I begin to suspect that the game can not be fixed

A year has passed since the launch and the same bugs persist.
The performance of the game is getting worse instead of improving

  • Now, by the lag of the bad optimization the enemies teleport from one place to another, when you return to your house you have to wait for the stairs to appear because they are slow to load.

  • Because of a very bad programming and total disorganization the sum of scripts in the game does not allow trhalls or pets or even npc enemies to react and attack in time. You walk between enemies and they do not react, and the same happens when an enemy walks by your pets or slaves, who are supposed to react and attack.

After a year I find it hard to believe that Fun Com was not able to hire programmers to optimize the script and make the game run smoothly, I think they tried it and could not because the game is too broken or can not be fixed from its base.

I also see that it is getting worse. Most patches point to the balance when the game script is not finished and does not work in many aspects.

I also see that the devs doing erratic things, do not focus on the problems and make unnecessary changes in the gameplay, such as eliminating the feeding system of pets. There are even items within the game that now have no purpose, such as the feeder.

I believe that this was a hurried move to avoid that pets live forever when a player leaves, because they do not know or can not improve the programming.

It is not improving !!!

I walk 10 steps away from my house to gather firewood, I go back and I have to wait 1 minute to load the blocks … this was better one year ago…

This way the bugs kill you and your pet:

  1. Bug - performance error
    I walk and nail against stockades that do not load on time
  2. Bug - I try to back off and I can not, my pet is blocking me because of a rudimentary and badly made collision system.
  • My pet is left there alone fighting with enemies while I spawn in my base.
  1. Bug - spawn in my house and I have to wait a minute for the house to load. Wasting time while still attacking my pet.

  2. Object collision bug
    When I return I try to access my body to recover the weapons and defend my pet. I can not select my body in the middle of the fight because the game selects other elements, finally my pet died.

All the time there are bugs that destroy the gameplay, more and more videolag, everything works worse and worse, I have not seen a single advance at the programming level in a year.

I play a lot and frankly I have no major issues. But my internet rocks and so does my computer :blush:


When it comes to bleeding edge PVP I think you are right. While the game does use the Unreal engine you can not remake Unreal 2003 in it because of issues mentioned.

You are wrong where it comes to sandbox roleplaying. This game is an excellent platform to mod to my heart’s desire.

@Chaonike All the major complains come from PVP no one is contesting PVE in this game except relay stupid AI

The team who fix bugs are called Vanguard.
The problem is that they add so much things then they change it so meany times in a few days that not only we are confuse they are as well. I bet no one from funcom can give you a strait answer if you ask them how that works now.
Is like you work for a month on fixing some problems and other team decide to add new things in game more problem appears and old problems come back, It is bad management and this drives the good hard working coders crazy, the bugs just stokup and there is nothing you can do, you go back to square 1
For all the hard working programmers in funcom i say:

 #include <iostream>
 using namespace std;
 int main()
  count <<"Thank You!";
  return 0;

As for the manager of Conan Exile:
Play the game you manage pleas as a normal player PVP PVE PVE-C on Official servers

there is the occasional lag spike yes, , but the game for me is not behaving as OP describes.


my main base is cover buy 3 layers of honeycombs (blackice) i get 15 FPS with all settings at low (i7 3770 16 GB RAM GTX 1060 6 Gb ) my friend has 1080Ti with a i7 9xxx and 32 RAM is the same for him. If i die and i spawn in my base it takes 5 min see all base load and im not exaggerating. I have invited other people in to my base and is the same. An this is just one of meany performance problem.

i got a massive base that takes the great dam, (both sides) and my base does nto take that long ,. about 1m:30s i run the game with a 1070ti, and i am getting above 20 to 25 fps.

If you follow any game which has both options it is always the PvPers who cry on the forums and demand that everything is catered to them and only them. Just look at the Age of Conan forums as an example.

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Agreed. I’m back to having some serious stuttering on single and multi play. It was lessened at one point, but now I can’t play long because of it. This has been my chief grievance for many months. All I want is for a smooth running game. The rest can be dealt with later.

I play on a high end computer, have 100mbps down internet as do the folks I game with. We all experience a lot of stuttering on both single and multi play. This issue has persisted for quite a while for a lot of people. There was a big thread on these forums which has since been taken down for some reason relating to this and other major issues. It indicated that this problem exists for some and not others. If you’re not having major issues, count yourself as lucky.

The only thing I can think of is that the game isn’t optimized for all hardware. But that’s just a guess, I’m not a programmer.

