Performance issues Feedback thread - Stuttering, lag

Hey everybody,

We’re aware of performance issues affecting the game for some users, such as stuttering, visual lag and freezes regardless of computer configuration.
We are trying to collect information and feedback about it from our community -you- in this thread, so please use this thread to report on any instances of this problem experienced by you.
We’re mainly interested in the following details:

  • Your computer configuration (i.e. CPU, GPU, Mobo, RAM, OS and storage)
  • Zone/zones in the map in which you experience this problem more often/the harshest.
  • Single-player or online play.
  • Any mods installed?

We’re also interested in video feedback showing this problem, with the following console command enabled:
stat unigraph

For the time being, our community has found the following workaround that seems to greatly alleviate this issue:

  • Navigate to - Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles Client\ConanSandbox\Config\Engine.ini

  • Find the section, /Script/Engine.GarbageCollectionSettings

  • Change (or add if it’s not there) gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=True to gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=False

We’re aware that this is only a temporary solution, and we’re committed to keep on working on improvements and optimizations to increase performance in Conan Exiles. Here is our schedule moving forward:

Thank you everybody for your patience and for your amazing feedback while we work to improve on these issues.


Ripley’s video is here


I’m encountering the same issue, only much more severe, since the December 10 patch hit. The stutters/freezes can persist for up to 5 seconds, making the game barely playable. The issue is worse in pupulated areas, such as New Asagarth or Sepermeru. Changing the graphics settings to low doesn’t seem to make any difference, neither does deactivating v-sync/antialiasing. Any help would be appreciated!


I play SP without mods and with mods ( currently without). Have this issue for about 7 months. Evertime an asset gets loaded the game freezes for 1 second and GPU usage drops to 0%.

CPU: AMD FX-8350
GPU: Geforce GTX1070 MSI Gaming 8Gb
Motherboard: M5A99FX Pro R2.0
OS: Win 10 Home x64
Harddrive: SSD ADATA SP610 512Gb

Postet this on the steam forums in many topics but it was ignored. I love this game non the less and lived with this bug for 7 months and played so long that my real life vision began to stutter to. Hope you fix it and heal my optical illness along with it.


Hello Ripley (and anyone who’s able to help with this issue!)

Could you send us another video like this one, but with the following command enabled on your game?

stat unitgraph

We are trying to find the culprit of these issues and this would help us a great deal.
Thanks everyone for your collaboration!


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Literally just happened to me. I was trying to visit Razmas house and i was on one of those crappy wooden bridges. When i went to move i found i was stuck.
After i finally got off i now permanently have the rubberband issue everywhere i go no matter how many restarts.

Never had a problem like this before.

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I’ve been experiencing the same issue (though tend to have less frequent but ‘longer’ stutters than in Ripley’s video) ever since I started a new game after the pet patches. FPS basically drops to zero upon each stutter, then immediately returns to normal.

PC, Single-player (local)
i7-7700K (4.2GHz), GeForce GTX 1080, 16GB ram. Game and OS (Windows10) is on an SSD.
~40 mods
Ultra graphics settings.

Lowering the graphics settings improves overall FPS but seems to have zero effect on the stuttering, i.e. FPS still drops to zero with the same frequency and intensity.

The stuttering is much more pronounced around my base (I have lots of decorative placeables), though it does occasionally happen sporadically all over the map, and I was noticing it even before I started building my base.

I had no stuttering whatsoever in my previous game prior to the pet patches, even though I was running almost as many mods and had a large base with lots of placeables. From memory, the mods I added into my new game were Immerse RP & Building Decor, Savage Steel, Emberlight, Lemurian Architect & Stone Statues. All of these are large, substantial mods that mostly add placeables.

After playing for awhile it can become really bad, with each stutter lasting multiple seconds.

Exiting the game and reloading seems to alleviate the severity of the stuttering, but doesn’t stop it.

I have noticed one spot outside of my base (though still within bowshot/loading distance) where the game almost always stutters as I pass by, but I have no idea why this should be the case. Just south/south-west of Witness Camp.


Apologies, I’m unlikely to provide any video footage, as my game has been crashing since the latest patch.

(Immerse RP is outdated and it’s likely to be abandoned by its authors. I haven’t been playing as I’m waiting to see what will happen with the mod before deciding whether to deal with the hassle involved with removing it and cleaning up, or simply starting a new game in the future. I’m taking a break from playing from the time being as I’m kind of down about losing it. I really love my decorative placeables.

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I am having the same stutter issues which started with this latest patch as well.

System Specs:
32 GB DDR4 3000
GTX 1070 Ti
M.2 drive (OS)
SSD (Game location)

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Hey, I have done as you asked, and have a video for you however I’m still not allowed to post links :confused:

I also found a video from someone else witht he same problem that has a very good viewpoint of the background popping in when he stutters. Also yet again, not allowed to post links.

Kinda hard to supply bug reports this way though :confused:


Let’s try this again shall we :stuck_out_tongue:

And the video from the other person on steam that has also a very clear view of what’s going on.


Browsing to see what problems PC was having after last update. Seems like the same issue Ps4 is having. Really love the game have my own server. Maybe you guys can figure it out.

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This is the same problem I’ve been having too. Glad to see it’s not just me.

It’s not just the PC version. The Xbox One version is nearly unplayable half the time because of the stuttering. We’re also having problems with following thralls not engaging in combat, don’t follow you correctly, spawning in the desert upon death, etc.

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I think this is usual since the game loads things “on the fly” as you walk the map. It’s been happening to me since day 1. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, depending mostly on the latest patch that came along the road. At one point the loading method changed and I think that was some turning point for everyone’s performance.

Edit: looking close at the second video, look how the lanscape changes far away right after the freeze. That maybe is loading a big chunk of data?. Also noticed the spikes seems to happen hard when you turn!?

Thanks for doing that for everyone @Ripley I really hope this can be fixed, sooner rather than later. It’s super annoying.

Really cool avatar pic btw.


Hi guys we did some testing on a server and in single player / multiplayer.

There are specific parts of the map which you can reproduce the terrible stuttering were all facing in the game.

In these 3 videos you can reproduce the stuttering (all 3 of us could reproduce it) i don’t know what causes it but the good news it’s repeatable so hopefully funcom can fix it. there must be 1000’s of spots like these across the map as my game stutters every 20 - 30 secs as im running across the map. Perhaps its texture loading or something else.

I have my draw distance set to ultra and besty to low - so in theory texture drawing or requests shouldn’t impact. unless it’s bugged ?.

1st Video - We all jump and land in the same spot and we all experience the stuttering in the exact location.

2nd Video

When we run around the alter there is no stuttering at all! Running around a rock in new asagarth results in horrific stuttering all the time.

3rd video

we find a spot in the sand and can all feel bad stuttering in an isolated spot- all 3 of us.

my systemp specs 4770k @ 4.3Ghz / 1080 ti / 16 GB ram - SSD’s


With this i show you some more places where the bug happend all the time.


Here is a rater long vid , 5 minutes and with unitgraph on, but i think it shows good some of the issues.

I also want to thank Multigun and Ripley for all your help so long with the links to my vids.
Thank you both so much !

-And again edited becaus of nonsens replay limitation in a bug-forum … ufff , seriousliy ???

Finaly i got to link my own stuff !!! Thanks to all for the previous help with linking my vids.


Could you also do a video with the stat unitgraph enabled? Not sure if it’s something that can be enabled on a server though or if it’s client specific. Either way, thanks for taking the time.

Here ya go.


Hello I am also an experiencing the same issues in multiple places it gets worse the more populated the area is a well. I also seem to finding thrall camps without any thralls in them?