road map

AND as he and other have said IF they ran that out and its not right you will have more bugs to complain about let them fix it internally and on testlive before they relase another mess.

Currently in this moment i am testing config from my post and it looks like its rendering normal without problems. So, my opinion is - Something around this base is rendering more and base is in queue (looks like). After what is world around base rendered, next is base and it will be fine… BUT - I think i am not able to do something with that problem, i am not developer. As i said long time ago in one thread, there is very big problem with graphic, maybe engine (ARK have similar problems)

Sorry but after every new update is there more and more new bugs and problems so doesnt matter what time update will go online… Today or next month, you can anyway expect new problems. If you want make great game, you need great foundation and UE is not good foundation so there is not point to wait for 50+fps and fixed lag spikes or drops. Similar “base loading” like in new update is in Rust Experimental and i told you, you can expect moooooore FPS drops because i cant believe, PC is able to load instantly 20.000+ foundations and other building structures in one spot

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We keep quiet 30 days, and who dos not let them fix it ? Do we throw rocks on them ? did we run in there office ? did we hold there hand and do not let them work ? This shod be fix long time ago. Every day pass and no fix is = loss of players loss of respect and eventually this game will die, and we QQ because we do not want this game to die , because we aspect more , because this game was good till December BUG update and DLC. If you are to blind to see this then im sorry for you mate you are a part of the problem.
And let me ask you something ells how much time you think is reasonable to fix a problem like this that makes the game unplayable ? if 30 days is not . How long are you willing to w8 ?
I work in software and we are a small company and when something like this happens we pay other to help us, our marketing department sends thousands of mails with we are sorry… We do not say " well we do our best bla bal bal " And if a month has pass and the problem is still there then we thinking to quit cause we are not capable and we do not want to loss our name. But again in this case it works cause there are ppl like you who will stay in line 10h to buy the iPhone

Ok Multigun you want to be a scumbucket about it sure. Lets look at what I ACTUALLY said.

I repeat that you get a Mod and “The Chosen” (you) saying that shouldn’t be believed and these issues might not be fixed.

See you post picked to attack me personally… good job “The Chosen”… there are two parts to the sentence which you left out in your quoting. Part one a MOD (Cattibria) who said There is no hard fast solid time frame. This directly says the time frame Tascha gave shouldn’t be believed. He goes on to say “This is not a guarantee that it will be free of issues”

You then jump on the bandwagon at act like an ■■■ to pile on saying Oh the Irony of the blah blah. Once again ignoring the post backing up Cattibria’s talking. You didn’t say oh I know Tascha said this. No you went on the attack emboldened by Cattibria talking out of the wrong orifice or saying Tascha shouldn’t be believed.

Now you are going on to attack me more.

I said that the issue in the OP should be fixed in the Next Two weeks and that he shouldn’t expect it faster because Funcom doesn’t care about patching outside of the big break new stuff test live patches unless people cry foul.

And of course the rest of your post is the typical useless parroting that you usually do that doesn’t actually address the fact that Funcom refuses to fix issues.

The Typical answer of It is fixed in Testlive… means nothing to me. It isn’t fixed in Live and Testlive breaks my game if I copy it over.

So how about you stop talking to me. And stop figting to keep being the chosen because you have now escalated the situation not deescalated it.

I went from annoyed to PISSED RIGHT OFF.

Actually you know… if I could block you I would because every time you post I get more angry at funcom not less. (And as I’m sure someone will ban the angry person made angry by “the chosen” being a tool… I want to point out I used to go out of my way (and I still do) to help people when they have a issue. I trouble shoot, I have made videos for devs. I have extensively tried to reproduce bugs for people. I have done this going all the way back to 2017.

My Frustration that has no been turned into Anger because of FUNCOM’s “Chosen” comes from months and months and months of seeing issues plague live and the answer always being the same. There is a fix on testlive. Or A fix is coming to testlive. I’ve played the Testlive build a number of times. I tried the current one it it destroyed 80 hours of work.

TESTLIVE is a Beta build not a live build. The Player base shouldn’t have to play the Beta Build to get fixes. They shouldn’t have to wait MONTHS to see fixes for issues that if you worked on them one at a time could be pushed out in Bug Patches rather than in Large scale patches that often break other things.

THAT Is what people are frustrated with. That Funcom doesn’t care about the state of Live. They are more than happy to let live players deal with bug after bug for months on end to get a new major patch that inturn breaks something else they have to live with for months on end until the next test live patch is made and the 6-12 weeks it takes for that patch to go live.

That development cycle sucks. And that is why this is ALMOST the best game I’ve ever played. Because the development cycle is frustrating. At least this time thralls aren’t falling through the ground… though who knows if that will come back.