Maybe in the future they should make a game with one or the other and not both. That doesn’t seem to work out well. I’ve seen the AoC forums and people still report bugs on that game.

Maybe so.

I run a Ryzen 1700X with 16gb 3200 memory, Samsung 970 pro and a Vega 64. Not the most comon hardware around. I get over 60 fps but use vertical sync so it does not go over 60, fps may drop a bit when a big base loads in but even the huge ones dont take more then 15-20 seconds.

Sidenote: the names given to the different teams haven’t been used for a while. (Wiki notes)

We QQ and complain cause the bugs, exploits and bad management can wipe 1000 hours of your game. If you dont know the Conan Exile PVP is made that you must be online daily or else you end up loosing all your work. And we do that we understand the risk and we are happy having a hard core game (it started to be a survival now is a walking simulator) We QQ when they implement bugs and exploits and want a fast fix couse well like is say before in 2h with a exploit you can say bye bye to 1000 hours.
PVP shod be separate from PVE forum and updates you cannot have it bout-ways. They want a PVP comunnity they made the game to be pvp it is time to fix it for PVP players as well.
In the mean time balancing pvp will make pve players annoying and so on. Is not PVP players fault or PVE players that we are caught in the same net. It is Funcom who do not know how to manage all this after one year of release. Now bout party’s are unhappy. Different view of game. PVE is casual PVP is more hardcore.
They shod think about all this when they made the game not now when is to late.
I look froward to see if they will sort this out. Other games have a separate team that works on weapons and armors, drops and loot for PVP (again PVP player will grind the F out a boss if the drop some cool stuf and you will unbalance the powers) You cannot blame a pvp player course he plays the game.
As a example when Halloween event was on every 15 min meteor drop we farm the F out of them we end up with 200 Sag gods 20000 Alchimical base etc… Not our problem one who makes all this dos not have a open mined. They shod know that if you force a player to be online every day to protect his assets he will take advantage of the game (me and others we always try to find easy way to get out materials weapons booms etc…) From 2.03.2019 till today i have 200 Legendary repair kits and 10 chest full with legendary weapons . 4 Vaults with steel and this is just me imagine the rest of servers :)).

It wasn’t taken down, just auto locked like everything else does after 7 days of no activity (I still have the old temporary fix bookmarked).

Since the stuttering changes were implemented (that I guess improved for some, like me, but not all, like you) that thread isn’t really relevant to having unlocked. But since there are new changes and you are still seeing stuttering in certain/many cases, I don’t see why you can’t start a new thread on it.

Disagree entirely with the OP, but they post on the steam forums multiple times per day on how much they hate the game and the company (including a copy and paste of this very thread).

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I’ve run my own dedicated server for two years. For those running their own servers I find these settings found in this old Steam forum post to still make a HUGE difference. Funcom originally said these settings dont matter, but after I changed the settings on the server as well as my local client even big bases load quickly. It made a difference also for players with old machines.

It also made a big difference for me after the last patch. I think it’s worth a shot for any server admin to try, just back up your config files first.

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I had very bad stuttering to the point of not being able to play. That very post helped me get my server running nicely. However I am running a LAN server and use a few more switches to make the loading of assets even faster.

Just keep in mind that if you make the numbers too high you can make it worse (too many updates to the server occur as a side effect and can cause even more congestion). I actually use the high settings in that post from original poster, and works great for me. However somewhere in that post are settings for internet servers for lower speed internet (or when you have a ton of players).

Ahhh. I thought it was removed because I didn’t see it when I was searching threads on stuttering/lag. My mistake.

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Here it is in case you needed something from it.

Yeah, thanks. I did want to look it over again.

I wrote this post in reddit which you may find interesting:

Essentially, the game from a networking point of view appears to be very intolerant of connections that don’t have a very high throughput/low bandwidth or what not. If your connection is prone to any form of interference (like ADSL can be etc) you’ll get the results you described.

I suffer from these problems bigtime but can fix it instantly by changing my type of connection to phone tether. It’s likely because my internal networking is getting interference from my power lines (as i have no choice but to use ethernet over power) but the difference between usng that and the much cleaner iphone 4g tether in Conan Exiles is night and day. Have a read of my link and i bet you’ll be suffering the same issues as me.

@Celeste Aren’t you the same player whose Official PvE server has been taken over by griefers building huge walls everywhere? If so, then it’s probably all that building spam killing the server (never mind whatever other underhanded methods the griefers may be employing).