Pets don't follow us in house

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvP
Region: Europe

I notice there are many problems between pet and buildings. They never come with you in house even if they are following you : they just turn around the house. I Always have to take them and put inside house…Even if I build a giant portal, they don’t come.
Do you have any ideas ? How do you make your farm/house for fighting pets ?
Thank you for help !

Apparently all non-human NPCs don’t consider doorways to be something they can pass through. Whenever a wolf, tiger (or whatever) is chasing you, and you run inside your house, they’ll just stand there and wait outside. As far as they’re concerned, doorways (even with open doors) are the same as solid walls, and pets have inherited that same broken AI.

And should @Jens_Erik comment that it was a design choice so that enemies couldn’t chase you inside your buildings, I would offer that it was a bad one. As long as they are “physically” able to pass through (obviously a mammoth wouldn’t fit through a standard doorframe) and the door is open, any type of NPC or mob should be able to pass through it.

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Thank you ! And so where do you put your pet when you’re disconected ?

You can move a pet indoors, they just can’t follow you there. But as long as they’re fed, it doesn’t matter where they are. They won’t attack anything (or be attacked) unless a player is in their immediate vicinity.

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never focussed on this but i know i have gates wherethrough a pet follows me “indoor”
Just adding to the conversation.

I have counter info here… I have pets follow me inside through doorways on a regular basis. Do consider the collision space and size of your pet. Not all pets can fit through. It’s not that they won’t follow, it’s just that some cannot.

As I said, I put huge portal (4 floor) and thé pets don’t come…

i remember other games where pets got stuck in doors, so maybe it’s just better so after all.

But i will test to see if they will follow me inside if i make big enough gates. May again be different from server to server, and SP to servers, not first time we would see that.

It’s not only pets… my thralls won’t follow me indoors/through doorways most of the time. Never been able to figure out why they are ok with some doors and not others. Would be nice if thralls could open doors for themselves too.

Just a passing thought, but most people don’t tend to build right at ground level. They usually have stairs that lead up to a doorway. I wonder if that combination is what confuses them.

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