So yes “the chosen” as you don’t understand what bug fixing means you don’t understand the criteria. Bug fixing means that the LIVE game client has bugs fixed in patches that go out to LIVE in timely fashions. Not 2 weeks to fix the issue and 8 weeks sitting on testlive where the LIVE players get no benefit. Actually ON LIVE. I don’t get how you don’t understand that LIVE isn’t TESTLIVE. If the Patch isn’t pushed to the live client it doesn’t exist. ANd if it is fixed and ready and Funcom just won’t push it to the LIVE client because they want to do big patches well I’m sorry that is even worse. It shows Funcom literally doesn’t care about the game at all. They Couldn’t care less about the issues plaguing LIVE players only the vanity projects on test live.

Good work on escalating the issues. I’m not a Troll but you have made me so angry with your condescension in your post to my self an others that you got it in return and made me feel like one. It isn’t something I like. I don’t like being pissed off. Which let me be clear… my anger is directed at you… not funcom because they haven’t escalated needlessly with childish post picking you did.

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I do as many do report the bugs best I can and hope they see what is wrong I am not a programmer but have done troubleshooting on testlive back when pets was just starting and yes everytime they add more content seems to snowball the problems but I don’t constantly complain everyday I do want to see this game succeed because it is best at what you can do in it warts and all. Some issues get fixed but effect someother gameplay and yes I get your frustration it is been a lot of peoples gripe but downing them isn’t solving any problems.I also can see that they are trying to change game mechanics hopefully for the better and that I imagine is no easy feat.

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There are always things that are found in testing that can cause delays that are not foreseen or planned for. @Tascha did give the best information at the time she wrote the path forward. It is not a hard set timeline since issues are always found during live testing in the Testlive environment.

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Yes but funcom could fix the issues. There is no reason and there never has been a reason why smaller bug patches couldn’t be done. Going back to November of 2017 (iirc) where it was nearly 3 months where you couldn’t capture thralls in some places because they would fall through the earth. It got fixed on Test live and it was left for months with the answer always “it is fixed on testlive” with no date on LIVE being patched. We see this again and again.

And now we have mods contradicting the Community Manager who has not stated there is going to be a delay. While we are forced to wait up to or more than 3 weeks for a fix to an issue that should be included in a bug patch. As the issue has existed for at least 5 weeks already (that means a bug has existed for more than 10% of the time the game has been officially released) We are now being told it might actually be more than 2 weeks to actually see a fix. I mean the issue is fixed on testlive of course but live players are just left to suffer through for many more weeks because no one wants to make a bug patch. They want it all in one big batch that can get headlines… because they don’t want to produce a new build with just the bug patches. Which is an issue with the way the development cycle is going on.

So yes it is time for complaining. To be perfectly frank the game isn’t succeeding. The game right now has about as much an active player base as it did during EA. Most of the streamers I used to watch have moved on to other games. Heck today Neebs Gaming released an episode where they talked about the game being buggy.

I’ve stopped playing the game three times… I even changed my review on steam twice. First it was there are too many bugs and patches don’t come very often not recommended. Just after launch I updated it to recommend. and then in June for the same bugs aren’t fixed in any sort of timely fashion back to not recommended. I won’t come back again if I give up.

I have never seen a purge I have no idea what it is like because either it hasn’t existed, has been broken or my toon wasn’t a high enough on the meter. I stopped playing online because the bugs were horrible. Single player I’ve restarted 4 or 5 times and honestly I have never hit level 50. 600+ hours of game play I’ve never gotten to level 50 because I like to build. This time I should have but of course XP glitches that again could be fixed but it’s on test live. Harvest glitch could be fixed it’s on test live… since 2017 all I’ve heard is It’s on test live.

I’d love to see the game succeed. The reason it hasn’t is simple. It’s on testlive. That is the reason players leave the game. Bugs aren’t fixed. So if you do want to succeed then you should want them to roll out bug fixes in a timely manner. Not spend most of their effort messing with stuff that should have been figured out 9 months ago and forcing the main player base to suffer through the bugs while they play with balancing. One shouldn’t negate the other.

I would suspect that a majority of the 40,000+ players that have evaporated would agree with me if they were still around.

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we can puff and puff but game will not be fix :slight_smile: move on :slight_smile: quit. All this debate is useless, it is clear there are 2 different opinions one who will w8 and other who are done w8 :). At the end we are all players :slight_smile: And remember “Do not hate the player hate the Game” :slight_smile: You want to prove them a point stop playing stop buying DLC and that is, ether way this game has no future after this (small community 6k players and over 2k complains, 40% of steam reviews are bad and they increase evrey day). Let it be let forum empty, thumbs down , review the game on any web site you know and that is it. We will be back when Conan Exile will be fix ( in 10 years or so :))) ) Or stay on forum say ty funcom thumbs up buy all DLC and support this game. But quality in code will never improve