Probleme d'affichage de structure ( invisible ) - Structure display problem (invisible)

Game mode: [Online official 1017]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [EU]

N’étant pas bien doué en anglais je me contenterai de “google translate”.
Je préfere poster ma vidéo qui j’espere sera assez explicite sur le bug que je rencontre . la Mise a jour du 23/01/2019 n’a pas corrigé ce bug qui est récent !

Pour info il m’est possible de détruire les structure invisible une fois que je les ai faitent apparaitre… Et tout les joueurs peuvent voir et profiter de ce bug.

Une question se pose . sommes nous limité dans l’affichage des structures connectées entre elle ?

s’il vous plais regardez part vous meme.

Not being good at English, I’ll just google translate.
I prefer to post my video which I hope will be quite explicit on the bug that I meet. the Update of 23/01/2019 did not correct this bug which is recent!

For info I can destroy the invisible structure once I made them appear … And all players can see and enjoy this bug.

A question arises . are we limited in the display of connected structures between it?

Please, look for yourself.

Timetsuki :slight_smile:

Please answer me ! Help me !
I try to make a awsome base … so it’s very Ugly with this bug !
This bug disgusts me so much that it does not even give me want to build anything for fear that this bug widens what seems to be the case.

I have add a new video about my problem.
I have break 50 wall hight of my tower to try to resolve this bug (I thinked it’s a display problem) . But it’s always the same thing… ( Disapear )

Hey @Timetsuki

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We released a patch on Testlive that aims to alleviate the issues you’re reporting. We estimate this patch should be released live in mid-February.
You can take a look at it here:

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… Wait and see…

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