Is it possible to fix?

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Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America ]

Can you stop pets from following us inside? They always block the door so there is no way out except to remove a wall or remove bracelet.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Entering any dwelling

or relog or put the pet to guard outside

True, I’ve done that. Sometimes it’s the heat of the moment and you go into a building to clear it and pet gets stuck in the doorway

I use a gate or 2 doors on my buildings for that reason. They can seriously jam you up.

Hello @RabidChimp805, thank you for your submission, however this can’t really be considered an issue as there are a few ways of preventing pets from following or blocking a passageway, such as the ones already shared in this thread.

We are, however, always looking into improving most aspects of the game, such as the AI, so we’ll forward your feedback to the developers for further consideration!

I was trapped in a house of another clan because the lag caused me to run inside while I had no control and happened to be running in the exact perfect direction to hit the open door of the small house.

How does anything mentioned here help me get out, because leaving my body in an enemy building is not an option.

Lol. Sorry to laugh, but you are so true. Pathways always blocked. It’s so weird when lag hits, always when I’m running too. No matter what’s in the path. I was running from tiger and a lag spike hit me, off a cliff, that wasn’t there only to wake up at my bedroll. Lol

will there be a way for the tralls to have more control like patrol a direction etc than just stand guard

Apologies but we don’t have any information to share in this regard.

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